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Hotels in Shiraz are a lot. As Shiraz is one of the most well-known and top tourist destinations in Iran, the number of hotels in this city is rising. Everyone who is traveling to Iran, considers 2 to 3 nights staying in Shiraz city. Shiraz is the heart of poetry and wine, love and mysticism. Visiting this city full of sour orange gardens, the best quality grapes gardens is an amazing experience that makes you love everything about this amazing city.

Complete information on booking hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz is the center of Iranian civilization, the capital of Fars province and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. Shiraz hotels have been welcomed by travelers. Thanks to the mild weather, a trip to Shiraz can be pleasant in any season, but spring will be the best time to visit it. Whether you are interested in history, poetry or nature, Shiraz has something to attract you. A walk in the gardens of Shiraz, the old bazaar of the city, the memory and poetry reading of Iranians in it, each can be considered as a tourist attraction of Shiraz.

Since Shiraz is the most popular city in Iran for tourism, if you plan to travel and visit this historical treasure of Iran, it is better to consider the peak travel times before planning a trip. The best season to travel to Shiraz and stay at  Bahar Hotel and the best month is May. Because both the beauty of the gardens is at its peak at this time and the number of travelers is less than in April. Before traveling to Shiraz, be sure to book a hotel. In this article, you can read about the benefits of online hotel booking over face booking. Because it rarely happens when the city is empty of travelers and hotels are likely to be full in all seasons. By choosing to book online, in addition to choosing a suitable hotel, you can also benefit from special discounts on hotels.


The best accommodation in Shiraz

Suitable options are available for traveling to Shiraz. Shiraz International Airport flies regularly to all major cities and some small cities in Iran. International flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait and Doha are also operated weekly. Some of the best hotels in Shiraz have an airport transfer hotel by booking and you only need to provide your landing time. Apart from airplanes, buses or private cars can also be used. Shiraz roads are connected to many parts of the country. Shiraz main bus terminal is about four kilometers from the city center. Travel time from Yazd to Shiraz is six hours, Isfahan to Shiraz seven hours and Tehran to Shiraz ten hours. Prices also vary depending on the type of bus company. Shiraz is also connected to Isfahan, Kerman, Bushehr, Ahvaz, Yasuj and Bandar Abbas by highways. It is also possible to use the train to enter Shiraz. The Shiraz train station has been completed for about three years and the Tehran-Shiraz train has been launched. However, travel time by bus is about two hours less than travel by train.


Accommodation in Shiraz hotels

Due to the tourist nature of Shiraz, a wide range of 5-star hotels such as the 5-star Grand Hotel Shiraz, which has received very positive reviews from travelers, to the traditional accommodations of Shiraz are available in this city. Since Shiraz has many tourist attractions, the most important point in choosing a hotel can be its geographical location and its proximity to historical monuments such as Vakil Mosque, Karim Khan Citadel, etc. Those four and five-star hotels have unique facilities and services such as a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, spa, sauna, billiards, etc., and most of their staff are fully trained and responsible. Hotel taxis are regularly available to and from all tourist destinations, and some hotels have special English-language guides for historic and out-of-town locations. Some hotels are designed in a traditional style and by staying in them, in addition to a pleasant stay, you can also enjoy the original Iranian architectural style. Shiraz accommodations are divided into three categories of cheap, reasonable and luxury Shiraz hotels.


Cheap hotels in Shiraz

The good news for tourists who come to Shiraz is that cheap hotels in Shiraz also serve tourists with the best quality. If you want to stay in a suitable space with the lowest budget, cheap hotels in Shiraz have been established in very suitable parts of the city. These low-cost hotels will offer you the cleanest bedrooms, the best food, leisure facilities and traditional spaces. By staying in cheap hotels in Shiraz, you can have the right facilities to have an ideal trip.

Taha Residence: Taha Traditional Residence is located in the traditional neighborhood of Sang-e Siah and facing the Armenian Church.
Darya Hotel: Darya Hotel is located on Piroozi Street and does not have facilities such as Wi-Fi, etc.
Golshan Residence: This Golshan Shiraz residence is famous for its traditional porch and has a daily tour to Pasargadae and Persepolis.
Niayesh Hotel: ‌ This hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Shiraz, which is newly established and has a beautiful inner courtyard and a suitable restaurant. Breakfast is free at this hotel, but services such as in-room tea and laundry are high and it is best to know the cost before choosing a service. This hotel also offers tourism services to Persepolis on a daily basis.
Pardis Hotel: The advantage of this hotel is its proximity to public transportation. Breakfast is free and the cost of accommodation is very reasonable compared to the services it offers.
Arian Apartment Hotel: This hotel has both private rooms and public accommodation.
Sadra Hotel: Sadra Cheap Hotel is located in the center of Shiraz near Nasir Al-Molk Mosque, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath and Karim Khan Citadel. The rooms are very clean and breakfast is free.


Shiraz hotels with reasonable prices

You can always book hotels in Shiraz at a reasonable price in the best areas of Shiraz in terms of geography and proximity to historical places and shopping centers. Reasonably priced hotels in Shiraz offer you the best in the hotel industry in terms of amenities and accommodation. These reasonably priced hotels with experienced and professional staff are ready for you. You can book the best reasonably priced hotels in Shiraz in the city center at a great price for your stay with Chiyakotravel. Everything you want from a tourist trip is put together in these hotels. All of these Shiraz hotels offer city and suburban tours and free transfers to the airport at a reasonable price.

Apadana Hotel: This hotel is located near the city center and close to the city’s attractions.
Ario Barzan Hotel: This hotel is located near the Zandieh complex and its distinctive and traditional architecture is one of its outstanding features.
Eram Hotel: A three-star hotel near the Zandieh complex and the quality of its services is standard.
Parseh Hotel: It is a four star hotel near Zandieh complex.


Facilities of the best hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz, as the first tourist destination in Iran, has many hotels in its urban context. Anyone who wants to travel to this very beautiful and historical city should know that Shiraz is a beautiful city for all its tourists with any budget and taste of a place to stay. After visiting the historical monuments of Shiraz, do not worry about your stay in this city. You can always experience a very dreamy and exciting stay in the best hotels, including five-star, four-star and three-star hotels in Fars province, and the city of Shiraz. The following hotels offer free city tours, suburban tours, tour guides and airport transfers.

Chamran Hotel: Chamran five star hotel is a luxurious and modern hotel in Shiraz, which is located in Qasr Al-Dasht area. The upper floors of this hotel offer a dreamy and amazing view of Shiraz to travelers.
Homa Hotel: Homa 5-star hotel in Shiraz is located in one of the most beautiful gardens of Shiraz and is a first-class commercial hotel.
Parsian International Hotels: This four-star hotel is located near the main bazaar of Shiraz and is one of the Parsian International Hotels.
Persepolis International Hotel: The five-star Persepolis Hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Shiraz, has several luxurious halls and a well-equipped sports complex that are special features of this hotel.

How to find hotels in Shiraz

If you want to visit Shiraz, we strongly recommend you to book your hotel in advance specially in May and September. Chiyakotravel group is an expert team for organizing Shiraz tours and finding the best hotels in Shiraz during your visit. Please feel free to contact us for any customizable package for you. Although there are many ways to book a hotel in Shiraz, we are able to find the best fitted hotel with the competitive price.


Shiraz Zandiyeh Hotel

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Shiraz Ario Barzan Hotel

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Shiraz Persepolis Hotel

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Shiraz Pars Hotel

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Shiraz Grand Hotel

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