Iran Desert Safari Tours

Your Iran trip will never be complete without a desert safari!

Iran desert safari Tours are experiences that you cannot miss while traveling in Iran. Choose from the three options we offer! So all you need to do is book the tours and we will take care of the rest.

Chiyakotravel provides you with a team of safari experts, adventurers and tour guides who organize eco-friendly safari tour into the heart of Iran’s natures. You can watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise, nice view of golden sand dunes in the desert, overnight camping, camel trekking and having your meals on fire.

Iran desert safari Tours are real adventure in best deserts of Iran. You can book one of these tours and feel free to enjoy a well-organized trip. off-road vehicles and specialized drivers will take you there and there are lot of activities for you to enjoy. You can read about Iran deserts and safari trips to Iran that how amazing experiences people get by these tours on tripadvisor or so on. Most of tourists wish to come back as they think it is such an experiment that should be repeated again.

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