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Iran Ski Tours for those who appreciate gaining altitude! Ski Tours are for those who love snow and skiing in Iran mountains. Iran is a four-seasonal country with various beautiful landscapes of snow, sand and water. In Iran, Tehran province is the center of seven major ski resorts including Tochal Ski Resort, Dizin International Ski Resort, Shemshak International Ski Resort, Darbandsar Ski Resort, and AbAli Ski Resort. On Iran ski tours, you may want to experience what is authentic about nature, and you may be looking for seclusion and an unspoiled area. Whether you shred through snow like an adrenaline-junkie, or roll with caution like a first time ski bunny, check out our Iran Ski Tours. Our Iran ski tours are for those who want it all, a taste of the mountains and life on the road.

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Why Iran Ski Tours?

Chiyako Travel Iran Ski Tours are the perfect option. We know you are going to love it. As Iran is an affordable destination to visit and enjoy a quality trip, skiing rates would be reasonable. Most of resorts are eligible to teach and guide ski courses on a regular basis. The best time to participate in these tours is Christmas holidays.

In recent years, Iran ski tours have become the number one winter sports list, and every season skiers become more and more interested in discovering the greatness of the deep snow of the mountains in Iran. In addition to being challenging and physically active, skiing is a great way to explore remote mountainous areas and get in touch with nature.

Exploring the magnificent scenery, walking in the untouched snow, breathing in the fresh mountain air, is a good idea to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take refuge in nature. Iran ski tours are divided into two parts, indoor and outdoor which usually include one-day activities to multi-day trips; Multi-day ski tour trips include spending the night in tents, cottages or mountain hotels. Those who want to try Iran ski tours should be physically fit to get the most out of this activity. In fact, there are three basic components to enjoying skiing: physical condition, training, and equipment.

Best time to go on Iran ski tours

Depending on the weather and snow, the timing of Iran ski tours may depend on each person’s skills and preferences in winter or spring.

Spring usually provides amazing snow conditions for Iran ski tours due to the presence of snow (corn), a type of hard-surfaced snow that melts and re-freezes daily. Corn snow is very easy and enjoyable for skiing, although you should choose the best time of day for skiing, preferably morning and late afternoon. In addition to providing a more stable type of snow, spring has longer days and warmer weather, which means longer skiing hours. On the other hand, winter increases the chances of finding powder snow; Cold temperatures, no wind and constant snowfall are the best allies for this fresh and ultra-light snow that makes skiers and snowboards float on it; Of course, riding on deep powder snow is not easy and is only recommended for skilled skiers. Completely different scenery, long silent white valleys and snowy trees on the ski slopes, the magic of winter really transforms the unique mountain environments.

Indoor Iran ski tours

Iran, as one of the oldest and largest civilizations in the world, is a country of four real seasons that has a unique landscape and lands that fulfill everyone’s dream of exploring snow, sand and water in one season. The Alborz Mountains are located between the Alps and the Himalayas and have created some of the most amazing slopes and valleys some of which have hosted alpine and snowboard skiers for decades. Tehran province has seven important ski slopes, including Dizin International Ski Slope, Tochal Ski Resort, Shemshak International Ski Slope, Darbandsar Ski Resort and Abali Ski Resort. Country skiing is available at the foot of Damavand Mountain, the highest peak in the Middle East and the tallest volcano in Asia at 5609.2 meters.

The best indoor ski slopes:

1- Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin ski resort is not only the most equipped ski resort in Iran, but also the most important and prestigious ski resort in the whole Middle East. Dizin land, located in the north of Tehran, is the first ski resort in Iran to be recognized by FIS as an international ski resort for international competitions; This diagnosis is due to the quality and various facilities, including technical regulations such as ski slopes, length of ski trails, competition venues and amenities. Unlike some other ski slopes, the use of ski boards is allowed in Dizin which makes more skiers go on a Dizin  piste ski tour.

Dizin is located 123 km north of Tehran via Chalous Road and 71 km via Shemshak Road. In this promenade, 4 cable cars, 2 sage lifts, 9 plate ski lifts and 1 hammer ski lifts have been installed; The lowest height of this promenade is 2650 meters and the highest is 3600 meters. Dizin provides a variety of trails for alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, as well as an amateur piste for kids and beginners down the slopes with professional instructors. There are also two hotels, more than 19 cottages and restaurants on and off the piste with a variety of food to offer tourists in Iran ski tours.

2- Tochal Ski Resort

This ski resort is located between two valleys and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can consider it as one of the most relaxing and popular ski slopes. Spending the night at the resort hotel is so wonderful that it deserves experience and enjoyment at least once on Iran ski tours.

Tochal multi-purpose recreational complex is located near the peak of Tochal (altitude 3944 meters) and is the fifth highest resort in the world at an altitude of 3550 meters. This place is suitable for a one-day ski tour from Tehran. You can enjoy skiing in the highest ski slope in Iran by riding in a cable car at a distance of 5 km from Tajrish Square. The length of this cable car is more than 7.5 km and it is stretched from 1600 meters to 3750 meters and it has 7 stations. The depth of snow in the resort ski resort varies between two to four and a half meters and is suitable for skiing from November to June. In addition to a place for renting ski equipment, there is a ski school for beginner, intermediate and even advanced skiers at the resort ski slope.

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