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About Tabiat Bridge

Today we want to go to Tehran Tabiat Bridge with its unique structure that has dazzled many eyes from all over the world and after Milad Tower can be a new symbol for the capital of Iran. We will show you some photos of Tabiat bridge and tell you about the fun opportunities there. In this article of Chiyakotravel, you will get acquainted with the designer of Tehran Tabiat Bridge, and you will understand who designed this structure and what aspects have been considered in it. Here are the ways to access this bridge.

Why Tabiat Bridge?

Tabiat bridge

Introduction to Tabiat Bridge A different passage

Tabiat Bridge is a three-story bridge in Abbasabad area of ​​Tehran which is located on the width of Modares Highway and is intended for pedestrians only. The bridge provides a link between Taleghani and Ab-o-Atash park connecting the two major parks in the capital.

The special lighting and unique features of this bridge attract many people, especially at night, and create dreamy moments in the heart of Tehran. This structure is 300 meters long and 40 meters above the ground and allows you to see a beautiful view of Tehran. The existence of cafes and restaurants has made Tabiat Bridge an attractive destination for tourists and attracts tourists to taste the attractive flavors. It is not bad to know that Tabiat Bridge is the first non-vehicle bridge in the country, and the largest non-vehicle bridge in the Middle East.

Tabiat bridge

Nature Bridge Entertainment

Crossing this bridge, you can enjoy the following sights and entertainment:

The first floor with its glass walls includes spaces such as cafes, galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. In this floor, you can experience different sightseeing among Persian and French delicacies and enjoy its 1450-meter corner.

Watching a different view of Tehran

By being on the nature bridge, you can see a beautiful view of Tehran. This bridge is located at a point where the following parts can be seen from above:

Tabiat bridge

Walking on the bridge

Walking at a height of 40 meters above the ground and on wooden floors will create dreamy and refreshing moments for you. Upon entering Tabiat Bridge, you will notice that the bridge is built in such a way that you can not see the end of it. If you are tired of walking, sit on the platforms built on the bridge. If you want to experience just crossing the bridge and do not stop long, go to the second floor, which has 2870 square meters.

walking on Tabiat bridge

Photography on Tabiat Bridge

The structure of the Nature Bridge, the presence of people on it and different perspectives, provide you with many subjects for photography. The selfie market is also hot on this bridge and it can be considered one of the most popular places in the capital for taking selfies. The best place for the bridge is to take souvenir photos and attractive selfies on the third floor.

tabiat bridge

Perfect places to photograph nature bridges

Modares Haqqani Pedestrian Bridge or Ab-o-Atash Bridge: This bridge is parallel to the Nature Bridge and in its north and is also known as the Water and Fire Bridge. To reach this bridge, move about 500 meters north (Haqqani Highway) from the entrance of the Nature Bridge in the Ab-o-Atash Park; After the fountains of the Ab-o-Atash park, it reached the entrance of the pedestrian bridge on its right.

Hemmat Highway: In the south of Nature Bridge and along Hemmat Highway, there is a bridge that passes over Modares Highway and its name is Fajr Bridge. While passing this part, you can also record a spectacular view of the nature bridge.

Tabiat bridge

Siavash Statue: This statue is in the Ab-o-Atash Park and is located north of the Nature Bridge. Nearby you can access a platform that offers a good view of the Nature Bridge. The distance from this platform to the entrance of the nature bridge in the water and fire park is 250 meters.

syavash statue

Interesting facts about the Nature Bridge

facts about the compatibility of bridge design with nature

Tabiat bridge

facts about how to build and strengthen the nature bridge

At the time of construction, the entire process of cutting, assembling parts, installing and welding parts at a height of 40 meters of the bridge has been done. Interestingly, at the time of construction, the Modares Highway, which is one of the main arteries of Tehran, was not blocked at all and there was no disruption in the movement of cars.

The highest standards and safety coefficient against natural disasters and even earthquakes above 7 magnitude are predicted for the Nature Bridge.

According to the executive contractor of the project, Tabiat Bridge will last up to 100 years from the time of operation and can be used.

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