Transportation in Iran

Transportation in Iran is actually really easy due to many different ways of transportation available . The geographical situation of Iran with its expanding spacious levels, relative remoteness of crowded areas from each other, lack of adequate means of transportation (railways and roads), the need to initiate safe and fast connections, and lack of an disciplined equipment with high capacity to revive mutual aviation rights with other countries as well as securing more welfare and comfort are all essential for Iranians airway companies to transport. This company selects agencies network over the world’s continents.

Shipping companies including Cargo ships, Passenger (pax) ships, Cruise ships, Ferry (boats), and Car rental companies are also available .

Taxi: Taxis are widely available in every city of Iran . There are two types of Taxis: private and shared or shuttle taxis. Private ones are more expensive than shared ones. For using shared taxis, you should go to a taxi station which you can find easily in every street of downtown.

Bus: There is bus transportation system in every city of Iran. It’s a way to escape from the traffic in big cities. Domestic bus travel in Iran is very popular and comfortable for long distances. Bus tickets are cheap. There are conventional buses, trolleybuses, and some cities also have bus rapid transit (BRT).

Railway: The weekly Istanbul-Tehran Trans-Asia Express was suspended in 2015, but a new overnight train from Van in Turkey to Tabriz in Iran was reintroduced from 18 June 2018. While Traveling between cities , you should know most cities has railways especially big cities like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.

Underground Subway (Metro): Some big cities in Iran have easy-to-use subway system that can take you from one part of the city to another for a normal fee and gives you the fastest reach to some destinations. You should check, If your destination is near a metro station because Metro is not available all over the city.

Airport: Flying is the most comfortable and convenient way to cover long distance in Iran. As a vast country air traveling brings you more comfort. It would be better to book tickets in advance.