Iran Cultural tours

Iran Cultural tours reveals the history, religion, culture, language and people of a particular region which is one of the most positive aspects of your travel destinations. Iran cultural tours offer you a wide variety of experiences. Visiting historical places, monuments, art and architectures, graceful temples, elegant palaces, sacred pilgrimage sites, picturesque streets and other cultural tourist attractions will present the culture and traditions of various communities and their values and reflect the country’s cultural richness. Our Iran Cultural Tours include various tour packages and trips to Iranian sites. Here you can experience the cultural-historical delights. If you like to travel to Iran, this tour can make it possible to visit the best of Iran in a glance. This tours enable you to visit UNESCO heritage sites  and visit the best of Iran.

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Why Iran cultural tours?

There are many people who want to get the most out of their travel in a tight time frame. Iran lovers are from all over the world, and many foreign tourists prefer to take their time and visit the most visited sights as well as lesser-known places around Iran.

  • Iran cultural tours introduce you the best of Iran in one glance.
  • You will be amazed by all the aspects of Iranian lifestyle from history, culture, cuisine, dialects, dress code in each region
  • The diversity of tourist attractions in Iran cultural tours makes a huge journey in your life.

Make the best use of your time and visit the spectacular attractions of Iran. It is interesting to know that the rich cultural heritage is one of the strengths of the ancient country of Iran. Iran with 22 world heritages, is one of the rich countries in the field of historical and natural monuments. The world-famous heritages of this country include: Persepolis, Gonbad Soltanieh, Pasargadae, Persian gardens, aqueducts, Yazd city, Lut desert, etc., each of which has its own effects and beauties. Because the attractions of Iran are full of beauty and miracles, and this factor led us in ChiyakotTravel to go to every corner to know more about this beautiful country and create a different experience of Iran tourism for our companions.

What is waiting for you in Iran cultural tours?

Of course, due to the large number of tourist attractions in Iran, it is impossible to visit all of them in one trip. However, in Chiyako Travel, we have made every effort to bring back the travelers entering Iran, with a back bag full of good moments and memories around Iran, and to record the joy of this trip in their minds forever.

In our cultural tours, travelers will visit the famous and UNESCO World Heritage Lists of Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan and Kashan, and this opportunity may happen for you once in your life.

Be prepared so that you can travel around Iran with peace of mind and get to know Iran better and more than before. From now on, pack your bags and make your travel arrangements to start your journey with us. Although Iran is so large and vast that even 16 days can not be enough to see hundreds of cities and villages and thousands of places of entertainment and antiquities, but in this trip we will try to explore Iran in 8 days and leave good memories of these trips in the treasury of our memories, so that the joy and sweetness of this exciting and fascinating journey will remain in your mind forever.

Iran heritages tours overview

With our 8-day tour to Iran, you will see the most visited cities in Iran, including Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz.  There are plenty of combinations the we suggest you the best offers in planned tours. Remember that you can always ask our experts to design your favorite tour by our tailor-made tours. One of our options is as follows:

Our journey begins in Tehran. In Tehran, we see Milad Tower (the sixth tallest tower in the world) and Azadi Tower (symbol of Tehran). Golestan palace, and national jewelry museum are must in Tehran. There are many activities and things to in Tehran, and it really depends on your time, preferences, and the number of visitors to include more places to visit or not.

Next spot is Kashan on the way from Tehran to Isfahan. Fin garden is one of the masterpieces of Kashan which is a story teller monument of Amir Kabir. Traditional houses in Kashan are really well-know among tourists, and we highly recommend visiting at least Tabatabaei  house, or Boroujerdi house.

Our next destination is such a piece of heaven. Isfahan is half of the word and Naghsh-e Jahan square as UNESCO world heritage site. Chehel Sotun palace, and Vank church are the other places to visit.

Then we go to Yazd. This city is known as the “city of windmills”. Yazd is best known for its Zoroastrian fire temples and aqueducts, so be prepared, you are going to see a unique historical city.

On the way toward Shiraz, Persepolis is waiting for you to show you the glory of Persia. Pasargadae and other historical places around Shiraz.

Then we go to Shiraz. This city is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Shiraz has many sights. In this city, we visit  Nasir Al-Molk Mosque and Eram Garden.


Iran cultural tours services

Our Iran cultural tours take 9 days, by tourist vehicle according to the number of people (van, minibus, middle bus, bus), accompanying tour leader, mid-day snacks, entrance fee payment for sightseeing, travel insurance (lunch fee is the responsibility of the passenger. It is also possible to have breakfast a Hotel in Tehran before the start of the tour by paying for breakfast). Totally our services include:

  • Transport with good conditions based on the number of passengers (bus or minibus or van)
  • Accompanying a professional tour guide
  • Payment of entrance to the visited places
  • Catering between the day by tea, Nescafe, mineral water, fruit
  • Travel insurance
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