Iranian Languages

53 % of Iranian people speak Persian language which is also Farsi. Kurdish, Azerbaijani and other Turkish dialects, Gilaki and Mazandarani, Luri, Arabic, Balochi and Other languages include Tati, Talysh, Georgian, Armenian, Circassian, Assyrian, Hebrew, etc. (comprise 1%) are the languages of Iranian people.

The official language in Iran is Farsi. It is better to know about Iranian languages (Farsi) and Iranian numbers while you are traveling to Iran.

If you frequently land in Iran, passing through it or staying there for a short amount of time, and realize you have never learned how to say hello or thank you in Farsi, you are probably familiar with how silly it makes you feel. Learning new languages is difficult and might not seem worth it, but knowing the basics can make you feel comfortable knowing that how well you can connect with local people of Iran who speak Farsi. Of course, there are plenty of language apps and tutorials that you can use to learn a new language, but there is an easier solution if you do not think you will have time to practice. Instead, we gathered some necessary or basic words, sentences and numbers that you can read them just before your trip to Iran, and write them down. Keep them somewhere handy, like a note on your phone, and when you get to Iran, you will have them at your fingertips.


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