Style of Hotels in Yazd

Hotels in Yazd are so traditional, transferring you to the ancient Iran. Most of hotels are designed with a combination of gardens or old structures which make them so memorable. Most of tourists claim that their visit of Yazd has been so wonderful that they never forget it. Waking don the alleys in Yazd city, you will see wind catchers that are some structures defending of wind power against the city. Many things has not changed since past time and that makes this city enjoyable. Fire temples as a sign of ancient Zoroastrianism is another must that you had better not miss.

Booking hotels in Yazd

One of the historical and unique provinces of Iran is the city of Yazd which is one of the most beautiful brick cities in the world. Most hotels in Yazd have a traditional atmosphere. This city is the capital of Yazd province and is located in a wide and dry valley surrounded by Shirkuh and Kharanagh mountain ranges.

The city of Yazd has beautiful and unique attractions that attract many travelers and tourists every year. The city of Yazd has several species and completely different nature and has desert areas and rolling sand hills and on the other hand the beautiful heights of Shirkuh and lush summers; That is why it is an attractive and different city for foreign and domestic tourists.
Yazd desert city has many historical and recreational attractions. One of its attractions is Amir Chakhmaq complex which belongs to the ninth century AH and can be said to have become a symbol of the historical city of Yazd. This mosque has a huge dome and its altar has a beautiful marble that is engraved around it.

Another place of interest in Yazd is Dowlatabad Garden which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran and belongs to the time of Zandieh. The reason for the world fame of this garden is the existence of the tallest windmill in the world and it is included in the list of national monuments. In this garden, there is a building that consists of several mansions including a vestibule and windbreak, a religious paradise, a mirror hall, the main and southern entrance.

One of the famous sights of Yazd is the Zoroastrian fire temple that the architecture of this fire temple is taken from the architecture of the Achaemenid period. Visitors and tourists can go to the site of this fire temple and see the fire that has not been extinguished for 1500 years through the glass.

Yazd also has many other tourist attractions such as Alexander Prison, Meybod Brick Glacier, Silent Tower, Yazd Jame Mosque, Yazdan Wonder Cave, etc. But the city of Yazd has a variety of accommodations and hotels with different prices, which we have introduced them to you.

Facilities of the best hotels in Yazd

Bagh Moshir Al-Mamalek Hotel: This hotel is an old garden with ancient trees, running water, ponds and many fountains, and is the first Iranian garden hotel with completely traditional architecture and equipment with all amenities. This garden belongs to the Qajar period and has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran. The price of accommodation in the best hotels is often very reasonable.

New Citadel Hotel in Yazd: It is a 4-star hotel that is one of the best luxury hotels in the historical city of Yazd. The facade of this hotel is mixed with traditional architecture and has a beautiful view of the Shirkuh mountains. In addition to 138 rooms, the hotel has luxurious suites with modern interior design built to the latest world standards. The four-star Arg-e Yazd Hotel is ready to provide services to its esteemed guests with its experienced staff. This hotel has facilities such as shops and booths, 3 excellent coffee shops, parking, Persian and French restaurants and many other services to entertain its travelers.

Parsian Safaieh Hotel: Among the 5-star hotels in Yazd, the five-star Safaieh Hotel with a special and beautiful structure, with a completely traditional atmosphere, is ready to receive its guests. This hotel has all the amenities and facilities of a great hotel and consists of two parts: the new hotel and the garden hotel.

Daad Hotel: A 4-star hotel with traditional architecture and atmosphere, located in the heart of the historic city of Yazd. Daad Hotel is one of the hotels in this city with a traditional atmosphere. In addition to maintaining its traditional and historical structure, it also has modern amenities. One of the advantages of the hotel is its proximity to historical and tourist sites such as Amir Chakhmaq Square and the Zoroastrian Fire Temple.

Yazd accommodations and hotels at reasonable prices

Oruza House Ecological Residence in Yazd: This residence belongs to the Pahlavi era and was put into operation about 70 years ago. This residence is located in the historical context of the city and has easy access to tourist attractions.

Yazd Qashqai House Eco-tourism Residence: This residence dates back to about 140 years ago and was renovated in 1394. This residence has 4 rooms, which is known as Qashqai house due to its interior design in the style of Qashqai tribe. This residence has easy access to Amirchakhmaq complex and six windbreaks, which are among its advantages.

Atlas Hotel: This hotel is one of the good and beautiful hotels in Yazd with a reasonable price, which is two stars and was built in 2003. This hotel is close to the city center and is located at the entrance of the city towards Shiraz.

Muzaffar Hotel: It is a three-star hotel that was renovated in 2009 and put into operation in 2010. This hotel was built by order of a famous merchant named Muzaffar and was one of the unique houses during the Qajar period.

The cheapest guest houses and hotels in Yazd

Soroush Traditional Hotel in Yazd: Soroush Hotel is one of the cheap one-star hotels in Yazd.

Yazd Brick House Ecological Residence: This residence belongs to 150 years ago and belongs to the Qajar period. The brick house eco-lodge is located close to the historical context of Yazd. This residence has 6 rooms and a total capacity of 25 guests.

How to Book hotels in Yazd

Hotels in Yazd are a lot. It depends on what touristic sites you are going to visit, so choose the hotels located in city center to be close to that places. Chiyakotravel group consisting of an experienced team who had traveled to Yazd a lot, is able to offer you the best Yazd packages. Our packages are consisted of Yazd city tours and best fitted hotels to fulfill your needs. Most of our offers are able to be customized. Here are some hotels that we highly suggest them as they are providing good quality and services for tourists.

Yazd Malek-o Tojjar Hotel

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