Kashan tours

Kashan city is a really popular destination among domestic and international tourists. It is well known because of its mysteries and its masterpieces of Architecture. There are many ancient houses in Kashan which turn to tourist attractions after a while because they are so especial and unique such as Tabatabaei’s house. There is a festival in Kashan which is held in May each month and it is called Golabgiri which is extremely spectacular. Chiyakotravel group can organize some Kashan tours to provide you visit this festival. On tripadvisor you can read more about this festival.

How to find Kashan tours

There are many backpackers visiting Iran each year most of whom travel lonely. Iran has many potentials to be a top tourist destination for any kind of travelers from all around the globe. Even experienced travelers need a guide for traveling to Kashan. As a town its location is between Tehran and Isfahan, so accessing it can be a bit challenging, because it is on the way and you need to know the directions precisely to reach the city. Many visitors come to this city on their way from Tehran to Isfahan, and stay Isfahan overnight. The other option is to stay in Kashan hotels for 1 or 2 nights and visit the city carefree. It really depends on the purpose of your travel.

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