Iran Learning Tours

We invite you to consider going on a tour or participate in a learning event!

Iran Learning Tours are innovative programs. Our Iran Learning Tours hold at carefully selected locations and provide an opportunity for you to create incredibly valuable learning experiences. On our Iran Learning Tours, we provide more than just the destination by our local English-speaking teacher to guide you through the entire experience. You will be side by side with locals on community and return home inspired to make a difference. Each tour helps deepen your understanding of other cultures, develop new perspectives on local issues and strengthen your skills. Our goal is to create unique cultural experiences in a fun, learning environment – “Ask a lots of questions, and have fun!”.

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Iranian learning tours introduction

When traveling to Iran, one of the attractions is going to the local markets and watching the normal life of people. Imagine being able to get acquainted with the cuisine of that country on this foreign trip and prepare a meal in their own style. This is an opportunity we have prepared for foreign guests on their trip to Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Gilan. In the following, we will introduce you our different Iranian learning tours and what you will learn in these courses.

Most of our Iran culinary tour starts from Tehran, but it is possible to execute them from different cities in Iran. Let’s get started with Tehran culinary tours. The half day tour of Tehran includes visiting Tajrish Bazaar and attending a cooking class. You will meet your tour guide in the morning in your hotel lobby.

Iran culinary tour details:

Location: Your hotel lobby
Departure date: Every morning
Departure time: 08:00 am (please be at the place 15 minutes before departure)
Return time: around 15:00
Vehicle: Tourist vehicle
Visiting province: Tehran
Maximum activity: Between 1 and 2 hours of walking

Iran culinary tour program:

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and put on your cooking apron. Enjoy your trip by following these 5 recipes for cooking delicious Iranian food and enjoy your own cooking for lunch. We are not going to turn you into a professional chef of Iranian food in a few hours. Experience Iranian cuisine with your friends in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. After the food is ready, we will sit together to taste our cooking in a friendly and pleasant group. Our cooking trip starts from Tajrish Bazaar, where you will get acquainted with the ingredients of cooking and then we will head to the cooking class.

This fabulous culinary tour contains a selection of delicious recipes and is perfect for all. Persian food is inseparable from Iranian lifestyle. People still do shopping in street markets, where they can meet friends. This tour is much more than just a food tour, you will eat like an Iranian, discover the tastes, discover unforgettable historical attraction and be introduced to the people behind the food, hear the stories, their secrets and feel like an Iranian. You will also learn about history, culture and tradition.

We start with bread bakery! Breads are one of the most important parts of Persian food table. Spice shop is the 2nd destination in our day. Watch colors, smell sacks and buy the best selection. We continue shopping ingredients for your chosen menu before getting home and start our fabulous work-shop.
Afterwards we will start cooking together. Learning how to cook Persian deserts, appetizers and of course the main dishes are the best parts of our plan meanwhile we will talk about Persian hospitality and discover its traditions to touch deep layers of Persian life style. Is that all? No. Let’s eat a big art work you made. Bon appetite!
Neither rare nor burn, neither spicy nor tasteless , neither fast nor slow. Veg or non-veg It is a Persian cousin.

Gourmet Walk

Prepare your senses for the experience of a lifetime on one of our gourmet walk tours. Visually, you will discover the stunning beauty of a local market. While visiting the market, you will taste different Pickles, vegetables, spices and go beyond to hear about the story of Iran culture through its food hatch.

Taste Iranian drinks and beverages

Despite all limitations for alcohol drinks, there are many different kind of soft drink that you may heard about them for the first time!

Generally Iran’s traditional drinks are based on herbal drinks which divided to 2 categories:

  1. Hot Herbal drink called Damnoosh
  2. Cold herbal drink called Sharbat

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