Nasir ol-Molk mosque

Nasir ol-Molk mosque in Shiraz

Nasir ol-Molk mosque | Pink mosque

We cannot talk about the attractions of Iran and do not mention the name of Nasir ol-Molk mosque in Shiraz. An attraction that is known as Pink Mosque of Iran and captivates everyone with its glitter. The tiling of Nasir ol-Molk mosque is so beautiful and delicate that it can be looked at for hours and stories can be told about it. Everyone is tempted to make a trip to Shiraz after seeing the photo of Nasir ol-Molk mosque. The stunning effects of Nasir ol-Molk mosque have led Chiyakotravel to head to the city of orange blossom and step inside the building. Join us and learn more about this spectacular mosque …

Nasir ol-Molk mosque architecture

Of course, Nasir ol-Molk mosque is only one of the ten attractions that you can visit in Shiraz. If you are planning to travel to Iran and visit  the city of orange blossom and you want to do a complete planning for this, you can enter travel guide page to and get the information you need from here.


Why Nasir ol-Molk mosque?

pink mosque

Introduction to Nasir ol-Molk mosque (Pink Mosque) of Iran

Nasir ol-Molk mosque is the name of one of the most famous sights of Shiraz which is located in an old neighborhood called Goud-e Arab. This masterpiece of Iranian-Islamic architecture inspire you to watch from the very beginning. As soon as you reach its wooden door, your eyes fall on the tiling of rose, lily of Shiraz and Mogharnas, and in the very first seconds you fall in love with this mosque. What is very noticeable in this building is the use of pink tiles, and this has led to it being called Pink mosque.

pink mosque of Shiraz

After crossing the porch and entering the square courtyard, everything looks like other mosques in Iran; Beautiful tiling designs, a rectangular pool between the courtyards are all things that can be found in most of the historical mosques of Iran and seeing them is not far off. Shortly after you reach Shabestan, you will notice the difference between this religious building; The colored glass of the mosque lets the sunlight through them and plays with the colors in the mosque.

interior view of Nasir ol-Molk mosque

After more than 150 years, this mosque is still used for the worship by people, and its beauties and unique appearance have caused its name to be registered in the list of national monuments of Iran from February 1954 with the number 369.

Nasir ol-Molk mosque

History of Nasir ol-Molk mosque

In 1293 AH, the ruler of Persia, Mirza Hassan Ali Khan, nicknamed Nasir ol-Molk, decided to leave a mosque after his dead, so he ordered the construction of Nasir ol-Molk mosque. According to the inscription on the entrance of this building, Haj Mohammad Hassan Memar and Mirza Reza Kashigar were in charge of building the mosque. The construction of this mosque was also financed by the khums and zakah of the people which the clerics of that time refused to receive in cash.

exterior view of Nasir ol-Molk mosque

After 12 years from the beginning of construction, the construction of Nasir ol-Molk mosque was completed in 1304 AH; But there was no  colored glass in it and the colored doors and windows of Shabestan were built in 1348 by Haj Mirza Ayat. This mosque was originally a complex consisting of a mosque, a house, a bathhouse and a warehouse; But a large part of it, including the interior and entrance of the house, bath, water storage and the space between the house and the mosque was destroyed during the construction of Lotfali Khan Zand new street and today no trace of it can be seen.

In some historical works and writings, Nasir ol-Molk mosque is mentioned. For example, the book Farsnameh Naseri  provides the following description about this mosque:

In the strength of the foundation and plinth stone and stone columns, Shabestan and lake (pond) and courtyard such as Moshir ol-Molk Mosque, but also slightly larger, and some new occupations have been added to it, which has added to its merits.

tiling in Nasir ol-Molk mosque

Renovation and maintenance of this magnificent mosque began many years ago and has undergone two repairs up to now:

Today, these reconstructions are more or less continuing and the cost is provided from the income of the endowments of the mosque and the endowment of Nasir ol-Molk mosque itself.

Nasir ol-Molk mosque view

Who was Nasir ol-Molk?

Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Nasir ol-Molk was from the famous family of Ghavam Shirazi and the son of Ghavam al-Molk and was considered one of the nobles of Qajar period. During the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, he ruled Shiraz and Persia and was known as a fair ruler. The late Nasir ol-Molk had many properties including a large part of Saadi town in Shiraz, large farms around Shiraz, several villages in the city of Beiza, and several villages around Fasa and Sarvestan, and so on. He donated all his property to charity, and today his descendants are the custodians of the Nasir ol-Molk endowment and spend the proceeds of his property on charity.

taking photo in Nasir ol-Molk mosque

Architecture of Nasir ol-Molk mosque

Nasir ol-Molk mosque is built on a land with an area of ​​2890 square meters and its infrastructure is 2216 square meters. One of the prominent features of Nasir ol-Molk mosque is its eye-catching tiling and Mogharnas, and in this respect it is known as the most valuable mosque in Iran. Interestingly, there is no dome in this mosque, which shows that this religious building was completely personal and was not used by the general public.

The tiling of this mosque is very spectacular and its example can not be seen anywhere else. One of the features of this tile is the use of pink as the dominant color, which is not seen in any other Iranian mosque. The work of Nasir ol-Molk mosque is also unique in its kind and its elegance is exemplary. The structure of Shabestan and the use of colored glass in it are also among the enchanting effects of this mosque.

The best time to visit Nasir ol-Molk mosque

The best time to see the play of color and light in this mosque is before 9:00 A.M. Many tourists consider 8:00 to 10:00 a good opportunity to visit Nasir ol-Molk mosque; Although the crowds at the mosque can be annoying; But it is worth seeing its beautiful colors.

Nasir ol-Molk mosque beauty

The best time for photography in Nasir ol-Molk mosque

If you are looking for a spectacular photo of the western Shabestan of Nasir ol-Molk mosque, go to Shiraz from mid-autumn to mid-winter, because the sun’s rays create the best lighting conditions for photography these days.

Nasir ol-Molk mosque of Shiraz

To take a masterpiece photo, you have to get up early and be in the Shabestan from 7:00 to 9:00; Because there is the largest volume of light at this time.

Masterpiece of Nasir ol-Molk mosque

If your goal is to capture an amazing image of the Pearl Arch, go to the mosque in the afternoon because the light shines on the Pearl Arch and makes it more beautiful than ever.

Shiraz mosque
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