Beautiful Villages of Iran

Villages of Iran is one of the things we can’t wait to tell you about. The historical places, architectural and natural beauty of Iran are endless, but most people only plan to see big cities. But they’re not aware of the fascinating villages awaiting for them. Get ready and bring your camera as we are going to tell you about the breathtaking villages in Iran. These amazing Villages of Iran will make you change your whole plan about traveling to Iran and turn villages into a major part of your trip.

Village means the flow of life, unceasing effort, being grateful and having eyes on the sky. The village is the lifeblood of any country. The vessels in which the blood of production flows and the survival of each village is a guarantee for the life of the whole country. The village is still associated with love, purity and intimacy, the empathy of people, the harmony of all and purity and sincerity.

In the village, no alley ends in closed doors and no dead ends are hidden from the eyes of alleys. In the gardens here, no buds will be upset by the breeze and no wind escapes the passenger pollen. The air smells of flowers and greenery and trees up to the eyes; A village is full of joy and happiness. With all this peace and cheerfulness, if we do not want to spend at least a few hours in the pleasant atmosphere of the village, we have somehow brought less. Especially since the villages are breathing alone. Maybe we should join the village council; Is it other than that the villages of Iran, in addition to having the most beautiful atmosphere, have accommodated the warmest and simplest people?

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However, delay is not allowed and only one point remains; Are the villages and villagers still ready to receive these uninvited guests or not? In the villages, joys and sorrows are shared. The people of the village are closer to each other and where the neighbor knows about the neighbor; People who are always looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of cities have a poetic image of the village in their minds and that is why they often say goodbye to this village; A village that does not know about the successive horns of cars and the noise of urbanization.


Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh Village is one of the best sights that must not be missed. It is an ancient Iranian red village with stunning visual impression.

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Maymand village

Maymand village in Iran is pristine in nature and is enjoyable for few days, far from hustle and bustle of cities.


Subatan village

Subatan is a marvelous destination where it seems as a remnant of paradise on the Earth.