How to find hotels in Kerman

Hotels in Kerman are not very easy to find, as the city is still not very well-known among visitors and most of tourists do not know Kerman as a touristic place. Kerman is the center of history and culture in a really unique way that you cannot find it in other cities in Iran. The way of life is so especial with hospitable and warm people you never forget. The city is an ancient remnant of old Persia.  Kerman city is the center of  handmade carpets and pistachio nuts.

Accommodation information about hotels in Kerman

Kerman is one of the big cities of Iran that has a long history and has an interesting and readable history. The city of Kerman which is known as one of the southeastern cities of Iran. This city is considered as one of the great metropolises of Iran. In addition to being one of the five historical cities of Iran, Kerman is known as the second largest province of Iran and Kerman hotels host tourists and history lovers.

Due to the fact that in the past and in each period of the monarchy, there were several capitals, so the city of Kerman, considering that it was one of the historical cities of Iran, was also the capital during the reign of Qara Khitai, Buyid dynasty, Muzaffarid and Zandieh. Due to the fact that the city of Kerman is considered as one of the tourist and travel destinations, it is necessary to get acquainted with Kerman accommodation hotels so that you have full information if you want to make a reservation.

Weather in Kerman

The climate of Kerman province is different and varied and it can not be said that it is completely dry. For a memorable stay in Kerman, you can do the work of booking the best hotels in Kerman before starting your trip. But first, it’s not bad to know about warm weather. The northern part of Kerman province has a dry climate due to its proximity to the desert and the southern part has a temperate and humid climate due to its proximity to the southern sea and the Persian Gulf. But the city of Kerman itself has a dry climate. Also in summer the weather is very hot and in winter it has a cold and dry climate. In general, in all seasons in Kerman, the night weather is colder than the day. Although it is very cold in winter, it still rains more than snow. In the seasons of November to May, rainfall increases in the city of Kerman. In this section, we intend to first introduce the tourist attractions of Kerman and then go to introduce hotels in Kerman.

List of Kerman hotels based on quality

If one of your tourist destinations is the beautiful and historical city of Kerman, you should look for a hotel that fits your desired budget so that you can stay in a suitable hotel in a few days during your stay in Kerman, in addition to enjoying the historical attractions. In Kerman, there is a hotel with various facilities, but what is very important and basic is good facilities at a reasonable price. In this section, we intend to introduce the good hotels of Kerman from Luxrin to the cheapest ones to the dear tourists.

The best hotels in Kerman

In all cities of Iran, there are all kinds of hotels with different facilities. In this section, we intend to introduce the names as well as the services of the most luxurious hotels in Kerman. By luxury hotels we mean excellent services that these services can be found in 5-star hotels in Kerman.

Pars Hotel Kerman: This hotel is the only 5-star hotel and the best hotel in Kerman which was built in 2002 and has 197 luxury rooms and suites on 8 floors with parking and pilot. One of the most important features of this hotel is its proximity to the historical and tourist attractions of Kerman, as well as its proximity to shopping malls, airports and railways.

Among the facilities of the best hotel in Kerman and its rooms, the following can be mentioned:

Upon entering this city and its good hotels, you will experience a good and memorable trip.

Kerman hotels with reasonable prices

Despite the fact that there is only one 5-star luxury hotel in Kerman which is the best hotel in Kerman. But it has a high price according to the facilities it offers. Some people are looking for reasonably priced hotels to enjoy a few days in the city. Kerman accommodation hotels with reasonable prices are 4-star and 3-star hotels in Kerman. The facilities of Kerman hotels, which are also reasonably priced, are very reasonable and have been welcomed by travelers.

Kerman Tourism Hotel: One of the 4-star hotels in Kerman is a tourism hotel with excellent facilities. This hotel has good facilities due to its prices. This hotel has 61 rooms and suites. Near the hotel there is Ganj Ali Khan complex and several other historical and tourist attractions.

Hotel facilities include:

Gvashir Hotel in Kerman: This hotel is one of the 3-star accommodation hotels in Kerman and provides good amenities for travelers. Its facilities Includes:

Cheap hotels in Kerman

In Kerman, in addition to 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, you can also refer to 1 and 2 star hotels. These items have a better price, but in terms of facilities are lower than other hotels in Kerman.

Kermania Hotel: This is a two-star hotel on Jomhouri Boulevard and has 14 rooms. Also, this hotel was newly established and opened in 1397. Hotel facilities include in-room fire extinguishing system, air conditioning system, breakfast, safe, internet, TV, cooling and heating system, bathroom, toilet, fire alarm system, shoe waxing machine, parking, wake-up service, prayer hall, Phone and … is.

Naz Hotel in Kerman: This hotel is one of the affordable hotels in Kerman that has suitable facilities such as internet, TV, refrigerator, 24-hour reception, breakfast, heating and cooling system, bathroom and ….

Hezar Kerman Hotel: This two-star hotel was put into operation in 1993 and is still standing. Hotel facilities include room service, Internet, elevator, 24-hour reception, fire alarm system, coffee shop, taxi service, refrigerator, TV, bathroom, toilet.

Akhavan Hotel in Kerman: One of the oldest and two-star hotels in Kerman which was opened in 1984 and renovated in 2006. Among the facilities of the hotel are Iranian and French toilets, prayer halls, parking, refrigerator, TV, restaurant, Internet, room service, 24-hour reception, etc.

Kerman Hotel: Fortunately, Kerman Hotel is one of the two-star hotels that is located in a quiet and peaceful area. Due to its proximity to the main highways, it has excellent access to the airport and tourist and historical attractions. Hotel facilities include room service, room help, Internet, toilet, bathroom, breakfast, TV, refrigerator, 24-hour reception, safe, laundry, prayer room, housekeeping and ….

Moshtaq Guest House: Guest House is one of those two-star accommodation hotels in Kerman, located at the intersection of Nasiriyah in Kerman. It has facilities such as 24-hour reception, bathroom, parking, Internet, TV, refrigerator, bathroom, etc.

Assam Apartment Hotel in Kerman: It is one of the 1 star apartment hotels in Kerman that has facilities such as wax machine, air conditioning system, Internet, housekeeping services, mini bar, bathroom, parking, TV, breakfast, possibility of cooking, system Heating and cooling, tea maker, bath, etc.

Fanoos Kerman Guest House: Fortunately, Fanoos is one of the newly established hotels in Kerman  you can  easily cook in this hotel. Its facilities include refrigerator, TV, bathroom, toilet, air conditioning, Internet, mini bar, safe, 24-hour reception, etc.

Amin Hotel in Kerman: This hotel has a good access in terms of access to historical and tourist attractions because it is built in the center of Kerman city. Services include a restaurant, room service, 24-hour reception, fax, photocopying, prayer hall and lobby.

Sights near Kerman hotels

As mentioned, the city of Kerman is known as one of the historical cities of Iran and has a long history. It is also considered as one of the capitals of Iran in different periods of the monarchy. Today, many Iranian and foreign travelers and tourists travel to the sights of Kerman and spend the night in one of the hotels in this city.

Among the historical attractions of this city are Ganj Ali Khan complex which includes Ganj Ali Khan Bazaar, Ganj Ali Khan Mint (Coin Museum), Ganj Ali Khan Bath (Anthropology Museum), Ganjali Khan School and Caravanserai, Kerman Windmill, Kerman Telecabin, Complex Haj Ebrahim Khan, Arg Square, Kerman Grand Mosque, Malek Mosque, Mozaffari Grand Mosque, Kerman Stone Museum, Kerman Moshtaqieh Dome, Kerman Jabalieh Dome, Kerman National Library, Kerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Fath Abad Garden, Prince Mahan Garden, the tomb of Khajeh Atabak, Ghaffari House, Aminian House, etc. If you are interested in historical monuments, we suggest that you first book a room in one of the best hotels in Kerman and then visit all the historical places of Kerman with planning.

Best hotels in Kerman

If you are an experienced traveler, It would be so easy for you to find a suitable place for your stay based on your budget and schedule in Tripadvisor or Lonely planet, but checking the availability of hotels is a bit challenging especially in peak times, that’s why we recommend you to book your hotel before arrival and check it directly by hotel receptionists or ask an agency to confirm the hotel access in your target time. Chiyakotravel is always here to suggest you the best possible hotels in Kerman as well as best Kerman city tours to have a wonderful experience during your travel to Iran.


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