What is the language of Iranian people?
Iranians speak Persian or “Farsi” but most of them know English as well. See useful Persian/Farsi Phrases and numbers here Iranian Language.
Is it safe to visit Iran?
Yes, of course. Although there are so many false prejudices and overstated from many sides about Iran, there is no war in Iran, no woman has to wear a burka, Iranians are no terrorists, not everyone has nuclear weapons, and Iranians do not hate America.This amazing country is generally safe with living standards.
Do men have clothing limitation in Iran?
Not that serious. Men should not wear short pants.
Are the hotels and accommodation good enough in Iran?
There are many hotels in each cities of Iran such as 2, 3, 4 and 5-star hotels. 4-star and 5-star hotel clearly are very nice, neat and comfortable but like any places, they are less comfortable in small cities and rural areas. It is recommended to stay at 3, 4 and 5 star hotels. Therefore, the more you pay the better you accommodate. You can read Iran hotel information.
What should I do about my money?
It is better for you to change your money to Dollar or Euro before arriving in Iran and. Note that, no kinds of credit cards are usable in Iran so your money should be in cash.
What is the Iranian currency?
The Iranian official currency is the Rial. Rials are available in coins and notes.
Where should I exchange money in Iran?
You can exchange your money in especial banks such as International bank(bank-e-Melli), airports and ”Sarrafi” which are especial stores in the street that are just for exchanging money.
How can I get information about exchange rate in Iran?
According to global changes, the exchange rate may change daily and quick often and it is something common. You can ask banks about the exchange rate.
Which currencies can be exchanged in Iran, Dollars or Euros?
It is better to have Dollars or Euros to exchange in Iran because changing them is easier and much more trustable.
What are the things (forbidden/allowed) to bring to Iran?
Forbidden Things All things which are against Islamic religion, rules and politics are forbidden to bring to Iran such as alcoholic beverages, films, books and magazines, any kinds of weapons, gambling tools… Allowed Things Money Documents and files such as visa, tickets etc. Personal things such as cloths, shaving accessories, camera, batteries etc.
What are useful telephone numbers in Iran?
Police: 110 Medical emergency: 115 Fire: 125
How can we use internet in Iran?
You can use internet connection with various types in public area such as hotels, Cafe nets, Governmental organizations, Companies meanwhile some cafe net working 24 hours per day. Most hotels and some restaurants also provide Internet services. Generally, you can surf the Internet quickly and smoothly, but the fees do vary.
How does Iranian food taste?
Iranian foods taste wonderful and have great variety. It consists of various kinds even for vegetarian person. Iranian food has great variety. In Iran, you can find any kinds of food you like. It is recommended try Iranian food in traditional restaurants and be relax about the price because they are not expensive.
How can we use Telephone in Iran?
While traveling in Iran, you can easily find a telephone. If you want to make a domestic long-distance call, you have to dial the area code with a prefix 0 first. You can also make international calls in post offices and hotels. Generally, local calls are free when you make them in hotel rooms. You can also buy IP cards in post offices, which can make long-distance calls cheaper. Cyber cafes are readily available in most cities.
What is the status of Medical services in Iran?
Most hospitals in big cities provide a high standard of medical care in Iran. Iran provide Medical Tour. However, in some remote areas, the medical service may not be to such a standard. Ensure your physical condition is good during traveling. Bring some medicines with you, such as aspirin, anti-histamines and so on.
Can you backpack in Iran?
Backpacking is not common as in Europe or Australia but this does not making it impossible.
Is there any car rental company in Iran?
Yes, of course, many private car rentals are available in Iran that rendering many different types of cars.
Where to get Iran Visa upon Arrival?
You can obtain Iran Visa upon Arrival through Iranian international airports including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz
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