Iran Adventure tours

Iran adventure tours offer excitement in Iran. We offer a different experience!

Our unique Iran Adventure Tours include fun and exhilarating activities. If you want a high-adrenaline holiday or an exciting new destination, it will never been simpler to book one of these adventure tours on Chiyako Travel website. Whether you have taken many adventure trips, or you are tying up your laces for the first time, we have just the adventure waiting for you. If you want to travel to Iran as a historical monuments and UNESCO list sites country, you are not wrong, but you should know that it is country of thrill and exhilaration as well.

Due to the special geographical location of Iran, it is full of mountains, rocks, waterfalls, and beautiful lagoons which has attracted the attention of nature adventurers. From North to South of Iran, you can experience different tribes, customs, life styles, climatic patterns, cultural diversity and natural beauties which are eye capturing from sea, rivers, forests to desserts and islands. Iran adventure tour will bring you to feel the joy of discovering Iran lands.

Adventure travel is more than a vacation. It is a chance to get to know your world better by putting yourself on high-adrenaline activities. Push yourself to take part in an Iran adventure tour. You might look for 10 ideas for adventure holidays in Iran. It would be inspiring to listen to other tourists stories too. Most of people believe that Iran is a must that even one trip is not enough to explore the country as it should be. They choose to have more adventure in their next trips.

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