Boz ghormeh is one of the traditional and delicious foods of Kerman province and due to having chickpeas and meat, it is very nutritious and contains protein. The people of Kerman serve this traditional food with rice and bread. If you are looking for a very different and delicious traditional stew, try Boz ghormeh. Many people believe that Boz ghormeh has a wonderful taste.

Boz ghormeh- Kerman food
Boz ghormeh- Kerman food

Boz ghormeh Ingredients for 6 to 8 people

Peas: One measure
Onion: one kilogram
Garlic: A branch
Boneless meat: 500 g
Curd: as needed
Salt, pepper and turmeric: as needed
Brewed saffron: a tablespoon
Hot mint: as needed
Chopped walnuts: as needed
Water: 2 cups

Kerman Boz ghormeh
Kerman Boz ghormeh

How to prepare Boz ghormeh

1. Chop the onion and fry it in oil and set aside half of it for decoration, and in the other half, chop the garlic, add it, fry it, and add the turmeric and pepper.

2. Add the meat, then fry.

3. Soak the chickpeas for a few hours beforehand, drain the water on the chickpeas and add water again. Put it on the heat to boil for a few minutes and drain the juice to get the peas bloated.

4. Put the chickpeas in the meat pot. Pour water over it and let it cook with a gentle heat and crush them completely after cooking.

5. Add curd and saffron, and put it on the heat until it fits perfectly.

6. Finally, add salt, put it in a bowl and garnish with curd, hot onion, walnuts and hot mint.

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Boz ghormeh is a part of local food  of Kerman. Preparation time of raw materials is about 15 minutes. And the cooking time and waiting time is about 2 hours. You can serve Boz ghormeh for lunch, or dinner.
Note that the amount of raw materials and preparation order is suitable for 6 people.

Boz ghormeh Khoresh
Boz ghormeh Khoresh