Why Anzali Lagoon?

Anzali Lagoon is one of the most valuable natural attractions in our country. This wetland is the location of the flowering mud flower which is one of the most beautiful and unique flowers. Facilities such as boat rides and local restaurants in Anzali lagoon and its surroundings can make a great time for you. Anzali Lagoon’s location is in Bandar-e Anzali. Bandar-e Anzali is one of Gilan cities that you should not miss. This wetland is a destination for rare and migratory birds.

Anzali Lagoon
Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon, a unique attractions

As soon as you enter Anzali Lagoon and ask for a little query, you can find various places full of boats that invite you to an entertaining activity. Ride these boats to get you to see the spectacular attraction. Anzali Lagoon is one of the most beautiful and most popular nature tourism destinations in Iran, which is considered to be the habitat of many organisms. This wetland is not comparable with any of Iran’s wetlands because of its geographical location. Due to its high humidity and water quality, this place is a unique lagoon. Perhaps most of the time, you will notice the wonders of this wetland. If we say that this Lagoon is on the way to the Caspian Sea rivers and plays the role of a refinery.

Anzali Lagoon
Anzali Lagoon


Sights and fun

Anzali Lagoon can bring you the following unforgettable moments with the following spectacles and entertainments:

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Riding a boat and watching tulip flowers

If your time is managable for travel, the best time to visit Anzali Lagon is from beginning of the summer till the end of it. At this time, all the Lagoon is full of tulip flowers that gives the place perfect colors. Lily in the valley, or Lotus, is a plant with a very large circular and large leaf that comes out of the water with green color, large flowers, thick and numerous pink petals. People think many of these flowers are lotus mistakenly, but with a little attention to their appearance, they can see their differences. The lagoon is a floating plant with its roots in water and stems, leaves and flowers which are floating outside the water.
In different parts of Anzali Lagoon, you can ride a boat by paying a fee and go through the water discovering the piece by yourself. Do not miss the opportunity to see the beauty of this wetland. The beauty of this wetland can be a good excuse for photography and bring you some unusual photos.

Anzali Lagoon
Anzali Lagoon

Bird watching

A large number of birds coming to Iran from Northern neighbor countries are hiding in Anzali Lagoon. This makes this place one of the best places to carry out activities called Bird watching. You can sit and enjoy the hours of watching birds and their behaviors. A bird watching station has just been created in the Wildlife Refugee, which you can visit by watching birds.


Once upon a time, Kayak was the only Eskimo boat to go with in the North Sea and around the Arctic, but these days Kayak is well-known for recreational and sporting activities. On the edge of Anzali Lagoon, you can embark on Kayaks, exciting moments of your own and experience different sports.

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These days, one of the attractions  is fishing. In the Lagoon and the Anzali Rivers, you can experience and enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing. Of course, you cannot rent equipment at this location and you need to take the necessary items with you and start. Your senses will be in the proper fishing season to not endanger the life of the animals. You can use local guidance in this case.

How to visit Anzali Lagoon

If you like visiting Anzali Lagoon, but you are afraid of getting lost in the neighborhood or you don’t know how to get the place, you can ask our experts in Chiyakotravel who are always there for you.

Anzali Lagoon
Anzali Lagoon