Iran Travel Tips

We offer you to buy a local SIM Card in Iran. There are three kinds of cheap and rechargeable SIM cards in Iran such as MCI, Righ Tel, and Irancell. These Low-cost SIM cards benefit from high-speed Internet. Due to the lack of free Wi-Fi in cities of Iran, you can go to the nearest SIM card sales center, as soon as you arrive in Iran and buy them.

Know that the price of mineral water in all cities of Iran is 1,000 Tomans.

Haggling is fine and it is highly recommended in Iran especially in touristic areas.

Iranians are not biased and they want to show you their sacred sites and places. Women must have Hijab there. All people must bring their shoes off in a sacred place. It is common to bring shoes off to enter to the some Iranian homes.

If you meet an Iranian couple, just shake hand with your own gender and never do this with your opposite gender. When you meet an Iranian couple, look less at your opposite gender’s eyes.

In Iran, there are two cheap and comfortable transportation systems: Snap and Tapsi that you can be taken anywhere in the city with a low cost. You only need to get and install the application and connect your phone to the Internet.

We suggest you to carry a liquid soap or sanitizer and wet wipes in public toilets of Iran. Hand soap and tissue are not always present in Iranian public toilet. In some public toilets in Iran, there is a person who receives money for cleaning. So, do not be surprised when you see him.

What was mentioned in this page are just few Iran travel tips to consider. For more comprehensive information about how to travel to Iran please visit Essentials.