Distance from the hottest spot on earth to a cold village is only 40 km!

Near one of the hottest places on earth, there is a cold and summer village that until you travel to this amazing region, you will not believe that in a hot and burning desert, a piece of this lush and beautiful paradise is stuck. Just by going to Sirch, you can experience the pleasure of snow playing near the hot desert and will be captivated by seeing its unique beauties.

Sirch is one of the settlements of Shahdad in Kerman which has been known as Kerman summer residence since ancient times due to its cool and mountainous climate. This village is located in a valley with a gentle slope and starts from the slopes of Palvar heights (Joftan peak) and continues to Shahdad desert. Sirch village is located 60 km east of Kerman. This village is not far from Lut desert and you should know that the distance of this village to Shahdad region and the hottest point of Iran, namely “Gandom Biryan”, is less than 40 km. But the interesting thing is that its nature is in no way compatible with the desert.


Sirch village | a piece of paradise in the heart of Kerman desert

Sirch village is located in the highlands and due to the mild cold climate and permanent river full of water and abundance of flowing water, has a completely green nature and the surrounding mountains are covered with dense trees which have an indescribable view. The main occupation of people is livestock and agriculture, and high quality cold crops are grown in it. Gardens with grapes, figs, cherries, sour cherries, pomegranates, etc. are abundant in this mountain village.

Other important attractions of Sirch village include beautiful rivers, an old cypress that is over a thousand years old and several very old sycamore trees, a boiling hot spring with remarkable healing properties and the largest rock tunnel in the Middle East. Also, the location of Sirch in the vicinity of Shahdad and the area of ​​Kalut, and the proximity of two types of opposite climates, has made this village an attractive example of recreation and tourism along the desert route.

Fortunately, the access route of this village is from both Kerman to Sirch and Shahdad to Sirch asphalt roads and you can easily travel to this beautiful area. When you go to Sirch, you can also look for the famous souvenirs of this village and give your friends butter, quality animal oil, nuts, small rugs and decorative woven mats.

Travel to the historical city of Kerman and visit the sea, summer and snow in the desert

One of the largest provinces of Iran is Kerman which is located in the desert part of our country. Kerman has many historical attractions that are on the list of Iran’s national list. Although we all know this province as a desert region, there is also a pleasant climate in the heart of the desert called Sirch village in Shahdad district, which is 80 km away from Kerman and is used as a summer resort.

Sirch, summer and snow in the desert

Although the village is located near the hottest spot on earth, it has a cold climate. When you visit this village, you will be amazed at how there can be a warm, green paradise in the heart of the desert.
The village of Sirch is located in the highlands and has a lush nature due to the mild temperate climate and the river that is constantly full of water, and the surrounding mountains are filled with indescribable trees. The main reason for tourists to pay attention to this village is its humid and cool climate, which is popular with many people like the north of Iran.

Ways to access this village

The distance from Sirch village to Kerman city is 80 km and to the center of Shahdad district is 25 km. The access routes to this village are from Kerman-Sirch and Shahdad-Sirch roads and you can easily travel to this beautiful area.

Access to Sirch
Access to Sirch

Sirch ski slope

As we have said, Sirch which is located near Shahdad mountains, unlike Shahdad with its terrible heat, the peaks of this mountain are covered with snow until the end of spring, and this area is full of water. Sirch is a beautiful place with dense masses of trees where there are several old cypress and sycamore trees. Strange land, with its contrasting nature, although located in a dry and desert area, but Sirch ski slope is one of the unique natural attractions that is located 57 km from Kerman on the road from Kerman to Shahdad. To access this runway by purchasing a plane ticket and reaching Kerman, you must enter Sirch road from old Kerman-Bam road. After crossing Sirch tunnel on the right, you will see a natural track of snow and ice. Sirch ski slope is a suitable and fun place for winter recreation and is known as the only ski slope in the southeast of Iran.

Ski in desert

Kerman is a city of contradictions, so that within an hour from the heights of the mountains and the ski slope to reach Gandom Beryan plain which is the hottest spot on earth. So by buying a plane ticket to Kerman and going to Sirch, you can experience the pleasure of snow playing near the hot desert and enjoy seeing the unique beauties.

Sirch skiSirch ski
Sirch ski

Best time to visit this area

To know when to go to the village of Sirch, we have to say that all seasons are good, but it is unique in winter, because its heights are covered with snow and have a ski slope.

Best time to visit Sirch
Best time to visit Sirch

Attractions of Sirch village

One of the most important attractions of Sirch village is the beautiful river, next to which there is an old cypress tree with a history of 1000 years. The contrasting climate of the region has become an attractive and tourist-friendly point of this village. There is also a hot spring in the village of Sirch called Choshan, which attracts many tourists every day who travel to this area of Kerman. Although its facilities are not well provided yet, but paying attention to this spring water is becoming more serious every year and will have a unique future.

Sirch attractions
Sirch attractions

Therapeutic properties have made this spring one of the largest hydrotherapy centers in the southeast of the country. Cheshmeh Choshan is 45 km away from Kerman city and due to its minerals, local people or travelers and tourists come to it for treatment of joint and skin problems. Sirch even has a stone tunnel known as the largest rock tunnel in the Middle East. Every part of Iran is full of beauties and wonders that you can enjoy its beauties and traveling to different regions.

Sirch river
Sirch river

Sirch souvenirs

If you are thinking of buying souvenirs, you should know that this village has butter and animal oil, nuts, small rugs and decorative mats that you can give them as a gift to your family and friends on the journey that you started in Kerman. The products of Sirch village include pomegranate, peach, plum, apricot, grape, walnut and fig and.. It is also a good place to grow salmon because it has a pleasant climate.

Sirch souvenir
Sirch souvenir

Sirch the village of literature

Sirch is also the birthplace of Master Houshang Moradi Kermani, the famous author of Majid stories, which has become one of the main centers of tourism these days. It is not without merit to be informed, in addition to being one of the most important tourist destinations, Sirch hosts various literary events every year. If you are a literary person or even interested in Persian literature, buying a plane ticket to Kerman and traveling to this village is a must for you.


Gandom beryan 40 km away from Sirch

If one day the question arises where is the hottest spot on earth, our subconscious mind will go to Africa or the Nevada desert or places in the distance, even if they say that the area in northern Alaska is the hottest spot. It is proved that the hottest point of the earth is in Iran, 83 km from the center of Kerman province.
According to the report, so far the regions in the Nevada, California, Libya and Algeria as the hottest spot in the world with winds of up to 58 degrees Celsius, have been recorded in books, scientific articles and tourist travelogues, but the area of ​​71 degrees Celsius is only Known to some tourists and local officials.

Gandom beryan
Gandom beryan

Gandom beryan is located in the desert area on the edge of Lut desert of Kerman and in an area of ​​480 square kilometers, east of Shoor river and is only 83 kilometers away from the city center. According to the latest news, NASA, by examining its satellite findings, named Gandom beryan at the top of the list of the hottest places in the world.
Also, local observations in this area show that even bacteria can not grow there due to the intensity of the weather, and this part of the earth is completely devoid of life.

Especially in summer, when the temperature reaches 71 degrees Celsius, daily presence in this part of the earth is impossible, and only in winter and early spring you can visit this burned plain.
People and local officials say that on some days of the year they even recorded temperatures above 90 degrees in this plain. Daniel Ebrahimi, a documentary filmmaker who traveled to this area to make a film, says that no one knows the temperature on hot days of the year. How much is the real heat because approaching the area in the summer is not far from the danger.

He adds;

We went to this area for photography last summer, but before reaching the place, most of the members of the group had problems due to the extreme heat, so we stopped working.


Gandom beryan the hottest place in Iran
Gandom beryan the hottest place in Iran

“Shahdad” is the closest city to the plain of Gandom Beryan and its inhabitants believe that the name of Gandom Beriyan was because it was adjacent to the Silk Road, many caravans passed through it during the year and saw it with their own eyes in the hot season of the year. They saw that their wheat was roasted due to the intense heat, and based on this, they named it Gandom beryan which means Roasted Wheat.
But it is not bad to know that right in 50 km of Gandom Beriyan plain and between two very hot areas of Bam and Jiroft, there is “Deh Bekardi” summer residence which is the most famous important summer residence of the province and maybe southeast of Iran which is located in the foothills of Barez and Shir mountains. .
Dehbakrdi summer residence is located in a green and cool valley which is full of walnut, almond, spruce and .. trees.
It is worth mentioning that thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Libya, the United States, Egypt and Algeria every year to visit the hottest spot in the world, but the roasting wheat and the amazing nature of Kerman are still unknown to many of them.