How to find hotels in Tehran

Hotels in Tehran are really easy to find. In Tehran city walking down the main streets you can find some accommodation to stay. Based on your budget and schedule, there are many options to choose from. If you are traveling to Iran for first time, you should consider booking your hotel in advance. In some special occasions, like New year holiday or summer holidays, hotels in Tehran are full and finding a place could be challenging. Some hotels also require official appealing to confirm their availability. Chiyakotravel group is always ready to accommodate visitors from all around the world in Tehran hotels with competitive price. We are in contact with most of standard hotels throughout the city, and we are able to find a nice place to stay even in peak times.

Tehran hotels, one click to book a hotel

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is considered the center of political and administrative gravity of the country. Therefore, booking a hotel in Tehran is one of the concerns for many tourists. Due to the population and importance of Tehran, Tehran hotels have a great variety.

Tehran hotels include 1 to 5 star hotels and various types include luxury hotels to cheaper apartment hotels. Technology has made it possible for us to easily book a hotel. Booking a hotel in Tehran using online technologies has reduced air pollution and traffic, as well as the comfort of people. Chiyakotravel as one of the most experienced tour operator is in contact with online hotel reservation systems in Tehran, with complete information of Tehran hotels such as prices, pictures, reviews of previous travelers and geographical location is one of the pioneers in this field.

You are only one click away from booking hotels in Tehran and other cities of Iran with guaranteed prices and reasonable cost. By booking in one of the hotels in Tehran, increase your chances to visit the sights of Tehran such as Azadi Tower, Tabiat bridge, Niavaran Palace, Golestan Palace, Saadabad Palace. Chiyakotravel with 24-hour support, allows customers to follow the reservation at any time of the day and at any point and stage of their trip.

Where to book a hotel?

Tehran is the most populous city in Iran and the second most populous capital in the Middle East. The population of Tehran province is about 16 million people, which makes Tehran traffic the main concern of Tehran citizens and travelers. Therefore, it seems necessary to make sure of the places in Tehran that you intend to visit before booking hotels in Tehran.

Book your hotel accordingly at a point that facilitates your access to the areas you want. Tehran has an extensive transportation system that makes it easy for you to access most of Tehran’s sights. Tehran Metro carries about 4 million passengers daily. If your trip has a Tehran tourism aspect, we offer you to book hotels in the city center, and the area of ​​Keshavarz Boulevard, which in addition to being close to museums and historical sites, your access to public transportation is also easier.

Of course, Tehran hotels are spread in most parts of Tehran, so to choose the hotel you want, search and book a Tehran hotel among the options.

Hotel reservation in Tehran

Take your time! Tehran is one of the most important tourism centers in the Middle East. This has caused a large number of travelers and tourists to visit this city every year. The age of communication has caused the rhythm of life, especially in big cities like Tehran, to be very fast and time to be more important than before. People are planning more for their future days in order not to fall behind this fast rhythm.

Planning a trip is one of them. In order to travel safely, you can book your desired hotel, you can ease your mind about a comfortable stay and when traveling, your only concern is to enjoy your trip more. Therefore, it is better to book hotels in Tehran in time so that your choices do not face restrictions such as fullness of hotel or hotel prices during the travel season.

Some hotels in Tehran are very popular due to their high facilities or very reasonable prices, and they are more likely to be full than other competitors.

Tehran hotel reservation

From cheap accommodation to 5 star accommodation, Tehran hotels have very different price ranges. Tehran hotels are basically valued from about 5 USD to more than 500 USD per night for the services they provide. Almost all hotels serve breakfast, but services such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, etc. are considered luxury services and therefore increase the value of the hotel. Depending on your budget and the reason for your trip, you can book your desired hotel.

If you are traveling alone and your trip is a business or a day or two, we suggest you choose cheaper hotels. But if you are looking for more comfort and convenience and you are looking for a luxury stay, Tehran hotels offer you very good options. And of course better and more services as well as accommodation in the northern regions of Tehran will cost you more.

The most luxurious hotel in Tehran

If you are looking for luxury experiences during your stay in Tehran, you can book luxury hotels in Tehran. Due to the variety of hotels in Tehran, choosing the most luxurious hotel in Tehran will be very difficult. Among the 5-star hotels in Tehran, we can mention Spinal Palace Hotel, Azadi Hotel in Tehran, Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran, Spinas Hotel in Tehran, Laleh Hotel, Homa Hotel in Tehran and Novotel.

Accommodation in these luxury hotels in Tehran will definitely cost more than other hotels, but their higher quality will be very noticeable.

The cheapest hotel in Tehran

To save on accommodation costs, you can book cheap hotels in Tehran. As mentioned, the variety of hotels in Tehran is very large and it will be very difficult to determine the cheapest and most economical hotel in Tehran. Among the 1 and 2 star hotels in Tehran, we can mention Khayyam Hotel, Mina Hotel, Sasan Hotel, Parasto Hotel in Tehran and Arad Hotel in Tehran. Accommodation in the most economical hotel in Tehran will cost you less than 10 USD per night.


Book hotels in Tehran

We can also provide city tours around Tehran. Joining our Tehran tours will benefit you in two ways. First you can escape from traffic in Tehran, as we plan not to transfer you in rush hours.  Moreover, you are able to meet other visitors, and visit the best of Tehran in groups which bring you more unforgettable moments of sharing and happiness. Tehran is a vast city full of monuments and historical heritages most of which are not well-known internationally. You should organize your trip in a way not to miss the best of them. Here some useful information is provided for you to choose your favorable place to stay based on your needs. The best hotels in Tehran are as follows:

Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel

Created with Sketch. Sa'adat abad, Tehran. Iran.

Tehran Esteghlal Hotel

Created with Sketch. Tehran,Tehran province, Iran.

Tehran Hoveyzeh Hotel

Created with Sketch. Tehran, Tehran province, Iran.

Tehran Homa Hotel

Created with Sketch. Tehran, Tehran province, Iran.

Tehran Parsian Enghelab Hotel

Created with Sketch. Tehran, Tehran province, Iran.

Tehran Laleh Hotel

Created with Sketch. Tehran, Tehran province, Iran.

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