Persian Restaurant

Persian restaurant

Travel and tourism are done under various pretexts and in different branches, and one of the most important reasons that can take travelers to a country is local food and famous restaurants of that city or country. Recently, gourmet tour has become very popular among tourists, and for this reason, many of you are probably looking for a list of the best restaurants and cafes in Iran to see in the first place which Iranian cities have the most representatives in this list. And which restaurants and cafes in these cities have scored the most points. Persian restaurants are among the most famous restaurants around the world in terms of diversity, architectures, Persian cuisine and many other features.

In this article of Chiyakotravel, we will introduce you the best Persian restaurants in famous Iran cities that you should not miss during your travel t Iran. Stay tuned with us.

Tehran Persian restaurants

We reached the most attractive part of our gourmet tour in the capital. That means delicious food and good Persian restaurants! The “Best Iranian Restaurants in Tehran” section has been prepared for you, and the order in which they are arranged has nothing to do with the rating of these restaurants and whether they are better or worse, but only a report to introduce these good Persian restaurants that has been prepared for you. This article includes the introduction of restaurants that will provide you with the best services and the most delicious food, including a variety of Iranian kebabs, stews and delicious dishes, and other delicious details of our unique Iranian taste.

Alborz restaurant

Alborz restaurant is known among many people as the best and most expensive chelokebabi in Tehran. Alborz Restaurant, considering that it is one of the Persian restaurants, always hosts many customers. To update and keep up with technology and also to get accurate reports from the arrival of raw materials to the cost price for its products and monitoring more accurate and better management of his restaurant bought comprehensive software and double accounting.

Divan restaurant

For those people who are more inclined to enjoy Persian and French food in a luxurious and modern atmosphere, if we want to have a few special offers, we can mention Divan Restaurant. Depending on the style of this Persian restaurant and its cuisine, you should not expect to eat cheap food in them.

Moslem Restaurant

If you have chosen Grand bazaar to shop among the shopping centers and markets of Tehran, we suggest a few minutes to eat delicious food; Go to Muslim Restaurant. This is interesting to know that many domestic and foreign tourists go to Tehran Bazaar and Moslem Restaurant for the love of eating pure Persian food. This restaurant is world-famous and so lovely.

Isfahan Persian restaurants

Among the historical cities of Iran, Isfahan is one of the tourist cities that has accommodated half of the world! This beautiful city hosts tourists every year who come from all over Iran and the world to see its spectacular and historical attractions. In addition to the sights of Isfahan, you can not miss the traditional food of this city. In this article, we are going to introduce the best Persian restaurants in Isfahan so that if you travel to this city, you will have a good  gourmet tour experience in Isfahan.

Azadegan Tea House | Chah Haj Mirza

Whoever you ask the address of Haj Mirza tea House, will guide you completely, but as soon as you reach this tea house, you will say to yourself: There is a problem at function, this is not a restaurant! Yes, at first glance this attractive restaurant looks like an antique shop or a museum of traditional accessories. Haj Mirza’s tea house has been filled with utensils and accessories for many years with the efforts of its tasteful owner, each of whom has hidden a memory in his reflection. Saray-e Mirza is one of the best Persian restaurants in Isfahan that has a special decoration.

Naghsh-e Jahan restaurant

At Naghsh-e Jahan Restaurant, time stops behind colorful sash to double the pleasure of eating traditional and delicious food. This traditional restaurant incorporates a combination of traditional and modern architecture. Naghsh-e Jahan restaurant is one of the popular restaurants around Naghsh-e Jahan Square and for this reason it is one of the busiest restaurants for lunch, so our suggestion for you dear tourists who are in favor of a secluded and relaxing atmosphere, is to serve dinner in this Persian restaurant.

Shahrzad restaurant

One of the oldest and best restaurants in Isfahan, which has a great reputation among the people of Isfahan and tourists, is Shahrzad Restaurant. This restaurant is decorated with turquoise tiles and Qajri engravings, and has a good location in Chaharbagh Abbasi street. If you visit historical attractions such as Khaju Bridge, Zayandeh Rood River or If you are staying, do not forget this restaurant, because your distance from this restaurant is less than 5 minutes on foot. The reasonable price of this restaurant and the taste and aroma of Tahchin and Baqali Polo, has caused many tourists to visit this restaurant, so if you are looking for a secluded place to spend a few hours, do not go to Shahrzad restaurant.

Shiraz Persian restaurants

Being a Shirazi or traveling to Shiraz on the one hand, eating Shirazi food in the best restaurants of Shiraz on the other hand. It is very rare to find someone who has not been to Shiraz at least once in his life. Because the city of Shiraz has so many spectacular and beautiful attractions that it is undoubtedly one of the international tourist stations in Iran. But along with all these good and scenic places, enjoying food while traveling can be an important part of the trip. There are many famous restaurants in Shiraz and choosing a suitable Persian restaurant in Shiraz is a difficult task

Haft Khan restaurant

The luxurious and beautiful Haft Khan restaurant is built in such a way that each floor is dedicated to one type of food. The name of this Persian restaurant has been chosen from “Haft Khan” by Rostam in Shahnameh. Of course, the word “Khan” in Persian literature also means a table and a dish. Here is a complete collection with a variety of Persian and French dishes and even fast food and coffee shops, for every taste. The layout and decoration of each floor, depending on the type of served food changes, and provides a relaxing and ideal atmosphere for the guests of the complex. The complex also has dedicated lounges for celebrations, seminars and VIP lounges for special guests, and even a photography studio to capture your memorable moments in the complex.

Kateh Mas restaurant

The wonderful atmosphere of the traditional and Persian restaurant of Kateh Mas, along with its attractive and very tasty and high quality menu, has made it one of the best places for a family or friendly gathering. This restaurant is located in three paths. The staff of this restaurant wear traditional clothes to create a more traditional feeling in customers, and by entering this restaurant and inhaling the aroma of Iranian food and seeing the space and the staff, your enjoyment will be complete.

Soofi restaurant

Sufi restaurant can be considered the top of the oldest restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant was established in 1982 with a capacity of 150 people, and the architectural style of the Qajar period with excellent food and very good service was able to have significant success. Sufi restaurant changed its decor in 2004 and rose in Zandieh style. Sash windows, brick facades and traditional furniture show the special architecture of this restaurant. The menu of Sufi restaurant is very diverse. A variety of Iranian, Middle Eastern and even Italian dishes are available in this  restaurant. Hot bread and chicken kebab, lamb, fish, Kalam Polo, shekar Polo, and vegetable soup are some of the dishes served in this Persian restaurant.

Kerman Persian restaurants

In addition to the sights of Kerman and its shopping centers, there are many restaurants in the city that offer different menus and services to customers. Eating local or traditional food from any region is exciting for many people, but some do not like this new experience. There are also many restaurants in Kerman that include various Iranian, French (Indian, Italian, Greek, etc.) and fast food dishes in their menu.

Keikhosrow restaurant in Kerman

This Persian restaurant is part of the residential and reception complex of Keikhosrow in old houses. The pleasure of sitting in the backyard of an old house by the pool and a wooden bed and leaning on comfortable backs is what brings people here. The menu of Keikhosrow restaurant is full of authentic Iranian dishes such as Chelomahicheh, Fesenjan, and various kebabs. I suggest you try the meat grinder, Kermani broth, and  Bozqormeh which are traditional dishes on the menu. Surely, you can not taste the main taste of Kerman local food except here in Iran. Be sure to book your table by phone before coming to this restaurant.

Spakhu restaurant in Kerman

Beautiful interior decoration, quality and delicious food, polite and experienced staff are the features of Espakhu Restaurant. The menu of this Persian restaurant includes a variety of Persian dishes, Western dishes, kebabs, seafood and drinks. You can also take advantage of the Espakhu buffet service. Espakhu Restaurant serves a complimentary breakfast buffet for guests, and breakfast is half free for those under 12 and free for those under 6. The restaurant’s appetizer which is served with lunch and dinner, is a free buffet and includes a variety of salads and hot and cold dishes. It is interesting to know that upon arrival, you will be served with tasty syrups and your order will be prepared in a short time. The capacity of Espakhu restaurant is about 160 people and among the popular dishes of this restaurant, we can mention kebab tray, kebab dish for Espakhu, Moroccan kebab chicken, shishik kebab, etc.

Vakil Teahouse and Restaurant

If you go to the old bath of Vakil Bazaar, you will definitely see this beautiful traditional restaurant. The unique and traditional design of Vakil restaurant attracts more attention of domestic and foreign tourists. This Persian restaurant serves traditional dishes such as Dizi. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the quality and taste of the food is also acceptable and pleasant, and the staff is polite.

Yazd Persian restaurants

Yazd is a city with mud-brick houses and windbreaks, where you can walk for hours in the back alleys and not get tired, and it is spectacular at any time of the year. Yazd is a city where you do not get tired of sitting in the yard of your old houses and everything overwhelms you. It is not always easy to find a good restaurant and eat quality food, or to taste local food in unfamiliar cities. But in Yazd, the number of delicious food is limitless.

Khan-e Dohad restaurant

Khan-e Dohad Traditional Restaurant in Yazd is one of the old restaurants in Yazd that has a traditional and comfortable atmosphere and decoration. The quality of the food in this Persian restaurant is also very good. In addition to Iranian food, it also has fast food. Remember to order Ash-e Sholi here as an appetizer and try it, because the soup is for Yazd people and is very tasty.

Khane-Pedari restaurant

Khane-Pedari restaurant was a traditional restaurant with beds arranged around a pond and, of course, indoors. This building was built in the late Safavid period, and it is the largest traditionally furnished restaurant in Iran. The good thing about this Persian restaurant is that it also has Yazdi souvenirs and you can order them here and enjoy it. Friendly staff behavior and overall restaurant experience is strenghts of this restaurant in Yazd.

Panahandeh (Adasi) Cafe

One of the oldest cafes in the city, which Yazd people love it from young and old, is the Panahandeh (Adasi) Cafe. This cafe is famous for the amazing taste of its Adasi (a food with lentil), and its cozy atmosphere, it creates the most pleasant moments for people. One of the remarkable points of this nostalgic cafe is its constant openness and reception of customers at all hours. The behavior of the Panahandeh (Adasi) Cafe staff is very pleasant, professional, and spreads peace in the cozy atmosphere of this cafe. During your trip to Yazd, visit this Persian restaurant to enjoy the most different and delicious lentils of your life. Do not forget that this cafe works in two branches; Its main branch is in Khayam and Bazaar Khan streets and its other branch is located in Daneshgah boulevard.

How to find best Persian restaurants

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