The effect of Coronavirus in Iran Tourism industry in 2020


The current situation of Coronavirus in Iran

Coronavirus in Iran has led to a really difficult situation. By the time this article written by Chiyakotravel , most of people around the world are struggling with the coronavirus. The rapid growth in the number of patients and the rising number of deaths around the world have affected all foreign travel. Coronavirus in Iran also leads to a lot of challenges in routine life of people.

Corona’s impact on the tourism industry

This has led to the cancellation of many important gatherings, such as the world’s largest tourism industry exhibition in Berlin, and other events in the tourism industry, such as the closure of the Louvre and the cancellation of flights. The growth rate of cancellation of business trips is also at a warning level.

According to a recent survey by the World Trade Association of 401 travel companies, 65% of them canceled their visits and plans due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The Hopper tourism app also surveyed various tickets and flights around the world to learn about the impact of the Coronavirus on the tourism industry, and concluded that demand in many tourist destinations is declining.

Coronavirus in Iran

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared the Covid 19 virus a “pervasive” disease, but experts say it could be the worst crisis in the tourism and travel industry since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

While it is important to reduce concerns and explain that the tourism and travel sectors are not going to stagnate, it is important to be realistic and accept the fact that the tourism industry will in crisis for a long time in the turbulent ocean. The situation seems to be getting worse.

These crises are inevitable. In one example, the quarantine of the cruise ship Diamond Princess on the coast of Japan with dozens of cases and at least 10 reports of death from corona, reached the top of the news.

Meanwhile, Iran’s tourism industry has suffered a lot from this incident. Large online ticketing centers are announcing a large-scale cancellation of tickets by their customers. Many experts consider Nowruz to be a difficult time for Iran’s tourism industry. This Iranian festival is always the peak time of domestic travels and never be as empty as this year. Coronavirus in Iran makes people step back from their routine life.

The spread of the disease

According to some reports, many passengers are canceling their trips by cruise ships. Of course, from the experts’ point of view, this is a positive thing. They believe the cruise ship’s air conditioning systems not designed to purify very small particles the size of a coronavirus, and allow the disease to spread rapidly in ship’s cabins. People from Iran also were forced to cancel their trips as Coronavirus in Iran made a critical situation there as well.

Spread of Coronavirus in Iran

Cruise ship’s air conditioning system, as standard and energy-saving, combines outdoor air with indoor air. The problem is that these systems cannot filter particles smaller than 5,000 nano meters. If the Coronavirus is about the size of the SARS virus, 120 nm, then the air conditioning system transmits the virus from one cabin to another.

Coronavirus spreads more easily on airplanes by touching, because air conditioning systems on airplanes are able to filter particles into the viruses. But the transmission of the virus in the air can occur through other people sitting in a row next to each other. The more distance you have from the person you are with, the better for yourself.

In addition, toilets are the largest source of virus transmission on aircraft. So remember that before leaving the toilet, be sure to close the lid on the French toilets to limit the entry of the virus into the air. It is best to disinfect the area with alcohol to prevent the virus from spreading through touch.

Another frightening fact is that 20% of passengers travel on the plane, knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, we have recently seen a change in the behavior of travelers after the outbreak of the disease. They worry about getting infected during the flight or traveling with passengers who infected with the virus.

So is flying with sick passengers dangerous? It depends on where you sit on the plane. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Sciences, the chances of 11 people getting close to a sick passenger on a plane are about 80 percent.

To assure travelers

Despite these worrying statistics, tourism industry experts are doing their best to reassure travelers and provide them with solutions. Coronavirus in Iran is going to be more under control and standard protocols.

Many people think that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Asia and Europe has quarantined entire cities in the two continents. This is not true, and only high-risk areas are quarantined.

For example, while a high-risk area in northern Italy quarantined, the rest of the country is virus-free and no cases have been reported. For example, living in Florence is normal and all schools, offices, museums and places of interest are open.

But contrary to these facts, the tourism industry has suffered greatly due to fears of the corona outbreak. In some cases, ticket reservations  halved, and the possible reason for this is the reaction of some countries to stricter travel rules.

For example, travelers who have recently traveled to Italy must quarantined for some time when they return to their home countries. This makes travelers think a little before traveling to countries with higher rates.

The effect of Coronavirus in tourism industry

Although the spread of coronavirus in Iran and the world in recent months has caused a lot of damage to various sectors of the economy, including the tourism industry, this could be a useful warning for us.

The growing trend of coronavirus in Iran and the world outbreaks will end sooner or later, but it reminds us that we must always be on the safe side and work hard to prevent the recurrence of such painful events.

Coronavirus in Iran is also a huge breakdown in economy especially in tourism industry. Most of countries cancel their flights to Iran, and many passengers postpone their travel to Iran . You do not need to worry about how it would be if you trip has been cancelled. Chiyakotravel will always support travelers who like visiting Iran. We can prepare Iran visa or ticket to Iran anytime is possible for your trip. At the moment most of Iran cities are struggling with high amount of patients who suffer from Covid-19. Cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman and Kermanshah are among the most affected cities even most of hotels in these cities are closed. Some hotels in Tehran start their services by respecting all the standard protocols. If you are going to do backpacking in Iran and you are really interested in Persian food, we strongly recommend you to consider all the hygienic protocols. Do not worry about your safety in Iran as there are many stations for checking your temperature and give you masks and hand sanitizer.

What we learn from Coronavirus in Iran and the world

What we learn from Coronavirus in Iran and the world?

Coronavirus in Iran made Iranian change the way we live and treat each other in many ways. Many of us take the Coronavirus in Iran as an something temporary, but it soon became more challenging in a way that we feel how cautious should we become.

There is no doubt that corona is the strangest phenomenon that human being has encountered in the last half century. There have been other huge events in recent years that have changed the normal routine of human life in the world, but none has been able to involve all different countries and groups in the world in this way. It is natural that these conditions have changed our lives and most of the people of the world, and the possibility of its continuation in the coming days and weeks has changed our attitude towards life. Coronavirus in Iran changed the way we treat each other as Iranians like shaking hands and kissing each others cheek. But these days, there is no one hugging the others anymore. The effects of Coronavirus in Iran were so huge.

Many of us have been ambitious and have always been planning for a long-term future, but now our planning horizons are short-term and we hope to see them in next couple of months. On the other hand, the shadow of death that weighs heavily on the world as a result of the spread of the disease has led many to think more about death and a new look at life.

The spread of the disease, and the fact that the rich and the poor, the politician and the ordinary citizen threaten everyone equally, has caused many to come down from their ivory tower and see themselves like everyone else.

On the other hand, quarantine and living conditions in this way have made us all appreciate our past, all the social relationships, friends and family we needed, and now life without them has become difficult for us.

To sum up, the effect of Coronavirus in Iran and also the world could be mentioned as follows:

The world needs huge positive energy to fight against the negative forces. Go to the center of your inner begin and generate that positive energy for the welfare of the humanity.

Here we tried to talk about the effects of Coronavirus in Iran especially its impact on travel industry. Please leave us a comment and let us know what is the most important lesson you got from Coronavirus.


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