Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish bazaar in Tehran city

Tajrish bazaar in Tehran city

About Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

In today’s tour, Chiyakotravel has visited one of these historical neighborhoods of Tehran, Tajrish bazaar, and has chosen one of the famous attractions of this region, Tajrish Bazaar. Where almost all Tehranians remember it and get positive energy from walking and shopping in it. Come with us on a short trip to Tajrish traditional Bazaar to tell you about the history of Tajrish traditional Bazaar, the architecture of Tajrish Bazaar and take an interesting tour of a corner of old Tehran.

Tajrish bazaar goods

Why Tajrish traditional Bazaar?

Tajrish market

Familiarity with Tajrish bazaar | The oldest bazaar in the north of Tehran

We have come to Tajrish neighborhood in the north of the capital. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Tehran, mentioning its name brings many memories in the minds of Tehranians and Iranians. Tajrish, where the famous Imamzadeh Saleh is located, along with other markets, passages, restaurants and other small and large shops. Among all this, Tajrish Indoor Bazaar is one of the most famous old bazaars in Tehran, where shopping and sightseeing have many fans, and many people from different parts of the city, even those who live on the other side of the capital, come here to tour in this colorful market.

Bazaar of Tajrish

This bazaar, which is located in the Shemiranat area of ​​Tehran, leads from one side to the famous Tajrish and Imamzadeh Saleh, and from the other side to Qods Square and Tajrish Square, and connects the two old neighborhoods of Sarpol and Tajrish. A bazaar where you can buy a variety of goods, fresh and delicious and sometimes strange foods, various handicrafts, and return home full; Where many tourists refer to it as a nostalgic place and visit it again at the first opportunity.

Tajrish bazaar

The pleasant atmosphere of Tajrish traditional bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar and walking and sightseeing in it is one of the most famous bazaars in Iran and Tehran and many people come here not to shop, but to enjoy the good and sincere atmosphere of this bazaar. In Tajrish Bazaar, you can travel to the not-so-distant past and put aside the feeling of stylish passages. Be sure that once you walk in the Tajrish traditional bazaar, you will remember a good feeling and a good memory of it, and you will always go to Tajrish again to repeat it.

* Nightlife

As time goes on and the sun goes down, many shops in the city are slowly closing their shops and thinking of going home; But life in Tajrish bazaar is gradually taking on a new life at this time, and its mobility and bustle will be multiplied. One of the biggest attractions of Tajrish Bazaar is the nightlife that flows in and around it, and many people go to Tajrish traditional Bazaar at night to enjoy the atmosphere of this time of the bazaar.



Photography of Tajrish traditional Bazaar is very popular because of the variety of colors of products, especially fruits and vegetables, the arrangement of different materials, the presence of people together, the beautiful building of shops and more, and many people visit this part of Tehran to take photos. They choose their professional and beautiful ones to be taken at this place.

shopping in Tajrish bazaar

* Gormet tour

Have you been shopping and now you are tired and hungry ?! Don’t worry at all, Tajrish traditional Bazaar and the surrounding neighborhood offer you a variety of gourmet tour. From traditional Iranian and traditional cafeterias and restaurants that offer delicious kebabs and stews to new and up-to-date cafes where you can drink hot coffee with your friends. If you like Ash and Halim, you are in the best part of Tehran to eat these traditional foods. Tajrish is very famous for its traditional Ash shops and everyone has tasted the Ash and Halim here at least once. If you are craving fresh bread, there are several bakery shops in the market where you can buy a variety of traditional and new breads. On top of all this, the bazaar is best to taste Laboo and beans in the winter, and juice and ice cream in the summer. Do not miss these pleasures.

Food in Tajrish bazaar

What awaits you in Tajrish traditional bazaar

It is estimated that Tajrish traditional Bazaar is between 300 and 700 meters long and attracts tourists and shoppers with more than 400 shops of 12 to 40 meters. The big difference between this bazaar and the Grand bazaar of Tehran is that most of the merchants of Tajrish Bazaar are retailers; But Tehran Grand Bazaar is a wholesale center for various goods. Here you will see shops with the atmosphere of Tehran and old Tajrish, where the stalls and rooms still retain their traditional design and with the beautiful tiling and lattice of its entrance, on which the name of each shop is engraved welcome buyers. Tajrish traditional Bazaar is also known for its old Tekieh, Tajrish Tekieh, and like the old Iranian bazaars, it has accommodated several mosques and a Hosseiniyah or has access to them.

all kinds of products in Tajrish bazaar

This bazaar is also very famous for its fruit and vegetable market, but by now you know that it is not possible to visit these shops selling fruits and vegetables and its colorful products and return empty-handed.

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