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Enjoy The Most On A Single Day! Iran Shiraz tours are amazingly interesting. From the moment you reach Shiraz city, from the gate of city everything is interesting. Shiraz is well-known for its poetry and wine. It is the city of flowers and sour oranges, The city of love and poems. Everywhere in Shiraz city, there are historical gardens and beautiful remnants of kingdom in ancient Persia. Shiraz food is another must you should try during your trip to Shiraz. People in Shiraz are really kind and hospitable. From the first impression, you will find out how relax and warm-blooded they are.One-day tours provide great opportunities to enjoy the cultural heritage, the natural beauty and the picturesque views of the landscapes and breathtaking scenarios in the eminent land of Iran.

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 Iran One-Day Tours are a collection of tours to some beautiful and prominent cities and sightseeing in Iran. These Iran One-Day Tours are exclusively designed for those who are busy schedule travelers and they want to explore the exotic and picturesque locations of Iran. Iran One-Day Tours Packages offered by Chiyako Travel provide a comfortable trip to Iran.

About Shiraz tours

Shiraz is the city of love, the city of orange blossoms, and the gardens of despair. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, and its warm-hearted people and heavenly soil will truly amaze you. Today, we want to take you on a tour of Shiraz with Chiyako Travel to the city of flowers and nightingales. Shiraz, a city that has a small booklet of Iranian history in its heart. In Shiraz, the remnants of Zand’s rule have been a testament to the city’s well-being during the reign of Karim Khan Zand. In this magical tour, we take you to visit the Zandieh complex, where he once called his kingdom Vakil al-Roaya, one of the most popular kings of Iran.

After that, you will watch the architecture of Qajar era in Saray-e Moshir. Beautiful Shiraz has an interesting difference with other cities of Iran. From every restaurant and cafe that you pass in the city, there is the sound of songs that you hear, so that if you stay in any of the hotels in Shiraz, a sound of music will come from every corner. It is as if the wedding party is taking place in several parts of the hotel.

Shiraz tours in one glance

Shiraz tours without seeing Persepolis is meaningless. In this dream trip we will take you to Persepolis magnificently, where tourists will be immersed in the greatness of Iranian civilization. You will be respectful to Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae and visit Naqsh-e Rostam and the Kaaba of Zoroaster in Shiraz. Iran visitors should be familiar with the ups and downs and proud history of Iran.

After that, we will return to Shiraz to experience an interesting night out with us and your companions in one of the cafes or restaurants. Shiraz is the city of world-famous poets of Iran. The city of Hafez and Saadi to whom Iranian literature owes its land. We go to Hafeziyeh and Saadiyeh to visit the fathers of Persian poetry and prose.

Hafeziyeh is the meeting place of Iranian culture and literature lovers. When you step into Hafezieh and its mystical atmosphere, you may see an old man who considers himself a descendant of Hafez Shirazi, he can get good fortune for you. Saadi, the poet of Bustan and the writer of Golestan who traversed the world and rested in his hometown, his poems that came from the heart are flowing in our souls and blood today and are connected to our roots. Beautiful and pleasant Shiraz is not the only city of historical monuments and tombs, Eram Garden and Narenjestan-e Ghavam are another excellent destinations to see.

Shiraz tours services

Round trip by plane or train or bus to Shiraz, transfer from Shiraz airport or Shiraz terminal or Shiraz railway station to the hotel of residence, tours by tourist vehicle (bus or minibus or van) in Shiraz and visiting Persepolis and Pasargadae, accommodation in the selected hotel with breakfast, accompanying the tour guide from the beginning to the end of the tour, travel insurance, payment of entrance fees to the places visited in Shiraz, refresh snacks between tea day, Nescafe, mineral water, fruit (in all Chiyako Travel tours, lunch and dinner are with travelers). In general our services are as follows:

  • Travel by plane or train or bus
  • Accommodation at the hotel with breakfast
  • Transfer from the airport or railway or terminal to the hotel
  • Tour by bus or minibus or van
  • Accompanying professional tour guide
  • Payment of entrance tickets to places to visit
  • Snacks between tea day, Nescafe , Mineral water, fruit Travel insurance

Shiraz tours souvenirs

The city of poetry is a city of sweet and delicious foods such as Masghati, burnt almonds, colorful sweets. Shiraz Sweat, which has a global reputation, will be the best option for souvenirs.


What you need for Shiraz tour

  • Medicines
  • sunglasses
  • travel clothes
  • sunscreen
  • walking shoes
  • Meals and restaurants of Shiraz tour

The cost of lunch and dinner of Shiraz tour is by travelers. Our tour guide will suggest you one of the best restaurants in Shiraz, such as Haft KhanSoofi, etc


Special conditions of Shiraz tour

It is possible to travel in Shiraz for all age groups and it our Shiraz tours are convenient in the city, we will only have a few hours walk for sightseeing in Pasargadae and Persepolis. If you are interested in history, we have a Unesco tour around Shiraz to let you walk through the history. On the other hand, in the city of love and poems, you might not like to miss visiting great poets mausoleums of Shiraz in your tour. Shiraz nature is also amazing and eye-captivating in our remarkable journey to Shiraz.

Please note that due to Corona virus pandemic, all Chiyakotravel tours are respecting to social distancing and hygiene protocols.

How to find Shiraz tours

There are many options to visit Shiraz. First you can come to the city by yourself and join one of our 1-day tours around Shiraz whose tickets are payed and is excellent for your convenience. You can also extend it to two or three days tour. Additionally, you can join some of our tours that are combined with other cities such as Isfahan, Kashan, YAzd, and Tehran.Our tours are also available in Tour radar. Perspolis is a must near Shiraz that few people do not heard of it up to now. We can arrange Shiraz tours combined with visiting Perspois.

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