Dough story

Doogh or Dough is a traditional food in Iran and Iranian used to consume it for a long time. There has been a lot of expressions in our culture about dough, and many proverbs like “Who says my Dough is gone” indicate that dough is as old as Iran.


Persian drink
Persian drink

Dough ingredients

The sweet buttermilk is mostly the result of adding ingredients such as rose, mango or lemon, and the sour type is a combination of yogurt, water, salt and pepper that can be added to aromatic herbs such as mint and pennyroyal. Different types of Dough also produced in India, Afghanistan and the United States. There is also a kind of Dough in India known as Lasi which is used both salty and sweet. Dough in America is called yogurt drink.

In Iran, we use the most salty type of Dough, but we recommended people with hypertension to avoid salt in their Dough.
The growing body needs four portions of calcium daily, and the average person should consume three portions of calcium, which two glasses of milk equivalent to one glass of yogurt fulfills the body’s need for calcium.


Iranian drink
Iranian drink

Dough benefits

Useful dough bacteria, including Streptococcus, Thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaris, inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the body and are beneficial to the health of Gastrointestinal system. Dough is beneficial to treat heat exhaustion, fatigue and thirst, as well as preventing osteoporosis. Dough is recommended on a daily basis consumption, and unlike the beverage that creates osteoporosis, this nutrient is recommended to maintain the health. Most of Iranians serve dough with their food, so it is common to see dough along with Persian food.

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Doogh or dough
Doogh or dough

Who should consume Dough

The nature and temper of Dough is cold and more moist, and the more sour Dough is, the colder its inherit is. So the using Dough (even sour) is useful for people who have warm and especially dry nature. People with anemia and iron deficiency are better off avoiding dough one hour after eating to avoid exacerbating poverty. In addition, those who suffer from digestive problems such as stomach and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and flatulence should not eat carbonated yogurts because they are harmful than ordinary yogurts and aggravate digestive diseases.


Dough in traditional medicine

The best kind of Dough is fresh Dough, which is made by adding water to the yogurt from cow milk (Traditionally, it circulate in goat skin and contemporary in circular machines) and filtering its fat. This type of Dough is called “Moshk” Dough. As a result of these shakes and the rapid rotation of Dough, its fat is concentrated and separated, which is the “cow’s butter”, and if it melted gently and its sediments and foam will separated, the yellow, translucent liquid that is the same natural cow’s oil will be extracted.

The properties mentioned for Dough can inhibit bile and reduce body, stomach and liver heat. Drinking Dough for people who have high internal heat and are more susceptible to skin rashes heat and also always feel thirsty is beneficial. So for those who experience recurrent pimples as well as thirsts which are not remedied by drinking water (especially during hot seasons and during Ramadan), Dough is very useful. For these reasons, drinking slim and slightly sour yogurt reduces fever, especially in hot temper.

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Dough disadvantages

Certainly, adding salt or vegetables such as peppermint or thyme(which is warm in nature) will reduce the amount of cold and dough. It should be noted here that the consumption of Dough causes a higher degree of obesity, especially in cold and wet individuals, due to its increased body mass, in fact it accumulates moisture and puffiness of the body. Those with gastrointestinal problems such as stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis and flatulence should not use carbonated butter.

Dough in Iran

One of the most common foods that should be re-used in hot seasons is cucumber Dough. This healthy and useful meal has both nutrition, coolness and moisture. It is one of the best foods in the summer and can be supplemented with various ingredients (walnut, various vegetables, onions, raisins and currants, apples and onions, wholemeal bread, etc). In some parts of Iran, they use Dough with pone, Oregano, mint, celery, parsley and cumin which are herbs that can help body absorb more calcium. Traditional medicine books say that these herbs can boost bone marrow cells.

Dough is a famous drink in Iran. In past, Iranian used to drink it as a soda with their foods. dough is also a name of pasta in Italy. You can find different types of this drink in middle east and Europe, but all tastes are different from each other.


Iranian Dough Ingredients

One Cup Yogurt
Three Cups Water
1/2 tbsp Dried Mint
Ice Cubes
At first mix yogurt with a rash of salt. Then add salt to you and stir it. Now pour water to it. After that add mint and ice cube to it.

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Now dough is ready to drink it. We suggest you to try it with various type of Iranian Kebab, Dizi and Abqusht.

Enjoy it.