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Iran Visa Application Form

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iran visa step by step

General information about Iran visa

The visa requirements for entry into Iran differ depending on the passport that you hold as any other countries. Citizens of many countries are eligible for a visa on arrival for up to 30 days. All visa applicants must be ‘approved’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran. If you are approved, the MFA sends an authorization number to the consulate.

If you want to travel to Iran for tourism and general purposes you will need a tourist visa. There are two types of tourist visa for Iran:

    • Standard Tourist Visa: This visa has been issued before your travel date and you will receive it at one of Iran’s embassies, Iranian consulates or mailed before your planned departure. Good for those who like to plan and make sure everything is right before boarding the plane. In fact, A Tourist visa must be obtained before coming to Iran and valid to enter for 90 days from the issue date. It is Issued for up to 30 days and is extendable.
    • Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA) or Iran airport visa: You will apply for this visa and receive it upon arrival. The scope and purpose of the visa are to give a number of nationalities for obtaining visas at the main entrance gateways of Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kish and Mashhad airport, and recently in the southern ports of Iran in the Persian Gulf. Fees vary depending on your country of origin. It is issued for 30 days on arrival at any Iranian international airport.

Important note to get An Iran visa

You should consider some basic information before applying for an Iran visa in order to travel to Iran carefree. In this way, there is no need to spend your time surfing on the net and finding solutions. By reading this tutorial, you will understand whatever you need to do before entering Iran. We highly recommend you to apply for a visa before your arrival and read about what you need base on your nationality.

Things that you should know before applying for an Iran visa:

An Iran visa is easy to achieve. There are just a few things you should consider before applying. Persons who may have dual nationality should announce their nationality based on the travel documents/passport that they wish to carry.

  • In case nationality printed on visa incompatible with nationality printed on passport, the visa will be null and invalid.
  • An applicant may not be granted visa unless his/her passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Most likely, you can’t enter Iran on a free visa because only 8 countries are eligible for that. These lucky countries are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela

visa on arrival(VOA)

Except for citizens of:

Canada, UK, US, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka

Everybody can get an Iran visa on arrival at several international airports in Iran.

Important! Of course, citizens of Israel can’t enter Iran.

What if my Iran visa is rejected?

If you prepare documents as what we mention later and do not have a political background against Iran, your visa will be issued easily. In some cases, it happened that the Foreign affair ministry rejects some applications due to security issues. If you think that the rejection is not fair you can apply again for your Iran visa through Chiyakotravel to make sure your visa does not stuck or reject without persuasive reason.

The process of getting Iran visa:

The process of issuing Iran visa takes two steps. First, you need a visa grant which is a form of your information that the ministry of foreign affairs of Iran will issue it. Chiyakotravel will apply for your visa grant in advance to decrease waiting time at the airport.

step1: apply for Iran visa grant:

After filling our visa form on the platform and sending your passport and photocopy, our support team will start your visa grant process. It takes 3 to 5 working days to issue.

Note: While filling Iran visa form, you should consider uploading a high-quality photo. This tool will help you out to compare your photos with the appropriate one.

standards for photo:

  • It should be taken in the last six months.
  • It should be in jpg, jpeg format.
  • With the resolution of (400*600) pixels less than 500 KB and more than 10 KB
  • Be vertical (width should be less than height)

Standards of passport:

  • It should be valid at least for the next six months.
  • It should be in jpg, jpeg format.
  • With the resolution of (800*600) pixels less than 500 KB and more than 10 KB
  • Be horizontal(height should be less than width)
  • Just on one page

step2: get the authorization code:

After landing at IKA airport, the applicant should go to the Iran visa office at the airport. The other main international airports such as follows:

  • IKA: Imam Khomeini Airport
  • TEH: Tehran Mehrabad Airport
  • SYZ: Shiraz International Airport
  • MHD: Mashhad International Airport
  • TBZ: Tabriz International Airport
  • ISF: Isfahan International Airport
  • KIH: Kish International Airport

If you want to ensure before your arrival, you can go to Iran embassy near the place of your living. Applicants should hold passport, travel insurance valid in trip duration, visa grant, and two photos in (300*400 px). Please notice that your photos should be taken recently without glasses or a hat. The visa officer will check the documents and stamp visa grant to be validated. You should pay visa fee based on your nationality and table of Iran visa fees.

Iran visa requirements before arrival:

  1. Standard size copy of your passport
  2. Standard size copy of your photo

note: If you are going to buy our tours or book Iran hotels such as Tehran hotels, Isfahan hotels, Shiraz hotels or etc, you will be granted your visa for free. Otherwise if you are going to ask us to  issue a sole visa you should pay 20.00 Euros.

Iran visa requirements after the arrival:

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Your passport
  3. two photos
  4. Iran visa fees (base on your nationality from 35 to 75 Euros)

How to extend Iran Visa?

If you are interested in visiting Iran for more than 30 days, you should attend one of the Immigration and Passport police offices in the city you are currently in. You can contact us to ask for the exact address of these office locations. Most of them are open from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.  You should convince the officer of the reason of your tendency to extend your Iran visa. Be aware that you’d better follow Iran dress code in official offices like these ones as there are some people who check the way you dress up. First of all, you should visit Iran visa extension counter and give them your passport, fill some general information form and then you will answer some questions at the tourism affair counter. These questions could be such as the reason for extending visa, the number of days you are going to stay more, the place of stay, the purpose of stay which should not related to business or work, your career and professional background, and so on. After giving approval, your visa will be validated for more certain days. Then you should pay visa fee which is possible to pay via debit card. The documents you need are as follows:

  • 2 Photocopies of your passport
  • 2 Photocopies of the payment receipt for Iran visa fees
  • 2 Copies of the completed visa extension form
  • 2 Passport-sized photos



Tips for travelers

Tip 1: Apply for Iran visa in advance. Ask me why?

You will travel care-free
By applying beforehand, you will decrease the risk of any sudden disapproval or rejection.

Permanent support
By making the right choice, you can ask all your questions and be sure what to do on arrival and what to bring.

Quick and reliable service for free
Chiyakotravel offers Iran visa for free for those who buy our tours and services. You can have your Authorization code in less than one week.

Tip 2: Be always on time

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late

If you are going to extend your visa duration, you should start the extension process at least 2 or 3 days before your last visa expired. You can extend your vise two times (maximum 90 days).

What if I am Britain, Canada, US citizen?

Although the relationship between the countries with Iran is not in the best status, it does not make sense to lose the chance of visiting the land of Cyrus and the Achaemenid dynasty. It is believed that citizens of these three countries are not allowed to enter Iran. Here is the good news that this belief is not true. The security precautions make the process of issuing visa for these groups a bit longer, but it is possible with a high percent of success. What you need to know as an American, Canadian, or British who likes to visit Iran is that you should take a step forward at least 2 months before your desired date of travel. Second, you cannot contact the ministry of the foreign affair of Iran directly and get your Iran visa issued. It means that there are some limited authorized agencies that are able to connect the Iran embassy and ask for Iran visa for your nationality. Fortunately, Chiyakotravel is one of the references that you can trust risk-free. Finally, if you have family members or friends who wish to send you invitation letters, it does not work in this case. The last thing you should consider is that your travel plan to Iran should be clear and organized. During your tour, an authorized tour guide will accompany you as your activities should be monitored for security issues. It does not mean that you will be always watched and do not have free time for yourself.

Note: For these nationalities, Iran visa fees are much more expensive, as the process of issuing Iran visa is more complicated.

What requirements you need to send:

  • A passport with standard size (mentioned earlier)
  • A photo in standard size
  • A full resume which contains all your career background and your interests and hobbies
  • 100.00 Euros for Iran visa fees

One of our favorite clients is Mr. Allan Griffiths originally from Britain who holds a Canadian passport.  We were honored to make his Iran visa issued. You can ask him how supportive we were during his visa process and we translated his documents into Farsi for free. Please consider the fact that 100.00 Euro is the payment for all we do to contact the embassy and get your authorization code issued. On your arrival, you should pay another visa fee which makes your visa grant stamped and validated.


Iran Business Visa:

Iran business visa, as its name implies, is issued to people who enter Iran for business and business trips. The validity period of this visa is 30 days and it has special conditions for issuance.

Conditions for obtaining an Iranian business visa:

If the passenger travels to Iran for commercial purposes, the company that invited the passenger to Iran is required to obtain an Iranian business visa. The host company now submits documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that indicate the company’s invitation to the passenger and the ability to receive and communicate with the passenger.

Note: It should be noted that if a person has received an Iran business visa to enter Iran 3 times during a year, he is required to obtain an Iranian multi-business visa.

Iranian tourist visa Summary

Obtaining a visa is one of the most important concerns of any traveler before starting the trip. In this part, you will get acquainted with the rules related to obtaining an Iranian tourist visa in short.

Iranian tourist visa application

Iranian visas are divided into tourism, long-term, commercial, airport and multiple-entry visas. People who plan to travel to Iran for the purpose of travel and tourism must apply for an Iran (tourist) visa to the authorities. The validity of the Iranian tourist visa is 3 months from the moment of issuance, and after this period and if it is not used, the applicant must reapply for the visa.

There are two ways you can apply for an Iranian (tourist) visa to the relevant authorities:

1- Refer to the consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran in cities of different countries and apply for a tourist visa in Iran.

2- Get your visa at Iran’s international airports. Citizens of some countries, except 11 countries, can apply for a tourist visa at Iran’s international airports.

The 11 countries that can not apply for visas at the airport are: Colombia, Somalia, Britain, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Citizens of these countries must apply for a visa through Iranian consulates in their own country – or Iranian consulates in other countries.

Iranian tourist visa

What documents do we need to apply for an Iran visa through the consulate?

You must first complete a visa application form. Remember that providing a reference number (Reference) of a reputable travel agency is required to apply for an Iran visa (tourist visa). But if your goal is religious and pilgrimage tourism, a written request is enough and you do not need an invitation number from the travel agency. You will also need two new full-length 4×3 biometric photographs, without cap and dark glasses, that have been backed up.

Obviously, the original of your valid passport, which is valid for at least six months and has a sufficient number of white papers, is a requirement for a visa. You will have to pay for a visa. These costs are announced according to the consular costs table and are calculated according to the origin of the trip (between 50 and 140 euros). Receiving a payment receipt is also one of the things you need to get a visa.

How long does it take to get an Iranian tourist visa?

If you apply to the consulates of this country to apply for an Iranian visa, after completing the documents and application forms for an Iran visa, it will take between 7 to 10 working days for your visa to be issued. If you want to issue a visa at Iran’s international airports, your visa will be issued in the shortest possible time and without delay.

How long can we stay in Iran with a tourist visa?

The expiration date of the Iranian tourist visa is 30 days. After this period, you can apply for an Iranian visa (tourist visa) again by visiting the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran and extend your visa for up to 60 days. Of course, keep in mind that the length of stay of citizens of countries that can travel to Iran without a visa is different.

Important note

Citizens of 7 countries can travel to Iran without a visa and only with a valid passport. Of course, as long as they are not on the list of banned people. Citizens of Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia and Egypt can travel to Iran only with a valid passport. Of course, this trip is subject to a limited time. If an extension is required, individuals can go to the State Department offices and extend their visa-free stay. Citizens of Syria can stay in Iran for 90 days, Georgia for 45 days, Bolivia for 30 days, Egypt for 20 days, Lebanon and the Republic of Azerbaijan for 15 days each.

How to get a visa for under 18s?

Foreign nationals under the age of 18 who intend to travel to Iran require a written permission from their father (or legal guardian) to obtain a visa (either at the airport or through Iranian consulates). This permit must be approved by the local notary public.

Who can not travel to Iran?

The Israelis cannot travel to Iran.

Tourist visa for Qeshm, Kish, Chabahar and other free trade zones of Iran:

Qeshm and Kish are two islands in the south of Iran and Chabahar is a port in the southeast of Iran. The rules for traveling to these places are slightly different from other parts of Iran. Citizens of all countries with valid passports can obtain a 14-day visa to travel to the free trade zones of Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar (and other free trade zones of Iran) at the points of entry (port and airport) of these regions, and if after their trip to these areas decide to visit other parts of Iran, they must go to the Foreign Ministry’s offices in these areas and obtain a new Iran visa. This law applies to all free trade zones in Iran (including Aras, Mako, Anzali, etc. free trade zones).

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