About Kashan City

Kashan City is one of the cities of Isfahan Province, which is of great importance due to various tourist attractions. Every year many people travel to this city to visit the attractions and sights of ancient Iran. Its location is on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir. This delightful oasis city attracts many people. It is one of Iran’s most alluring destinations. It boasts a cluster of architectural wonders, an atmospheric covered bazaar and a UNESCO’s recognized garden and offers some of central Iran’s best traditional hotels.

Kashan city hosts one of the most famous Iranian celebrations called Golab giri (extraction of rose water from rose flower), which has many fans.  It became famous for its cottage industries such as textiles, pottery and tiles, and it has high levels of accomplishment in each of these.

kashan city
Kashan city
travel to kashan

Climate of Kashan City

Temperature feel very nice most of the time in year, but hot in summer and cold in winter. The city has low chance of rain or snow throughout the year. It also has some comfortably humid months, with some very dry months. In fact, the city is considered to have a desert and humid climate. The hottest months are July, August, and then June.

The best times to visit the city for ideal weather are March 5th to May 13th, or September 17th to November 11th.

Handicrafts and souvenirs of Kashan

Kashan City is very famous for its rose water and carpet. You can buy them as a souvenir in the Bazaar. The most important handicraft of this city is carpets and its name inscribed on the UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List.

In addition Saffron, Pashmak, Baklava (is a kind of sweet that is made of sugar, rosewater, almond, pistachio and walnut.), Sohan, Ardeh shireh, Haji Badami and Kolooche Kashan (made of bran flour, sugar, oil, saffron, pistachio and cardamom) are other souvenirs of the city.

Kashan Traditional food

One of the ways to create memorable moments while traveling is to taste traditional food. In this city, you can go to the delicious cuisine of this city and give a fresh taste to your journey.

Moaatar Kateh, Chelow dizi, Koofteh rizeh Kashani, Jujui Taas kebab, Khoresht Nokhod Alleh and Eshkeneh are among local and traditional food of the city.

travel to kashan
travel to kashan
travel to kashan
travel to kashan

Kashan Attractions

    1. Fin Garden : Fin Garden is a historical Persian Garden . It includes Kashan Fin Bath where Nasereddin Shah, the king of the time assassinated Amirkabir there. Amir Kabir was his counsellor. Fin Garden is the most ancient extant garden in Iran.
    2. Tabatabaei House : Tabatabaei House is one of the popular attractions of Kashan. Iranian architects built it in the 19th century. The house is an outstanding reflection of the lifestyle of Kashan rich families. Tabatabaei House shows all the typical features of Persian architecture and is a must-see while visiting Kashan.
    3. Boroujerdi House : Boroujerdi House is a historic house museum that the wealthy family of Boroujerdi built it.
    4. Agha Bozorg Mosque : Agha Bozorg Mosque is a historical mosque that Ustad Haj Sa’ban-ali built it. Its location is in center of Kashan.
    5. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse : People know it as Qasemi Bathhouse. It is a traditional public bath.
    6. Maranjab Desert : Maranjab’s location is in Aran and Bidgol, a northern city of Kashan and It is one of the most outstanding desert areas in Iran.
    7. Abbasian House : Abbasian house is a large historical house museum which architects built it in late 18th century.
    8. Underground City of NushAbad : Nush Abad’s location is in 5 kilometers north of Kashan.

Most of visitors combine their visit of Kashan with Isfahan. In another words, they visit Kashan on their way from Tehran t Isfahan, but Kashan worth at least one-day stay. In this regard, you had better reserve you hotel in Kashan. If you are already in Isfahan and you decide to visit Kashan, we can arrange Kashan tours for you based on your desire.

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