About Eram garden

Speaking of Eram Garden in Shiraz, the aroma of orange blossom can be smelled and the good mood of an Iranian garden can be felt. One of the memories of trip to Shiraz is this tour of gardens. Seeing some photos of Eram Garden is enough to tempt you to visit this heritage, and go to Shiraz. Chiyakotravel also wants to go to this attraction, have an overview of the history of Eram Garden and tell you about the architecture of this world-famous heritage of Iran. Join us on a trip to Shiraz to get to know another famous attraction of Iran. Of course, Eram Garden is just one of the dozens of attractions that you can visit in the city of orange blossoms.

Eram garden
Eram garden

Why Eram Garden?

  • Eram Garden is one of the 9 Iranian gardens whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • This garden with a very beautiful and pleasant atmosphere and suitable facilities will bring you pleasant moments.
  • In this garden, you have the opportunity to wear traditional clothes and take a souvenir photo with them.
  • The plants of this garden are very spectacular and unique in their kind and the tallest cypress in Shiraz is among them.
  • The decorations of this garden are astonishing and have a great value in terms of art and architecture.
Why Eram garden in Shiraz city
Why Eram garden in Shiraz city

Introduction to Eram Garden | The charming glitter of Shiraz

In a corner of the northwest of Shiraz, there is a beautiful garden that has experienced the cold and hot times over the years, and has survived to fascinate its viewers with its beauties and to give a new color to viewer’s moments. Its name is Eram Garden which is located a short distance from the northern mountains of Shiraz (Babakohi) and to the south is dry river of Shiraz which extends from east to west.

This garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Fars province and even in the whole country which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists, and with its towering trees and roses, it charms and dazzles every eye.

National and world registration of Eram Garden

Due to the unique monuments of Eram Garden in Shiraz and the unique art of the architects in it, the name of this garden has been in the list of national monuments of Iran since November 5, 1974, number 1013. This garden is one of the 9 Iranian gardens whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and was registered in this list on July 27, 2011 at the 35th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, number 1372.

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Eram garden shiraz
Eram garden shiraz

Have fun in Eram Garden

Seeing a historical place and visiting one of the world monuments of Iran is just one of the reasons that can take you to Eram Garden. In this garden, there are facilities and opportunities that increase the pleasure of your trip to Iran many times over:

Walking in a heavenly atmosphere: Eram Garden offers you a unique combination of history and nature; A combination that creates a heavenly atmosphere and makes everyone love themselves. Walking in this garden, every moment, you will see special effects that draw you to it and immerse you in pleasure. So do not just visit the building of this garden and explore it as much as you can.

have fun in Eram garden
have fun in Eram garden

Wearing traditional clothes: This garden, with its historical atmosphere, makes you want to travel to the past and get along with the people of that time, and your heart wants you to be immersed in the beautiful culture of this land. In this garden, with additional fee, you can also experience wearing traditional and old clothes and capture memorable images.

traditional clothes at Eram garden
traditional clothes at Eram garden

Shopping from cultural products store: In Eram Garden, there is a booth for selling various products such as cultural products, handicrafts and souvenirs which can create a new shopping experience for you.

Delicious experiences: If you spend long hours in the garden, you can also go to the delicacies offered in this place. Certainly in this beautiful atmosphere, Shirazi Faloodeh sticks more than anything!

History of Eram Garden Crossing the corridors of history

Despite many studies, there is still no information about the date of construction and the original founder of Eram Garden in Shiraz; However, the existence of the name of this garden in the travelogues related to the tenth and eleventh centuries AH indicates its existence in the mentioned times. Other evidences confirm the existence of this garden in the Seljuk period and in the whole period of Al-Inju, Al-Muzaffar and Gurkanian. Given the dominance of the feudal system over the society of that time, most likely, the owners and founders of this valuable garden were the rulers of the time. In the meantime, it is possible that Atabak Qaracheh, who was in charge of Persian government on behalf of Sanjar Seljuk, ordered the construction of this garden.

After Atabak came to power, Shah Sheikh Abu Ishaq Inju, who probably owned the garden, has no information about who waas the owner of this garden. This king ascended the throne in 720 S.H and was killed in 734 S.H.

Probably, Al-Muzaffar took over the ownership of the garden after the extinction of Al-Inju dynasty, and some evidence shows that during the reign of Shah Mansour, the last king of this dynasty who was assassinated by the Gurkans, the garden was extremely glorious and beautiful.

According to the writings of tourists, this garden has been prosperous and magnificent since Safavid times, and historical sources speak of its construction and improvement during the time of Zandieh and by Karim Khan Zand.

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From the end of the Zandieh period, for more than 75 years, Bagh-e Eram was occupied by the leaders of Qashqai tribe. A family named Jani Khan of Qashqai ruled the Qashqai tribe from the time of Fath Ali Shah Qajar with the position of Ilkhani and IlBeigi tribe and chose Eram as their seat of rule in Shiraz. Jani Khan, the first Ilkhan of the family, and his son Mohammad Qoli Khan built a mansion in the garden and finally completed the glory of its construction. In the early Qajar period, the former owners of Eram Garden, some of the heads of Qashqai tribe, were buried in a corner of the garden; But to date, no trace of their graves has been found.

Evidence shows that the building of this garden was still standing until the time of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, but Haj Nasir al-Molk Shirazi bought the garden from the Ilkhani family and probably built the current building in the garden by preserving the foundation of the building. After his death around 1272, the decorations of the building and some half-finished parts were completed by Abolghasem Khan Naser al-Molk, his son-in-law and niece.

Eram garden history
Eram garden history

The destiny of Eram Garden after the death of Abolghasem Khan Naser Al-Molk

After the death of Abolghasem Khan Naser al-Molk, the garden passed to his son and then was sold to one of the leaders of the Qashqai tribe. After a few years, the wife of the last Shah of Iran bought it and it was given to Shiraz University as a reception palace for a long time. Some also believe that the garden has been confiscated by this government. However, at this time, the garden building gradually became ruined due to natural factors and the garden walls were also exposed to destruction. In the years 1350-1345, Bagh-e Eram was repaired and restored with the credit of Program and Budget Organization and under the supervision of officials of the university.

Instead of a garden wall, a short stone wall with an iron fence was erected around it, and the decorations of its various parts were restored. In addition to these repairs, a large plot of land was added to it. Interesting mirrors and oil paintings on the ceilings of the rooms and porches were also restored, and the ruined garden area was restored to its original design. The tiled facade tiles, which had collapsed, were re-installed in the desired location, maintaining the original style.

At present, Shiraz University, the garden and the Faculty of Agriculture have the botanical garden, and the garden building is owned by the law school.

Eram Garden Architecture

The entrance doors of Eram Garden are located to the north and Eram Boulevard, and the smaller side is to the west and Asyab Boulevard. In the past, these two sides of the garden were in the form of stratigraphy (mud wall) and today, Amin al-Dawla and Anari twigs have decorated its railings with their presence. The other sides of the garden are limited to residential houses and other gardens.

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Garden walkways

In the middle of the garden, there is a main passage that stretches from west to east. This passage starts in front of the building and the large pool and continues to the end of the garden.

There is another large axis with a north-south direction in the middle of the garden that intersects the main passage. In addition to these two wide passages, other passages have been constructed in parallel in all parts of the garden.

The direction of the slope of the land in the garden is from west to east, and the high slope of the land has caused the architects to think of a plan. They created stairs in parts of the main and secondary passages of the garden and where water division goes into various streams .

Eram garden trees
Eram garden trees

water supply system

Most of this water, like most gardens in Shiraz, comes from an aqueduct called Nahr-e Azam. The water circulates in the pool house and after circulating in the pool, it flows around the large pool and the atmospheres of the garden passages to irrigate the trees and plants. In addition to this water circulation system, two deep wells have been dug in the garden to supply the water needed to irrigate the plants.

water supply in Eram garden
water supply in Eram garden

Garden Pool

The garden pool with an area of 335 square meters is located in front of the main building and its construction probably dates back to the period of Jani Khan Ilkhani. In the four corners of this pool, four very tall and beautiful Phoenix palms can be seen.

pool in Eram garden
pool in Eram garden

The reason for naming the garden Eram

What makes this garden so famous is the mansion, and the large garden which was built by order of Shadad, son of Emad, the ruler of South Saudi Arabia, in order to compete with heaven.

Hearing the description of paradise, he decided to build gardens and palaces to simulate it, and ordered gold, emeralds, and rubies to be provided. Then he hired a hundred of engineers each with a thousand workers. He built a paradise city or garden in Damascus or Alexandria or in Yemen, between Sanaa and Hadharamaut. When he tried to enter that paradise with his army, they all perished near the city, and his paradise sank to the depths of the earth for an unknown reason.

The verbal affinity of Eram caused some commentators to associate Eram with Arameans and say that Damascus is the city of Eram, so to remind paradise that there has not been built like it and its story has become an example for people in history, many parks and flower gardens were called Eram, and the Eram Garden in Shiraz is one of them.

Eram garden
Eram garden