Travel to Iran

Why travel to Iran?

Travel to Iran might not be everyone’s trend. How do people think about travel to Iran? It is a question in the minds of not only Iranians but also the people of the world who want to travel to Persia. What was often thought to be Iran is a populous, desert, and somewhat dangerous country. But today, with the expansion of cyberspace and the pages through which many Iranians are trying to show Iran to the world, it has become a success so far, and now we can make interesting descriptions, especially from the perspective of tourists who have come to Iran. Descriptions such as the most hospitable people, rich history, great architecture, the most unique deserts, green mountains, and islands and quiet places, but certainly not all of the above are the views and opinions of the world, and in this interesting section we want to show you travelers’ opinions about a trip to Iran. Let’s see why you should travel to Iran.

Iran is safe

Is travel to Iran safe? Whether you travel to Iran as a group or individually, whether you are a woman or a man, whether you arrive in this country day or night, Iran is a very safe country.
I traveled to this country with a friend for 2 weeks, and I traveled by bus from one city to another at night. Based on my observations, since women move easily in Iranian cities at night, I can assure you that Iran is a safe country.

Iran is all the rage in the world. Iran has been introduced by many authorities as one of the most popular travel destinations in 2014. This year was the beginning of an endless period of an influx of foreign tourists to Iran.


Iranians are hospitable because of their culture. From Tehran to Tabriz, when you meet Iranians, they invite you to their home. Of course, you should also be familiar with the tradition of Iranian compliments before traveling to Iran, because you may encounter compliments from the driver when getting out of the taxi and say goodbye to him without paying the fare due to this tradition. By the moment you travel to Iran you feel sense the warmth and welcoming of Iranian people.

The most beautiful city in Iran in points of foreign tourists views

If you ask foreign tourists about this, you will get two or three answers. For example, if you look at foreign sites such as Tripadvisor, you will find Shiraz as the most beautiful city in Iran. Certainly all Iranians agree that Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. But if you go to other sites, you will find new names at the top of the list of beautiful cities in Iran. One of the world’s leading news sites, CNN, has published a list of the most beautiful regions of Iran. In this list, the first rank is assigned to Aali Qapo in Isfahan. People who travel to Iran enjoy their trip and they say they are going to come back soon.

What is the most beautiful city in Iran in terms of nature?

When we talk about nature, we think of the cities of northern Iran. Ramsar can be considered the most beautiful city in Iran in terms of nature. However, as the author of this article, I consider Rasht the most beautiful city in northern Iran. Because it is a city with lagoons, water canals and beautiful architecture. Now, it is your turn: Write your comments for us in the comments. And also state the reason for your choice.

What are the strange cities of Iran?

If you are looking for a list of strange cities in Iran, you will find several names. Cities such as Makhonik, the city of little people, Esfarayen because of having many blind people, Paveh because of not having red lights, can be mentioned
It must be acknowledged that each of the names we mentioned is one of the best cities in Iran to visit. We cannot choose the most beautiful city in Iran. Let’s travel to visit the attractions of Iran and be thankful for this blessing. You also write your comments in the comments and write to us about the most beautiful cities in Iran. Get to know more about the tourist cities of Iran.

Nice cities for travel to Iran

Everyone travels with a specific purpose. Many people travel to different cities and countries to visit the prominent tourist attractions of different cities, some people travel to see the beautiful nature, many people travel to get acquainted with the specific culture of a region or there are many other reasons for other travelers. But if you have all these reasons to travel, our country Iran is one of the best places to travel.
Due to its rich history and geographical conditions, travel to Iran fulfills all your tourism goals. From the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, the history, culture and natural attractions of Iran are unique and unparalleled. If you also intend to travel to any of the cities of Iran, you can travel to your desired destination by purchasing a domestic Iran plane ticket. But in the meantime, some Iranian cities are among the tourist cities of Iran due to attracting more tourists from all over Iran and the world. In the following, we will introduce some of the top tourist cities in Iran.

Shiraz city

Shiraz is a city of Iranian love, literature, history and gardens. Shiraz is the birthplace of two famous Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi, and the center of the Achaemenid Empire. Shiraz has been the ancient capital of Iran and the heart of the country in Iranian culture for more than two thousand years. Shiraz is a city whose ruins show the antiquity and originality of Persepolis (Perspolis).
Among the tourist attractions of Shiraz, the following can be mentioned:
Persepolis, Cyrus Tomb, Hafez Tomb, Saadi Tomb, Shah Shoja Tomb, Khajoy-e Kermani Tomb, Haft Tanan Garden, Shah Cheragh Tomb, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, Saray-e Moshir, Jahan Nama Garden, Eram Garden, Mosque of Atiq, Nasir Ol-Molk Mosque, Quran Gate of Shiraz, Karimkhan Citadel, Narenjestan-e Ghavam Garden, Zinat Ol-Molk House, Delgosha Garden

Shiraz is one of the tourist cities of Iran that attracts many tourists in all seasons, but definitely the best season to travel to this city in full of beauty is spring. A season in which the orange blossoms multiply in beauty and their fragrance caresses your nostrils.

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Isfahan city

Isfahan is one of the most touristic cities in Iran and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is not without reason that the title of “Isfahan, half of the world” has been given to this unique city. Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran which was the capital of Iran during the Safavid period, and many unique buildings have been left in Isfahan since this period.
Isfahan’s extraordinary architecture, its historic stairs, mosques and minarets, and most importantly, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, which shines like a jewel in this city, have all made Isfahan famous. Among the top tourist attractions of Isfahan, the following can be mentioned:

Chehelston Palace, Naghsh-e Jahan Square (Imam Square), Qeisarie Bazaar, Aali Qapo Mansion, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Grand Mosque, Hasht Behesht Palace, Khajoo Bridge, 33 pol, Vank Church and Museum, Isfahan Fire House, Monar Jonban, Hakim Mosque of Isfahan, Abbasi Caravanserai, Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan,  Zayandehrud, Chahar Bagh School of Isfahan, Isfahan Aquarium, Sofeh Mountain, Chahar Bagh Abbasi, Nazhvan Forest Park, Isfahan Bird Garden, Isfahan Flower Garden.

Isfahan is one of the tourist cities of Iran that you can consider any season as the most attractive season to visit. But the deciduous autumn that gives a spectacular effect to this city and the cool weather in this season, has made autumn one of the best seasons to visit Isfahan.
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Tehran city

Although Tehran is known as a busy and high-traffic city, it is always one of the busiest cities in Iran in terms of tourism. Apart from the tourist and natural attractions of Tehran, due to the high facilities that this city has, it has always been considered by many Iranian and foreign tourists. So you do not care about the traffic and smoke of Tehran and be sure to travel to this city to spend happy times traveling to Tehran.
In addition to having many museums and palaces that meet your historical needs, Tehran also has many art galleries and cafes where you can spend time. Among the top tourist attractions of Tehran, the following can be mentioned:

Villages around Tehran such as Zarrin Dasht village, Abnik village, Afjeh village, Imameh village, Kaloogan waterfall, Darband, Darband ski slope, Dizin ski slope, Shemshak ski slope, Golestan museum palace, Saadabad palace, Niavaran palace, Abgineh museum, Negarestan Museum Garden, National Museum, Masoudiyeh Mansion, Water and Fire Park, Nature Bridge, Milad Tower, Azadi tower, Tehran Bird Garden, Chitgar Lake, Tochal Amusement Complex, Tochal cabin, Tehran roof, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Persian Art Museum Garden, Ferdows Garden.

The metropolis of Tehran is the beating heart of Iran and one of the tourist cities of Iran which is always considered by many foreign tourists. Tehran is a city that is crowded in all seasons. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tehran is Nowruz, when the city is deserted and its pollution is minimized. As a result, you can see the beautiful blue sky of Tehran and take full advantage of the major discounts that are considered for hotels and entertainment in Tehran.
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Yazd city

Yazd, the city of windmills and the first brick city in the world, with its ancient history, delicious food and warm-hearted and kind people, is one of the busiest cities among Iranian and foreign tourists. The city of Yazd dates back to the Sassanid era and is the center of Zoroastrian temples and religions. The unique architecture of Yazd is surrounded by the beauties of the desert.
Marco Polo also visited Yazd, which was once a crossroads on the Silk Road. When traveling to Yazd, remember to first admire the ancient windmills of this city and then, enjoy eating the unique sweets of all over the city. Among the top tourist attractions of Yazd, the following can be mentioned:
Yazd Grand Mosque, Amir Chakhmaq Square, Dowlat Abad Garden, House of Lariha, the only water reservoir in the world with six windbreaks, Alexander Prison, Sabat and windbreak, Fire Temple, Khamoshan Tower, Tomb of the Twelve Imams, Yazd Water Museum, Bustan Naji mansion, Qasr Ayneh mansion of Tehrani people, Bazaar and Hammam Khan, Malik al-Tajjar house.

Yazd is one of the tourist cities of Iran and one of its hottest cities. Yazd summers are long and usually last from early June to early October. Therefore, if you want to travel to this city, the best time to travel to Yazd is winter and from early winter to early May.
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Kerman city

Kerman province as one of the most historical provinces of the country. This province has many attractive places. Kerman province is one of the largest provinces in the country with many recreational, historical, tourism and religious attractions.

Not only because of these attractions but also because of having large and important industries as well as having agricultural products that meet the needs of other provinces and are exported abroad, is one of the most important provinces in the country.

Kashan city

The presence of Fin Garden, which is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage, is a good reason to visit Kashan. This city hosts one of the most famous ceremonies in Iran called rose water festival(Golabgiri) which has many fans.
Kashan is a small city and most of its attractions can be easily accessed in one day; So visiting the beauties of that time will not take your time. Kashan is on the list of popular destinations for deserters and due to its proximity to beautiful desert landscapes can be a good destination for enthusiasts.

Iran travel tips

If you are interested in travel to Iran, you might consider the fact that is it safe to travel, or when is the best time to have a trip to Iran, what regulations should be followed during this trip. I would like to say that first of all, do not worry that in first glance Iran might seems a bit strange, but at the moment you step to the country, you will just enjoy the diverse culture, cuisine, hospitality, warmth, architecture, natural beauties and wonders. Even you will be encouraged to travel to Iran more than once. My first recommendation for you is to read travelers’ reviews from all around the world and see how amazing their travel to Iran was. I think these comments are neutral and fair enough to convince you. Second, we have an article of Iran travel tips that you should consider before traveling to Iran. Read it carefully and you will see that there is nothing to worry about. My last recommendation is to plan your trip before the entrance and organize the cities you are going to visit. Chiyakotravel experts are always here for you to answer any question in this regard. First and foremost, we have Iran tailor-made tours that enable you to design your tour and let us provide everything which is needed. Next, our services are presented with the competitive price and best quality as follows:

  • Booking domestic air tickets, train, bus tickets
  • Arrival and departure transfer from or to the Airport
  • All steps required for Iran visa grant
  • Accommodation in standard grade hotels
  • Services of an Iranian tour guide and assist throughout the tour
  • Meals include lunches
  • Entrance Fees

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