What Tehran looks like from local’s point of view?

The story of Tehran becoming the capital of Tehran dates back to Qajar period. When Agha Mohammad Khan reached the royal throne and considered this city worthy of a capital. Since then, every king who came to power made a change in this city. Little Tehran, which was rarely visited, gradually became the most important city in Iran. One by one, Qajar structures emerged from this city and gave it a new face. This trend continued during Pahlavi era, and even today, the appearance of this city is always changing day by day.

Today, everyone knows Tehran as a city with a lot of pollution, staggering and boring traffic and a smoky sky; An image that may be a little unfair to this city. Despite all its problems, Tehran still has many cozy and scenic corners that take the residents and guests of this city away for a few minutes or hours from the hustle and bustle that has gripped us all. There are parts of Tehran that still evoke the atmosphere of the old days of this city and give you the best opportunity for a different tour. Neighborhoods that we know as Old Tehran and we have seen old pictures of them many times.


5 best places near Tehran you should not miss

If you are staying at Tehran during your trip to Iran, and you are wondering what to do in your free time after sightseeing the city, here are our top suggestions according to our experts all of which take 1 day of your time. If you are first time visitor, this guide will help you spend more meaningful time in Tehran while you stay at this city. Let’s get started.

1- Darband

The area that is known today as Darband among Tehranians and tourists, is actually one of the old neighborhoods of the capital in north of the city and is part of Shemiranat area of Tehran. A neighborhood that has a special place among people of Tehran for fun and entertainment, and in various polls, is the first option offered by people to host foreign and city guests in the capital.

This old hangout of Tehranians is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, and is the main route to climb the mountains of Central Alborz, especially the peak of Tochal. Of course, Darband of Tehran along with its famous mountaineering route, its beautiful nature, the famous Darband cable car and numerous restaurants and cafes that can be seen in the corners of this area, has gained a lot of fame, and therefore it has become one of the main entertainment hangouts in the city. In addition, one of the most famous sculptures in Tehran, the mountaineer statue is located in the main square of Darband (Sarband Square) and has been known as a symbol of mountaineering in this area for many years.

Darband district
Darband district

Why Darband?

  • One of the first tour offers in Tehran for domestic and foreign travelers.
  • It is a great place for gourmet walk in Tehran. Here, along with a variety of meals, a beautiful view of nature is in front of you.
  • The summer environment of Darband, a watery river that flows through the rocks and restaurants and the spectacular background of Tehran’s nature in this area is so attractive that it opens the door of any tourist to Darband.
  • If you are interested in mountaineering, the route from Darband to Tochal and other peaks of Alborz Mountain can be a great option for you.

Suitable for:

  • The general public

Unsuitable for:

    • People with mobility problems will have difficulty continuing on their way to the upper parts of the Darband.
    • Children in strollers

Nice atmosphere of Darband

Why is Darband so popular? The answer to this question goes back more to the mood and the pleasant atmosphere. Here you can walk in a mountainous environment, enjoy the sound of the river at the same time, immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of people, and breathe new life in the fresh climate of the region. Darband nights are also very popular and many people come to Darband to enjoy the nights here, when all the restaurants, cafes and shops are flooded with light and the calm of the night is felt in the corners of the neighborhood.

2- International Dizin resort

There are two ways to reach International Dizin resort, each of which crosses a winding mountain road. By decreasing your speed, road twists give you more opportunity to see the beauties of nature, and give you a special experience. Passing the twists every time, the road surprises you with new images and fills your being with indescribable joy.

It does not matter which one you choose to reach Dizin; Chalous Road or Shemshak axis to Dizin. On each of these roads, natural attractions in form of waterfalls, rivers and lush trees and heartwarming rural landscapes come to your eyes and immerse you in their spectacle. You may be tempted to take a moment to capture a picture of them or to remember them.

But no matter how much you stop, you should finally enjoy these images and sights of nature and reach an exciting destination; A place drowned in cold and snow that is supposed to warm your being and leave sweet memories for you …

Dizin resort
Dizin resort


Why International Dizin Track?

  • Very good weather in four seasons of the year, and a large number of sunny days, along with convenient facilities and easy access, has made Dizin complex one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran and the Middle East.
  • The possibility of fun and exciting sports and activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, tube riding, etc. are provided in this complex and can bring you a happy day.
  • In addition to skiing facilities, the existence of special facilities for general public has made this piste a good destination to create a different weekend with family and friends.

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3- Garmsar salt mine

When we hear the name of the gypsum, salt, etc. mine, we imagine an industrial and soulless atmosphere that is not attractive; But the salt mine in Garmsar city in Semnan province is an exception to this rule, and has such a beautiful and special appearance that it attracts many people to visit it these days. This mine is located on a detour on Qom-Garmsar freeway and after the Garmsar salt factory. At a distance of 15 km west of Garmsar and 90 km from Tehran, on Ivanaki and Garmsar roads, there are about 27 salt mines that you will see a number of these hills and their views when you cross Ivanki. 500 meters before the exit of Qom and Garmsar freeways, there is an exit on the right. To reach the mine, you will take a road that is the route of salt rock trucks, and after a 5-minute walk, you will reach this beautiful mine which is surrounded by shallow pools of water formed from rain, and their green color next to the white color of salt walls is very unique. Next to it, you can see a large number of colorful salt domes that have formed around the mine and their appearance is unique. When you go inside the mine, the space is a little dark, so be sure to use a flashlight, etc. to have a better visit. The interior consists of nested tunnels with very high salt roofs, each ending in another hall and tunnel, with giant salt pillars in between.

Garmsar salt mine
Garmsar salt mine


Note that the sidewalk is a bit flat and slippery for car traffic, so try to cross the sidewalks. If you want to visit a beautiful natural place in the heart of a desert city, be sure to visit the Garmsar salt mine.

It is good to know that this cave is also known as the ancient Koohdasht salt mine of Garmsar.

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4- Mazichal village

Mazichal is a beautiful and spectacular destination in Kelardasht, Mazandaran, at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level; An area with an amazing location and view that dazzles every eye. There are many groups that go to Mazichal to see the green forests, watch the starry night sky and camp at high altitudes and enjoy watching the cloudy ocean phenomenon. Of course, there are families who use this area as a summer residence from late June to early autumn. This area is usually not very crowded and its pristine and secluded nature is attractive to tourists.

Mazichal village
Mazichal village


Mazichal is mentioned in many sources as a village; But it is necessary to say at the outset that Mazichal is not mentioned as a Mazichal village in any official sources because it has no permanent residents. This area is just a pleasant climate pasture that farmers use in spring and summer to graze their livestock. Mazichal is an area of ​​environmental value, also known as a protected area.

What does Mazichal mean?

Mazichal consists of two parts: “Mazi” meaning oak and “Chal” meaning pit. There are many oak trees in this area and that is why they chose the name Mazichal, which means oak-filled pits. This place is called “Mouzi Chal” in the local language.

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Why Mazichal?

  • One of the best destinations in Iran with good weather in highlands.
  • It offers you a unique view, and allows you to watch the cloud ocean phenomenon.
  • It is one of the most popular destinations for off-roaders.
  • It is one of the most beautiful areas for camping and forestry.
  • It is one of the most important international areas for bird watching.

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5- Kandelus village

A little beyond the city of Marznabad and on the slopes of central Alborz, a village called Kandelus stands out with its different appearance. This village is 4000 years old and is one of summer resorts of Mazandaran. The cobbled atmosphere of the village and its spectacular nature have created a different world here, and the existence of the world’s first rural museum with amazing, rare and unknown heritages has added to its charm. Wherever you go in this village, the space is free of any garbage and there is no cover of pollution on the body of the village. This beautiful image shows the efforts of its residents to keep their homes clean.

Kandelus village
Kandelus village

Why the village of Kendelus?

    • Kandelus village is a 4000 year old settlement and has a lot of historical value.
    • The natural features of this village are very spectacular and its amazing nature will bring you a good mood.
    • This village is the first rural museum in the world, and allows you to visit the oldest artifacts and objects in the region from the second millennium BC to Qajar period.
    • Existence of very suitable tourism facilities and cleanliness of the village is one of the reasons that can make Kandelus a suitable destination for family and friendly trips.
  • Kandelus