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Kerman tours are the best way to visit one of the five historical cities in Iran. As an ancient city in Iran, it has many stories inside its heart from Arg in Bam (a sandcastle that was a dominant way in silk road)to Fath Abad garden(one of the best gardens in Persia) surrounding by pistachio gardens. People in this city are well-known as patient, hardworking and hospitable. Climate in Kerman is diverse, and its cultural heritages are really wonderful. You never get disappointed of visiting Kerman city during your travel to Iran. Most of tourists who decide to visit Iran do not consider visiting Kerman as a part of their travel. We strongly suggest you to plan visiting it. You had better book your hotel in Kerman in advance before your arrival. Afterwards you can rent a car to hang around the city and go to Bam which is 2 hours from South of Kerman. Otherwise there are many Kerman city tours available for you to book and we can arrange some of them based on your preference.

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About Kerman tours

Kerman tours are categorized as magical tours of Chiyako Travel that take you to an ancient land with a special history and culture. Join us in the heart of Iran to enjoy a walk in the Shahdad Desert and near the Gandom Briyan region, and visit Shahdad and Sirch and the vast expanses of the Kaluts. Shahdad desert which is located a short distance from this city, is one of the best attractions of Kerman.

What you visit in Kerman tours?

In Kerman tours, we will take you to the stories of Shah Nematullah Vali in Mahan. Shah Nematullah Vali was one of the great mystics and celebrities of the ninth century, whose tomb is now one of the most visited buildings in Mahan and near Kerman, because The extraordinary architecture that was done in this building during the Safavid and Qajar eras and you will be amazed to see it, the library and museum of Shah Nematullah Vali is a place to keep the famous thirty pieces attributed to Bibi Khatoon, exquisite calligraphic Qurans, all kinds of armor and the sword, and the famous blanket that covered the tomb and is now kept here.

Next to the tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali, there is one of the world-registered Iranian gardens called Prince Mahan Garden which is a masterpiece in the heart of the desert and is made of a combination of water and trees and greenery in the Qajar period. We will accompany you from the entrance of Prince Garden to the top and the royal residence. After that, we will go to the city center with Kerman tours and start the tour from Arg Square to enter the Kerman Bazaar and reach the four souls of Ganj Ali Khan and see the architecture and masterpieces of Safavid era in this part of bazaar.

On one side of the complex, there is Ganj Ali Khan Bath, on the other side is Ganj Ali Khan School and on the other side is Ganj Ali Khan Mosque. Ganj Ali Khan Coin Mint and Water reservoir are located in the heart of the blacksmiths’ market, where it is known as the beating heart of Kerman, and is full of pistachio shops, cumin and quinoa. Of course, pateh shops sell great patehs here that do not rise when you put them in water. Along the way, we watch the Ganj Ali Khan Bath Museum with its beautiful sculptures, and take a walk along the Kerman Bazaar to the Vakil Bath and have tea and Kolompeh in the Vakil Bath tea house with live music.

Which kind of Kerman tours should I take?

As we always believe, designing a tour depends on the number of visitors, preferences and interests, and your time. If you are into history and culture, Kerman will attract your attention and you never forget visiting this city, as it looks like traveling through time and visiting the best of Kerman. We offer you visiting Bam and its cultural landscape. Sights of Rafsanjan, an ancient city in Kerman is one of the best experiences you can have.  visit the article of A look at the six tourist destinations in Kerman and let us know which attraction are you interested in? Sirch, a heaven near the heat of Kerman is another wonderland of Kerman we offer to you.

Kerman tour services

Trip by plane or train to Kerman, transfer from Kerman airport or Kerman railway station to the hotel of residence, by tourist vehicle (bus, minibus or van) in Kerman, Klut desert, Mahan and. .., Accommodation in the selected hotel with a companion, accompanying the tour guide from the beginning to the end of the tour, travel insurance, payment of entrance fees to the places visited in Kerman, refreshment such as tea, Nescafe, mineral water, fruit And dinner is the responsibility of travelers). In general our Kerman tours services are as follows:

  • Accommodation at the hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Excursions by bus or minibus or van
  • Accompanied by a professional tour guide
  • Payment entrance fees to places of visit
  • Catering between tea, Nescafe, mineral water, fruit
  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation at the eco-lodge
  • Transfer From the airport or railway

Kerman Tour Souvenirs

In Chiyakotravel Kerman tours, you can buy delicious sweets from Kerman such as Kolmopeh, Komaj, Qavut to beautiful handicrafts.

Equipment needed for Kerman tours

  • Medicines
  • personal items
  • ID card
  • sunglasses
  • travel clothes
  • sunscreen
  • walking shoes

Meals and restaurants of Kerman tour

In Kerman tours of Chiyakotravel, breakfasts are served at the hotel. The cost of  lunches and dinners is the responsibility of traveler.

How to find city tours in Kerman

Chiyakotravel group is an executor of city tours around all cities in Iran. Our team is consisted of the best and licensed tour guides who are really knowledgeable about the history of monuments, and they are also excellent in navigation. They manage to schedule your trip days to be fully satisfactory. On the other hand, they enable you to visit locals in each city and communicate with them. If you are traveling t Iran for first time, we suggest to read about Iran on tripadvisor or loneyplanet first, and then choose your favorite cities. Then go to our Tailor Made page and ask us a package for all you need in your trip. After getting the final price, you cannot find any way to save money more than picking up our services.

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