Traditional Tehran food

One of the pleasures of the world is eating delicious and local food in every city and village. Familiarity with the variety of foods and fresh flavors can acquaint us with the customs of different regions.

Tehran, one of the metropolises and the capital of Iran, hosts many immigrants from all over the country. Because of this, different cultures are so intertwined that it becomes a little difficult to talk about the local cuisine of this city. But in this article of Chiyakotravel, we try to introduce you to the most authentic food of this city according to the available information. The natives of Tehran have their own local food, from Dampokhtak to Sargonjeshki.

What is the traditional food of Tehran, this crowded and noisy city? Which Tehran restaurants offer the best traditional Tehran food? The city of Tehran, the capital of dear Iran and the center of political and social issues, where millions of people walk the streets and alleys of this city every day and are thinking of improving their living standards; What local food does it have?


Sargonjeshki | a local dish of Tehran

Tehran cuisine can throw you back to decades past. To the tablecloths of Tehran grandmothers with tasty, fragrant and pleasant food. If you talk to people who are from Tehran, the names of these foods are engraved in the good memories of their childhood. But if you are not familiar with them, we suggest you try these simple and delicious Tehran foods.
The food smell can bring the best flavors to life in your mind. A simple and delicious food that, like many delicious Iranian dishes, uses a lot of hot onions and meat to prepare it. The final shape of the Sargonjeshki is small balls of meat with potato. This Tehran food with its beautiful and tempting color is one of the most important Tehran food.

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Sargonjeshki is a delicious Tehran food that is made from the raw materials of minced meat, potatoes, onions and condiments. This food is eaten with rice or with bread, the amount of water in the food depends on this preference. First, fry the onions a little and add turmeric, pepper, paste and finally water. Fry the minced meat with spices and grated onion and fry separately. Put the grated potatoes with the dumplings in a saucepan and cook gently for about 45 minutes. If they eat food with rice, they fry the stir-fries in the same hot onion with potato and steam it a little until it is ready.

Sarganjeshgi is one of the local dishes of Tehran. To prepare this dish in summary, minced meat is mixed with grated onion. First, pour hot onion, water, salt and turmeric into the pot, then add small balls of minced meat, and a little later, add the potatoes, which are chopped into large cubes. After 45 minutes the food is ready.