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Our Story

Chiyako Travel started its activities with the goal and mission of serving tourism and ecotourism enthusiasts, providing superior travel and tour services with focus on customer satisfaction, within the best competitive prices, total satisfaction of all who travel with and providing wide range of high quality tours.

Chiyako means Blue Mountain or High Mountain in Kurdish language. In Chinese, it means the child of thousands of stars. There is an ancient hill of the same name, near Kermanshah, which get the national register of the Cultural Heritage Organization.

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Our mission

We know that every traveler and every journey is unique. Therefor, our main target is making your journey to suit your trip style. Whether you keen on wildlife and wilderness, culture and heritage, an active adventure or simply a unique experience, we know that how to create an extraordinary itinerary.

Chiyako Travel really care about customers satisfactions. In fact, we are going to do our best to provide you with the best possible services. Chiyako Travel is the representative of organizing different types of tours in Iran and hopes to take this small step, in the direction of promoting the tourism industry and protecting the environment.

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Chiyako Travel Tours

Chiyako organize wide range of tours including Cultural, Historical, Eco, Adventure, Educational, Private, Specialist , City, UNESCO’s World Heritage, Around Iran and Free City Tours for backpackers.

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Endangered Wildlife

Environmental aid, animal protection and denigrating hunting, helping people in deprived and remote areas are among the other important activities of Chiyako Travel.

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Our Expert Team

Chiyako Travel has developed a team of professionals that provide its clients with a range of services and tours to help them create successful tourism destinations.

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Chiyako Travel Tourist Services

Chiyako Travel provide tourist services such as informing and booking hotel, travel tickets, car rental and tailor-made tours. We provide tourist professional and knowledgeable guide.

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Best price guarantee

We guarantee the customers always get the lowest and best price with the best quality of tours. So you can enjoy your stay at the best price guaranteed for your travel.

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We offer Home stay Tours

You can live in Iran like a local. During Iran home stay tours, you will spend half a day with a family member. You can experience real life of Iranian people closely to learn the tradition and culture of Iranian people.

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We offer daily tours

Chiyako Travel provides daily tour guide services in Iran. such as visiting the cultural, historical, architectural, museums, attractions, adventure and free tours for back packers.

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100% Tailor-made

Through Tailor-made method the customer will decide about the whole component of the tour package, with Tailor-made you own favorite tour.

Our wonderful team

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