About Kerman City

Kerman City is the capital city of Kerman Province. It’s location is in the southeast of Iran. People know Kerman City for its strong cultural heritage such as local accent, poetry, local music, handicrafts and customs and its history. It is also famous for its festivals and ceremonies.

It is a big and sprawling city with many historic mosques and Zoroastrian fire temples like a cultural melting pot. Mountains surround Kerman. The economy of the city is mostly based on mining and farming especially nut farming.

Kerman city is one of the leading cities in Iran in the field of health and medical care. Many people from neighbor provinces such as Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan come to the city for medical care.

About Kerman City

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Climate of Kerman

Mountains surround the city’s districts. Because of this, it has various year-round weather pattern. The climate in the province varies in different regions and areas. The central, northern and northwestern areas have moderate and dry climate. South and southeast areas experience warm and humid climate.

Overall, the city and the surrounding regions and areas have a semi-moderate and dry climate.

The warmest and hottest months in Kerman City are July, June, and then August. The least humid month in Kerman is July, and the most humid month is January.

The best times to visit Kerman for ideal weather are March 19th to June 3rd and August 20th to November 4th.
The busiest month for tourism in Kerman is November, followed by September and February.

Transportation in Kerman City

You can get in the city by Bus, train or railway system and Airport transportation system. Kerman Airport is one of Iran’s main airports. This airport has both international and domestic flights. The transit Iranian railway passes through this city.

You can get around in the city by Taxis and buses.

Festivals of Kerman

Rose water festival (Golabgiri): Lalehzar, Kerman, Iran holds an annual festival of rose and rose water In Ordibehesht (May and June). In this festival people pick up the Mohammadi roses to obtain rosewater out of them.

Jashn-e Tandorostun: This special celebration is exclusively in this city. This ancient celebration called the Tandorostun, is a celebration of happiness and well-being. People especially the grandmothers and elders of the tribe hold this magnanimous ceremony on the slopes of Shiyoushgan. It is behind the Pardisan Park, in the neighborhood of the daughter castle, on the base of the mountain which are rocky hills with the name of Tandorostun. The foundation for the celebration dedicated to the opening of girls’ fortunes and health insurance, with special prayers.

Kalut Festival of Shahdad: There are many natural attractions in Shahdad, Kerman, Iran. One of the most important attractions is the beautiful Kalut Shahdad, which is the most attractive phenomenon in the desert. Kalut is a glutinous disorder that wind and water erosion in the deserts form it.

Desert tourism, motorcycle racing, camel riding, horseback riding, martial arts, antique performances, the establishment of black nomadic tents, the performance of traditional cultural and artistic programs, the production of new and traditional music, wood chores and the invitation of cinematic artists and country music, para gliders, local music performances, the establishment of a health center, the center for the intellectual development of children and adolescents, and the launch of handicraft exhibitions are programs that individuals perform in this festival to introduce the tourist attractions of these areas and unique monuments. For Traveling to this unique city and more information about it please contact us. We can arrange you a best trip ever by booking hotel in Kerman in advance, and planning Kerman city tours for your convenience with an expert tour guide to accompany you.

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