Iran Tours (Iran tour packages)

Iran tour packages

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? Are you looking for appropriate Iran tours to choose from? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. Now that you are planning to travel to Iran, keep in mind that in general, Iran is one of the cheapest travel destinations and the same is true for transportation costs to Iran. You should also pay attention to the fact that the cost of your transportation to Iran is directly related to the level of the company providing transportation services, the origin of the trip and also the time of your trip. Obviously, the farther away you are from Iran, the more you will pay for the ticket. In this page, we will let you know whatever you should know about Iran tours?


Travel to Iran by plane

Traveling to Iran by plane is the most common way that tourists choose to reach Iran. Reducing travel time, as well as the greater well-being and comfort of airline users, are some of the reasons why air travel is so popular and the first choice of tourists. Most people who buy Iran tours packages come to Iran by plane. Depending on the duration of their trip and the program prepared for them by the tour manager, they may travel from one city to another in Iran with domestic trips or use other types of transportation in Iran. Our Iran tour guide will welcome you from the moment of arrival and accompany you during your trip to Iran.

Travel expenses to Iran by plane

For people who buy a tour package to travel to Iran, the ticket price is not calculated on the package they bought and they had better buy their ticket personally. People who are going to travel to Iran alone should know that each airline offers a different price for air travel to Iran. Also keep in mind that the origin of your trip, the city from which you are going to come to Iran, is also effective in determining the cost of a ticket to Iran. The further away you are geographically, the more you have to pay. Also, if you bring luggage and hand luggage with you in excess of the standard that your airline considers as the weight of your luggage, you will have to pay an overdraft penalty that is common all over the world and all flights and is not specific to Iran. . When the collective and global desire for travel is greater, such as the Christmas holidays and Nowruz in Iran, you have to pay more for the ticket.

It is important to know that in order to save costs, we suggest you buy a return ticket to Iran. This means that it is better to determine your return time before the start of the trip and then prepare a return ticket to Iran. In this case, you will save a lot of your expenses. There are many sites that sell tickets online. Just announce your flight date to the site to be offered different flights at different prices to have the most ideal choice according to your circumstances.

You can enter Iran by train from Izmir, Ankara, Van and Istanbul in Turkey. From Iran to Syria and vice versa, until the last few years, there were trains that have stopped using the railway lines between Iran and Syria due to the crises in this country. You can also enter Iran by train from Nakhchivan. The Nakhchivan train goes directly to Mashhad. There are also trains between Iran and Baku. Cheap travel to Iran by rail and also has beautiful views, is one of the reasons that some people prefer to use it for their trip to Iran. 

There is also a train from Kuwait to Ahvaz. Keep in mind that these trains only run on a limited number of lunar days, which highlights the need to plan ahead of time. The North-South Railway of Iran with the historic Versk Bridge is world-famous and played an indirect role in World War II.

For travel and tourism in Iran, you can use Chiyakotravel advice to book hotels online and stay safely in all cities of Iran. Our Iran tour guide will show you the best sights of Iran during your trip to Iran.

Iran tours

Those who are traveling people are well acquainted with the concept of travel tours and domestic and foreign tours. Travel tours provide an opportunity for people to purchase round-trip tickets and accommodation online and by booking online at the same time. Through online booking of Iran tours, services such as breakfast, and dinner; Transfers and city tours are also provided, and as much as possible, all the tourist needs of the trip are gathered in one package and eliminate his worries when reaching the destination for everything. In this way, after reaching the desired destination, the tourist only needs to think about the entertainment and the main purpose of his trip, because all his other needs have been met.

ChiyakoTravel Group with more than 10 years of experience in providing tourism services, and Iran tours packages are ready to plan and implement a variety of cultural, tourist, historical, nature, adventure and business tours for foreign tourists. Relying on 1 decade of experience and cooperation with the most prestigious hotels and accommodation centers throughout Iran and representing domestic and foreign airlines, as well as a skilled team in the field of tour management, ChiyakoTravel has the ability to book travel groups as soon as possible with dedicated services. .


Part of ChiyakoTravel Iran Tours Services:

  • Obtaining an Iranian visa
  • Planning and implementation of various types of Iran tours for foreign tourists with historical, cultural, nature, thematic purposes (photography, mountaineering, nomads, skiing, etc.)
  • Assign tour supervisors and local guides(Expert Iran tour guides)
  • Hotel reservation throughout Iran individually and in groups
  • Book flights, trains and ferries on all available routes
  • Rental of all types of vehicles (ceremonial, group, off-road vehicles, etc.)
  • Holding all kinds of coordination tours and implementing educational and business tours
  • Exhibition Iran land tour, conferences, congresses, etc. (MICE)
  • Medical tourism services
  • VIP and CIP airport services

Iran tours different packages

Iran is divided into 31 provinces, with the capital of each province often being the largest and most populous city in the province. The ethnic and linguistic diversity of the Iranian people in each province is different from other provinces, and seeing the customs of different ethnic groups and getting acquainted with the cultural background of each one, adds to the attractiveness of traveling in Iran.

Geographical conditions and climatic diversity have made Iran one of the four seasons in the world and tourists can experience in any season, from the warmest to the coldest in one of the cities of Iran in Iran tours. From the glaciers of Ardabil to the semi-warm waters of the Persian Gulf in winter and from the cool summer heights of the mountains to the warmth of the Lut desert in summer, everyone doubles the pleasure of traveling and tasting the variety of climates.

The historical and archeological background of Iran is also famous in the world. The Iranian plateau has been a passage and human settlement since prehistoric times, the Stone Age and the Metal Age. The oldest artifacts found in Iran date the human habitation in the region to 200,000 years ago. Also in the historical period and in many ups and downs, more than 30 different governments have ruled Iran for more than 2500 years.

Having different Iran tours to different destinations in Iran makes your trip to the corners of our beloved country easier. From Gilan and Mazandaran to Azerbaijan, Yazd, Shiraz and Isfahan; From Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan to Hormozgan and Khuzestan and Kurdistan. ChiyakoTravel helps you to compare the best Iran tours and buy the desired Iran land tour.

Iran tours categories

In this part, all Iran tours that we have designed for Iran are available, from domestic Iran tours to touristic tours and nature tours, Tehran tours, one-day tours or combined domestic tours. We assure you that we will hold the best Iran tours for you.

We do not run tours at any cost because we believe that your travel time is not repeatable during the year that we want to attract you. We will challenge your trip when buying at a lower price and offering the best possible service during the tour, so our Iran land tour is designed based on the experience of our team touring during the last 10 years.

In this tour category, all types of domestic Iran tours throughout Iran are introduced for you, you can see tours of more than one day of two days and more in this category. Tabriz Tour, Sarein Tour, Ardabil Tour, Sanandaj and Kurdistan tour, North tour, Rasht tour, Astara and Gilan tour, Gorgan tour, Golestan tour and Turkmen Sahara tour, Bandar Abbas tour and Qeshm tour, Chabahar tour.
You can enjoy attractive travelogues and professional descriptions of these destinations on tripadvisor or other websites, because each of them is formed with a bag of tour experiences. But the last minute domestic. We also organize Iran tours from Mashhad or Iran tours from Isfahan.

Tehran tours:

In this category, we only talk about tours that are performed in Tehran with a high variety. We have various Tehran tours, including Magic Tehran tour, Old Tehran tour, Shemiranat tour, around Tehran tours. You can participate in these tours from morning to evening and enjoy these tours in the category of Tehran tours.

Isfahan tours

The sights of Isfahan tour are so famous and popular that you have heard their names over and over again. If you are looking for discovering new foods, first of all you will go for biryani, doogh, goshfil, Gaz. Ride a carriage in Naghsh-e Jahan Square and see ChehelSotun and other historical places that are a must of Isfahan travel in your Iran tour.

Shopping is also an essential part of any trip. Isfahan is called the cradle of Iranian handicrafts, so buying some Khatam, Meena Kari and enamels to decorate your homes or souvenirs for those you love will be one of the attractions of any Iran tours. If you want to spend a day in nature outside of Isfahan, Mesr desert is a very good option. Our visit to historical and recreational places in Isfahan tour make your Iran tour unique and special.
Isfahan tour package includes round trip ticket, hotel and accommodation reservation, airport transfer, city tours and meal coordination.

Shiraz tours

If you have been searching about Iran lastly, you must have heard of Shiraz city as the most beautiful city in Iran in websites like thecrowdedplanet or similar resources. Shiraz is well known as the city of flowers and wines. The smell of orange blossoms in May, makes you fall in love with this city. We highly recommend you not to miss this city in your Iran tour.
Shiraz tour package organize everything you need for having a trip carefree. An Iran tour guide will accompany you during your trip to Shiraz, and we organize hotel and accommodation reservation, airport transfer, city tours and meal coordination. You will have an amazing Iran tour with us.

Yazd tours

The city of Yazd is a collection of the best historical places. It is interesting to know that the tallest windmills, the tallest minaret in the world, the oldest mosque in Iran, the oldest clock square in the city, the largest crypts and the oldest tree in the world which is four thousand years, are all in Yazd.
Perhaps the oldest and tallest aqueducts can be mentioned in the meantime, because the people of Yazd are famous for water management. The city of Yazd is several thousand years old and one of the main reasons for the existence of a large number of places and historical monuments there, such as Dowlatabad Garden, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Yazd Grand Mosque and many others. As you know, the concept of travel is intertwined with shopping and souvenirs, and people spend many hours of their time shopping, and this is possible for you in Yazd tour.
The city of Yazd is called the bride of the deserts. In Yazd tour, do not neglect desert tour, if you are interested in Off-road or you want to experience the desert night stars once. Your Iran tour will be amazingly different after visiting Yazd city.

Kerman tours

Kerman is one of the tourist cities of Iran that is very popular among tourists who are looking for Iran tours. Attractions and places of interest in Kerman can be considered the most important reason for choosing a Kerman tour.
Kerman tour with desired services will be possible by us. ChiyakoTravel allows you to design a tour for your trip to Kerman. Tourists can choose the flight time, city tour, CIP services, airport transfer, etc. according to their preferences.
The best feature of hotel reservation with us is that you can see all the details of your desired hotel before booking and then book a hotel in Kerman. Adding Kerman to your Iran tour destinations will make your trip extremely unforgettable.

Kashan tours

Kashan is one of the oldest cities in Iran which is located in Isfahan province and has a very important role in the tourism industry. The city is more than 7500 years old which is evidenced by the Tapeh Silak. Therefore, the sights of Kashan are very diverse and attractive. In other words, the sights of Kashan are very diverse which is closely related to the history and, of course, the nature of this desert city. Therefore, Kashan’s tourist attractions can be divided into three groups: natural, historical-ancient and ritual.

Chiyakotravel has provided a list of Kashan tours, so that you can easily compare the price of Kashan tours with various conditions including tour duration, accommodation, Iran tour guide, and after studying the tour conditions and user comments, buy the cheapest tour of Kashan. Everyone who has experienced Iran tours, will definitely recommends you to include Kashan in your Iran tour.

Cultural-Historical tours

If you are interested in history, art, architecture, culture, ethnicity and diversity in Iran, these tours are designed for you. You can experience a great deal of special moments in Iran cultural-historical tours. As you know most of Iran monuments and cultural places are inscribed in UNESCO heritage lists and you can many of famous places of Iran in these tours and have an amazing Iran land tour.

Iran sightseeing tours

If you like to hack into Iranian lifestyles and know more about Iran cities, Iran sightseeing tours are for you. In these Iran tours, you can enjoy visiting the most important sights of Iran cities and visit the places you may also less heard about. Iran is a four-season country and in this land you can visit Qeshm island which is like a jewel.Qeshm, Hormoz, Hengam islands tour will definitely satisfying.

Iran world heritage site tours 

There are plenty of monuments and historical places that are listed as world heritages and worth a visit. Iran UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites Tours are designed to focus on visiting these monuments, and circulate all around Iran. These tours are fitted for tourists who are into UNESCO world heritage sights.

Iran one-day tours:

In this category, you will see all Iran one-day tours that are held from morning to night and during a day, tours that are designed for your day and do not require accommodation, and the distance is a maximum of 5 hours. They have the same order in return and it lasts from 5 am to 12 pm and we offer you a one day tour of Marnjab desert of Kashan, one day tour of Masouleh, one day tour of Namak Abroud, one day tour of Qazvin, one day tour of Alamut Castle, one-day tour of Kashan and many one-day programs. Iran tour by train also has a special attraction that is in our list of one-day tours.

Iran villages tours:

Iran villages are quiet and peaceful. People are so warm and welcoming. Everything seems organic and natural. Iran villages tours are the best option for those who like to be away from hustle and bustle of Iran cities, and are interested in local lifestyles.

Iran wildlife tours:

In this category, we see tours in the heart of nature that you do not stay in hotels, but your choice is in camps and tents and eco-tourism and nature accommodation, such as safari and eco-safari tours, etc. It is worth mentioning that one-day wildlife tours are in the category of one-day tours.

Iran adventure tours:

Mountains, forests, plains and safaris, etc. are included in this type of tours. Matin Abad Camp and Miankaleh Nature Tour and Tabas Nature Tour and Arasbaran Nature Tour are among our suggestions. To travel with this type of tours, the traveler must have appropriate clothes and strength and physical preparation for nature tours. 

Iran desert tours:

Iran deserts are vast and unique in terms of vegetations and animals. The possibility of star-watching in the sky of Iran deserts, as well as riding camels and visiting the beauty of deserts make Iran desert tours so popular among tourists. You will visit the most famous Iran deserts based on your time and prefernces.

Iran ski tours

In recent years, Iran ski tours have become the number one winter sports list, and every season skiers become more and more interested in discovering the greatness of the deep snow of Iran mountains. In addition to being challenging and physically active, skiing is a great way to explore remote mountainous areas and get in touch with nature. Exploring the magnificent scenery, walking through the untouched snow, breathing in the fresh mountain air, is a good idea to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get rest in nature. Iran ski tour is divided into indoor and outdoor, which usually includes one-day activities to multi-day trips; Multi-day ski tour trips include spending the night in tents, cottages or mountain hotels. Those who want to try a ski tour should be physically fit to get the most out of this activity. In fact, there are three basic components to enjoying skiing: physical condition, training, and equipment.

Iran learning tours

Do you like to use every moment of your trip to Iran and learn while traveling. If yyou are eager to learn, we suggest you join our Iran learning tours. We can organize Iran culinary tours, Iran art and literature courses, and many other classes for you to bring Iran culture and cuisine back to your country.

Mountaineering tours:

In this type of classification, only mountaineering professionals enter to participate in planned mountaineering tours throughout Iran and hiking Damavand Peak, Sabalan Peak, Sahand Peak, Alam Kooh Peak, Vulture Peak, Peak of Taftan, Zardkooh Bakhtiari and many other peaks.

Iran land Tour of Celebrations, Ceremonies and Occasions:

Celebration Tours, Tours of Various Ceremonies, Tours of Iranian Rituals and Event Tours. These are called tours that are special for 13 Be dar, special for Yalda night, special for ChaharShanbe Sori, special for Kashan carpet weavers Iran is held and is accompanied by special programs of these celebrations and events that you can travel to different cities.

Iran tours prequisites

A travel tour does not necessarily mean a group tour. Each person can buy Iran tours for himself and his companions and go to the destination on the appointed date without the need to find a quorum. By booking a travel tour online, you can book plane, train or bus tickets at different stages through a single site, and then book your accommodation. If you ask us to book Iran land tour specifically for the person’s desired date, there is no need to be worried. we organize your tailor-made tour base on your desires.

The Benefits of buying an Iran tour

The main advantage of Iran travel tour booking is saving time and effort. With online tour booking, not only you no longer need to go to travel agencies, but instead of buying a travel ticket and booking a hotel separately, they are all purchased in one package through our website. These days, it’s time to travel like this, get a one-way ticket and go to your destination to find a hotel to stay. Due to the peak of online hotel reservation methods, it is very likely that you will not find vacancies in hotels for the same day when you reach your destination. Imagine how hard it is to get from one hotel to another with luggage.

Cheap Iran tours are usually reasonable than other types of travel because travel agencies and tour operators try to include the most affordable trips in their travel tours. A variety of Iran tours with different airlines or by train and bus usually take place at times when hotels offer good discounts on rooms and suites to reduce costs and at the same time Experience staying in the best hotels and flying with the best airlines for tourists at the best price.

The advantage of choosing Iran tours from ChiyakoTravel
ChiyakoTravel introduces a list of the best Iran tours and allows you to compare prices, facilities and services so that with the help of our travel experts, you can buy the best tour directly from the organizing agency.

Choosing the best Iran tours
By comparing different prices and services, you can choose and buy the best Iran domestic tour.

Best time for Iran tours and travel
Due to the diversity of climate in Iran, the best time to travel to each region is different from other regions. But in general, May and June can be considered the best time to travel to Iran. At this time of year, the cold of the highlands has diminished and the lowlands have not yet reached the peak of heat, and almost all cities are experiencing a pleasant, mild and refreshing spring weather and make you enjoy our Iran tours.

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