Tehran City

Tehran city, the capital of Iran, is the largest and most populous city in the country. A city that has been the capital for more than 200 years and where most important administrative, executive and political decisions are made. With an area of 730 square kilometers, Tehran is the beating heart of Iran and many economic, cultural, scientific and political aspects of the country are affected by its activities. For this reason, in this article of Chiyakotravel, we have gone to introduce the city of Tehran in order to show you various aspects of this lovely metropolis in a comprehensive and important way, and to let you know about the ups and downs of visiting Tehran city.

Tehran Top Attractions

The most attractive sights in Tehran that you must see before you die!

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Sa’dabad Palace Complex

Iran Jewelry Museum

Golestan Palace

Grand bazaar

Tabiat Bridge

Tehran Top Restaurant

Alborz restaurant

Alborz restaurant

About Alborz restaurant Alborz restaurant was founded in 1346 SH by the late "Barmas". From the beginning, the goal of...
Divan restaurant

Divan restaurant

Divan Sam Center Restaurant Divan restaurant in Sam Center of Tehran is a luxurious and different restaurant. What makes this...
Moslem Restaurant

Moslem Restaurant

Moslem Restaurant is one of the busiest restaurants in grand bazzar in Tehran which has the most unique Tahchins in...

Tehran Top Food

Ash-e Qalamkar

Ash-e Qalamkar

Ash-e Qalamkar Tehran The local cuisine of each city and province in Iran may be cooked and used elsewhere, or...
Eshkeneh Spinach

Eshkeneh Spinach

Eshkeneh Spinach, the ancient Tehran food Spinach is one of the most popular vegetables that has many fans both raw...


Traditional Tehran food One of the pleasures of the world is eating delicious and local food in every city and...

Things To Do in Tehran

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Tehran Top Tours

Experience the most attractive tourist tours in Tehran with the Chiyakotravel team!

Tehran metropolis has many historical monuments, places of interest and places of entertainment; So that some important tourist spots may be lost in crowded streets. Most of travelers of Tehran city travel to this city for business and administrative work, and most of them do not know that sights of Tehran city are like treasures in this city. Treasures that will definitely make you feel better after a busy day.

Tehran attractions

According to the social and cultural deputy of Tehran municipality, this city has more than 2,000 tourist, pilgrimage, historical and recreational points.

Tehran city is an international city with museums, parks, restaurants and warm and lovely residents. The city can be divided into almost two different parts – north and south. The northern parts of Tehran city are more prosperous, modern, scenic and expensive, while the southern part is less attractive but cheaper.

Tehran attractions are countless. From lesser-known art galleries to historical monuments, everything will capture your eyes. Nightlife in Tehran is another activity that you should not miss during trip to Tehran.

Tehran city history

During Zandiyeh dynasty, Tehran city was a small city of strategic importance. The first Qajar king, Agha Mohammad Khan, called Tehran as the capital of Iran in 1778, and its greatest growth began during the reign of the next Qajar king, Fath Ali Shah. The palace built by Agha Mohammad Khan included magnificent royal buildings.

At the same time as Tehran city became the capital, its population doubled. Due to the increasing importance of the city, many gates, squares and mosques were built in it and it was during the time of Nasser al-Din Shah that the main plan of the city was built and modern streets were built. Later, large central squares such as Topkhaneh Square (now Imam Khomeini) and several other military buildings were established in Tehran city. Although Qajar dynasty declined, Tehran quickly took on the form of a modern city. Construction of large government buildings, new streets, entertainment centers, municipal service organizations, and scientific and educational centers began. Today, many old gates and buildings have been demolished and the old architectural structure of the city has been replaced by modern architecture.

Does Tehran city worth a visit?

Tehran city also owes its relatively unbelievable reputation to the polluted air and staggering traffic caused by its population of eight million. The population of Tehran reaches fourteen million people in days which has turned Tehran city into the beating heart of Iran. Tehran is also called the city of parks and has more than 800 parks all of which are well maintained. The city is about 1600 meters above the sea level, and therefore is cooler than other cities in the Middle East. In summer, the temperature is about 36 degrees Celsius and the air is very dry.

If you want to go somewhere outside of Tehran for fun and entertainment, but you are also close to Tehran city, you can go to a village around Tehran. These villages are among the best tourist attractions around Tehran city and due to the pleasant weather, they can make your day trips in the best possible way. It should be noted that access to these areas requires only one to two hours of driving. In the mentioned article, we will mention some of the best and most famous villages of Tehran.

Tehran has countless restaurants that serve a variety of local dishes from different cities of Tehran. In addition, Tehran, like other cities in Iran, has its own local cuisine, the most popular of which are SargonjeshkiEshkeneh and Ash-e ghalamkar.

Tehran city, as one of the tourism hubs of Iran, both for domestic and foreign travelers, is always full of tourists. But the busiest season to travel to Tehran city is from February to June, especially during Nowruz and from September to November.

Interesting facts about Tehran city

1- It is in the list of the largest and most populous cities in the world and is considered one of the mega cities of the world.

2- In 1788 AD (1167 AH) by the order of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar was chosen as the capital of Iran.

3- The last severe earthquake in Tehran occurred in 1830 AD (1209 solar year).

4- Tehran is located on active faults that can cause landslides and earthquakes in this city at any time.

5. This city is on the list of ten most dangerous cities in the world for natural disasters. The main reason for Tehran’s inclusion in this list is its location on the earthquake fault, despite the existence of many non-standard structures in the city, as well as high population density.

6- In 2014, a human skeleton was discovered in the Rumi region, which dates back to 7000 years ago.

7- In Tehran, there are 4 mice per person.

8- Valiasr Street is the longest street in the Middle East, located in this city.

9- It is estimated that 27 people in Tehran die every day due to diseases related to air pollution.

10- Every person in Tehran produces waste on average 6 times their own weight per year. The average waste production in Tehran is 320 kg and the daily value of waste is 1800 million Rials.

11- The first barbecue and chelokebabi, lights, ice cream, photo, telegraph, flight and telephone line of Iran, were used in Tehran.

Tehran Travel and Tourism Information

Many of the native customs of Tehran were forgotten over the years with the development and modernization of the city. However, things such as Muharram mourning, New Year and Nowruz customs, etc. still distinguish this city from other metropolises in the world.

Muharram customs in Tehran city: One of the most glorious mourning ceremonies of Muharram and Safar months in the country is held in Tehran and Shahr-e rei. The presence of Imamzadehs such as Shah Abdolazim Hassani, Imamzadeh Saleh, Imamzadeh Davood, etc. in Tehran city has caused glorious mourning for Imam Hussein (AS). Muharram mourning ceremony in Tehran Bazaar is also very famous and is several hundred years old.

Naqqali: One of the most popular arts in the old days of Tehran is narration, which is also on the UNESCO World intangible Heritage List. The art, which was mostly performed in coffee houses, in which the narrator told epic stories such as Shahnameh and the battle of Karbala to the people in a pleasant voice. Nowadays, the tradition of narration is mostly performed in special cultural programs.

Siahbazi: Siahbazi or Rohouzi is one of the forgotten arts that flourished in Tehran city in recent years. Siahbazi was a kind of comedy show in which black people performed plays, danced and played music and sang. In the past, in the courtyards of Iranian houses during celebrations and parties, the residents of the house would place a large board on the pond of the house and the actors would perform on it.

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