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Iran adventure tours offer excitement in Iran. We offer a different experience! Our unique Iran Adventure Tours include fun and exhilarating activities. If you want a high-adrenaline holiday or an exciting new destination, it will never been simpler to book one of these adventure tours on Chiyako Travel website. Whether you have taken many adventure trips, or you are tying up your laces for the first time, we have just the adventure waiting for you. If you want to travel to Iran as a historical monuments and UNESCO list sites country, you are not wrong, but you should know that it is country of thrill and exhilaration as well.

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Due to the special geographical location of Iran, it is full of mountains, rocks, waterfalls, and beautiful lagoons which has attracted the attention of nature adventurers. From North to South of Iran, you can experience different tribes, customs, life styles, climatic patterns, cultural diversity and natural beauties which are eye capturing from sea, rivers, forests to desserts and islands. Iran adventure tour will bring you to feel the joy of discovering Iran lands. Adventure travel is more than a vacation. It is a chance to get to know your world better by putting yourself on high-adrenaline activities. Push yourself to take part in an Iran adventure tour. You might look for 10 ideas for adventure holidays in Iran. It would be inspiring to listen to other tourists stories too. Most of people believe that Iran is a must that even one trip is not enough to explore the country as it should be. They choose to have more adventure in their next trips.

Iran Adventure tours

A real traveler is an adventure traveler

Adventure tourism is on the rise these days. There have always been daydreams and real activities about adventure. Some people are content with just showing adventure, and the goal is more to publish photos on various web pages, and others in their discoveries are captured by photographers from any camera. Is the adventurous traveler really something like the little prince or Marco Polo or Tarzan?

The true adventurer must love physical activity, the exchange of culture and the experience of living in nature, we mean nature, pure nature!
In the program of Iran north tours such as Gilan tour, nature is amazing. If you are looking for forest, beach, sea, etc., read more about these destinations.

Iran Adventure trip

Make no mistake! True adventure is not just about diving or jumping, but it does require a lot of courage and passion. Adventure does not mean dangerous experiences beyond your ability.

Real adventure means that
Wherever you travel, be enthusiastic about the culture there, for example, temporarily take in the culture and customs of the Talesh people, be a part of them, understand the new landscapes, touch, experience and build your life.

Adventure tourism

Know yourself first of all!

If you are adventurous, be creative, otherwise spend your precious time on something else. If you are a person who travels to Qeshm eating like an Iranian and camping in the desert and interacting with people, you have come to the right place!

Day hiking in adventure tourism

Light mountaineering

Discovering new places under your feet is one of the pristine experiences of the world, Hiking gives you the opportunity to reflect on nature and face the deep valleys of the world and the forests of the mountains far from man. This is not a dream, it is a dream reality.

A perfect Iran adventure tour for all fans of outdoor activities! Just be aware of the costumes and equipment needed for a standard adventure.

A professional adventurer should have a good sense of anticipation and positioning.

Back Packing in Iran Adventure Tours

This type of adventure has found a lot of fans these days. If you are our adventurous traveler and you have the right equipment, you can switch from Hiking to Back Packing, in your compact backpack, you will have the necessary facilities for an overnight stay where your inner voice is calling to you, and you will have more meditation on the wonders of nature.

If this is your first experience, Chiyakotravel suggests you join a knowledgeable and experienced person in this field.

Backpacking in Damavand mountain will be very attractive, so with a Damavans tour program you can get ready to travel.

Zip Lining in Iran Adventure Tours

For several years, the zip line has become more popular than before. Hang like a cable like Tarzan in stories and scream like Tarzan from tree to tree and from corner to corner. Zip Line Adventure gives you the opportunity to see wildlife and natural landscapes in the blink of an eye!

You can enjoy very exciting zippers in the heart of forests in our adventure tours programs.

Climbing in Iran Adventure Tours

Mountaineering has been one of the classic adventures. The opportunity for strenuous physical activity and spending time in nature is one of the least expensive and most humane pastimes. Even if you have never climbed a rock, you can do it for a short time with the help of a trainer. Just be careful to seek help from an experienced and well-equipped coach.

Be sure to read: What is Ecotourism?

Free Fall in Adventure Tourism

When it comes to free fall, bungee jumping and Sky divig come to mind, while the real free fall is throwing from a special rope platform. Bring your blood adrenaline to its climax with this adventure!

Rafting in Adventure Tourism

What could be more enjoyable than adventure on the roaring path of a cold river in the middle of a warm winter in search of a new environment? The best season for rafting is considering the appropriate season such as mid-spring and early summer in the area. In general, the water level is higher in one season and lower in another season, the higher the water level requires more paddling and higher excitement, while the water is calm, you can have better relaxation.

Mountain Biking in Iran Adventure Tours

Whenever you are talking about exciting adventures, do not forget mountain biking, this adventure depends on a lot of practice in the heart of nature. In some mountains, there are special tracks from beginner to advanced for all competitive groups with every ability available.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Iran Adventure Tours

You may never have considered the value of snow skiing and snowshoeing as an adventure. How enjoyable it is to glide on the fresh snow and gaze at the majesty of the surrounding mountains, of course, with full attention to the path ahead! Skiing in rural areas is not recommended at all for someone who does not have enough knowledge and experience in skiing. You will have a better adventure in designated and safe areas from avalanches and possible dangers caused by snow!

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