How to find hotels in Kerman

Hotels in Kerman are not very easy to find, as the city is still not very well-known among visitors and most of tourists do not know Kerman as a touristic place. Kerman is the center of history and culture in a really unique way that you cannot find it in other cities in Iran. The way of life is so especial with hospitable and warm people you never forget. The city is an ancient remnant of old Persia.  Kerman city is the center of  handmade carpets and pistachio nuts.

Best hotels in Kerman

If you are an experienced traveler, It would be so easy for you to find a suitable place for your stay based on your budget and schedule in Tripadvisor or Lonely planet, but checking the availability of hotels is a bit challenging especially in peak times, that’s why we recommend you to book your hotel before arrival and check it directly by hotel receptionists or ask an agency to confirm the hotel access in your target time. Chiyakotravel is always here to suggest you the best possible hotels in Kerman as well as best Kerman city tours to have a wonderful experience during your travel to Iran.

Kerman Pars Hotel

Created with Sketch. Kerman, Kerman province, Iran.

Kerman Jahangardi Hotel

Created with Sketch. Kerman, Kerman province, Iran.

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