About El Goli Palace

if you decide to go to the Tabriz( north west of Iran), you have chance to visit EL Goli Palace which is a wonderful palace. All visitors suggest all tourists to visit this special palace. The palace placed in the park in south of Tabriz. it is about 4 Km far from the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. And you can find the garden on the top of a hill. Due to its location, you can feel the pleasant breeze of fresh air on your cheeks. This palace placed at the center of a lake.

EL Goli Palace location
EL Goli Palace location

History of El Goli Palace

No body knows about the early history of this park. But the documents proof it is back to Aq-Quyunlu Dynasty. During Safavid era, the plan of this garden change. They make it bigger the early size. during Qajar Dynasty, princes live for a while there. In addition Mohammad Reza Pahlavi order for renewal of both garden and palace. And he named it Shah Park. after revolution the name of the garden change to its current name.
The early construction of this large pool and garden was during the Agh Quyonlu era, which was the largest source of water collection and storage for gardens in eastern Tabriz. The pool changed dramatically during the Safavid era, and the sands and concrete inside it replaced by large wall around the pool. These changes continued during the Qajar era, in a way that streets and passageways being drawn around it. Along these passages cultivating various trees and flowers happened. Ghahreman Mirza, Abbas Mirza’s eighth son, made these changes and made the complex as a place for Qajar princes to travel. But major alters to the collection took place during the Pahlavi era when they made the complex available for public use through the municipality. The first person who made these changes in Il Goli was Seyed Bagher Kazemi, governor of Azerbaijan in that time. One of these changes was in the year 1968, when the octagonal pavilion built. Before that, there was a mud brick building.

During the summer people come to the garden and enjoy of Garden’s environment. Specially in the weekend people come there for having lunch and breakfast.

El Goli palace location

Traveling and visiting historical sites is one of the great attractions in tourism world. There are many cities in Iran that have attracted many Iranian and foreign tourists with their historical and Iranian architecture. There are many sightseeing areas in northwest of Iran and East Azerbaijan province, many of which are unknown for tourists. El Goli palace located next to the highway of Shahid Kassai and southeast of Tabriz, which eventually by going to El Goli Boulevard and reaching Il Goli Park. Considering mountainous nature of the city, the location of El Goli on the hillsides is not unexpected. Tabriz has great attractions to see, but El Goli is highly well-known among them. Due to its excellent geographical location that made it much easier to access, it makes it a popular destination for visitors every year. El Goli palace is only 7 km from the city center, making it easy to reach this tourist attraction.

El Goli Park

El Goli palace in complex has a unique park and green space that surrounds all around the pool. Base on evidence, the area is 5.5 hectares with a 200 m by 200 m pool and the rest surrounded by a park and green area. Breakfast served daily at the El Goli Restaurant from 7:30 to 10:30. The restaurant is open from 12:30 to 16:30 for lunch and dinner from 21:00 to 23:00 at night. When you go to El Goli in Tabriz, you can enjoy an amusement park and Luna Park there as well. This amusement park has the suitable atmosphere for all ages. In the western part of El Goli pool there is Luna Park which provides games such as: air train, chain swing, and etc. Of course, Wi-Fi and a buffet are available in the park.

EL Goli Palace in Tabriz
EL Goli Palace in Tabriz

In order to visit El Goli palace, there is no special requirements, just you need to get there, as you do not need to buy a ticket to see this place. The hours of visiting park are free and there are no holidays there. Tabriz’s Mini Landscape is a beautiful reception hall with unique amenities specially used for birthday parties. Most kids and teens can celebrate their birthday by decorating the hall. This hall located in Tabriz’s El Goli Park, next to the Saymon Club.

Places of interest in Tabriz

In the city of Tabriz, the center of East Azerbaijan province there is a famous and beautiful garden called El Goli which is one of the most important and well known recreational and tourism places in this city. With its beautiful pool, this garden shines like a gem in Tabriz. All tourists traveling in Tabriz will visit El Goli. contact us for more information and to get acquainted with Tabriz El Goli palace

EL Goli Palace architecture
EL Goli Palace architecture

El Goli meaning

In the past the name of this beautiful place was the Shah Goli which means king pool. In the center of the garden there is a pool with a large mansion in the middle. The size of this large swimming pool is 200 meters by 200 meters which of course was larger in the past, but has decreased in size due to building garden around the pool. El Goli Pool has a capacity of 720,000 cubic meters of water inside, and one of the branches of Ligwan River supplies its water. Of course, this river not located in the city of Tabriz and located in the village of Chavan, and with a stream from flows through the south-east side of the pool. Besides, in front of the lake which is the south part there is a hill with a green area with artificial waterfall. The water in this cascade will eventually flow to the pool. This large swimming pool, also called El Goli Lake, located in the middle of a 5.5-hectare garden. Depth of this large swimming pool varies in different points. In the eastern corner, depth is different from 3 meters to 9 meters.

EL Goli Palace | 5
EL Goli Palace view

Tabriz El Goli Tower

As we said, in the middle of this pool there is a mansion which you can reach through a path in the southern part of the garden. In fact, the El Goli palace built in the center of the pool in the shape of a peninsula. The shape of the El Goli palace is like an octagon, built on two floors, with a small dome above it. El Goli Palace has symbol of Tabriz for many years and ties with architectural history in Tabriz. Because of its high importance, El Goli palace has nationally registered on February 15, 2009 with the number 24774.

Facilities and services of El Goli Palace

There is no doubt that such a place where is welcoming tourists every day provides all needed amenities and should offer visitors a variety of services. One of the features and services of El Goli Mansion was to make it a restaurant where general public can visit and use. Here are some of its other amenities and services:

Sailing on the beach:El Goli Park provides recreational facilities such as sailing on the beach easily due to its large swimming pool. There are both pedal boats and motor boats in this pool that you can use. Of course, you should also pay attention to the season of sailing. Because of the cold weather in Tabriz, the pool freezes at certain times of the year. You are able to use the boats in spring, summer and fall seasons, and you can use the pedal boat for 10 minutes per person with 1.00 Euro, as well as 3.00 Euros for motor boats.

Cycling in El Goli Tabriz: For cycling enthusiasts there is also a set of services, one of which is the El Goli Road Route for cyclists and you can access different parts of the park. In addition, the municipality provided some stations on the El Goli road for those who do not have bicycles in which enthusiasts can use bikes for free from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.

El Goli carriages: A historical site with historical transportation facilities will be more attractive and El Goli with its historical and attractive texture is a popular destination for enthusiasts providing all facilities for caroche. One of the fun activities in El Goli is caroche riding that moves people with the attractive caroches along the El Goli Park path. You can rent a carriage for a fee and enjoy the tour around the park and mansion.

Solar Clock in Tabriz’s El Goli Park: One of the research and scientific facilities that started its activity in this park was the Solar Clock that opened in year 2015. The 5 minute precision clock has other interesting features. One of the interesting abilities of this watch is to show Azan time at noon with Qibla. showing sun’s height during the months of the year is another ability of this clock. This is a horizontal clock with a diameter of 10 meters, which is the largest sunny clock in the northwest of the country.

Skateboarding Tabriz Sports Complex: If you like skateboarding, you can go to Pars Hotel located in the southern part of El Goli palace. Saymon Skating Hall is one of the most modern skating rinks of its kind to accommodate those who interested in this type of sport.

Tabriz EL Goli Palace

What to eat in Tabriz’s El Goli Park

One of the features of Tabriz is the variety of food that attracts the attention of tourists. You can access special Tabriz food types by going to El Goli palace. There are many restaurants and cafés in the El Goli complex that you can use. Meanwhile, the El Goli Palace complex, which has become a restaurant, is well known. The complex welcomes guests in three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The existence of booths and food stalls in most Iranian cities is the fascinating part of trip to Iran for every traveler and tourist. Most of the snacks which offered at these places originated from the same city. You can enjoy these street foods along with hiking and surfing in El Goli palace. As mentioned, these kiosks offer the same city dishes. In El Goli, Pralma Yomorta, or bread, eggs and potatoes sandwich is one of the simplest Tabrizi dishes which is easily accessible upon arrival. One of the conditions most Iranians pay attention to while traveling is picnicking and camping. If you are traveling to El Goli, do not worry about finding a place as there are some special places for tourists to camp and enjoy picnic and camping facilities.

Tabriz’s El Goli Restaurant:

As mentioned earlier, Tabriz El Goli mansion has become a restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. This restaurant can accommodate up to 500 people and offers a variety of Azeri and Iranian dishes. On the second floor there is a coffee shop, which you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. There is also a buffet behind the mansion where you can buy your own supplies. Breakfast served self-catering at the El Goli Palace Restaurant, and you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold snacks for breakfast as well as a variety of drinks. The presented dishes are written on a board in front of the door. If you come to Tabriz for its traditional dishes, El Goli Restaurant serves traditional dishes such as Tabrizi Dumplings, Iranian and Turkish kebabs (Kebab is special dishes of this province), specialty dish of El Goli, along with seafood such as fish and shrimps.

Coffee Shop in El Goli Tabriz:

As we said, coffee shop located on the top floor of El Goli Mansion and has four terraces facing the park and the pool. That brings you a unique perspective in a great atmosphere. If you decide to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend you to go to El Goli Palace.