Booking hotels in Kashan

Booking hotels in Kashan city is not always easy as some hotels are busy in peak time during high seasons.  Kashan is an amazing city near Tehran, and most f tourist never miss the opportunity to visit Kashan city. Fin garden and Fin bath are one of the most important historical heritages from Sassanian era. The city is full of gardens and beautiful places to visit. Most of visitors combine their 1-day city tour around Kashan with Abyaneh village tour because these two destinations are close together. We strongly recommend you to consider visiting Kashan for at least one day. It would be more convenient to book your hotel in Kashan before starting your journey throughout this wonderful city.

Everything about Kashan

One of the attractions of traveling is the experience of traveling to different places with a diverse climate. From the northern forests to the southern deserts, each is spectacular in its own way. One of these spectacular cities is Kashan. A city surrounded by the walls of history, it is impossible not to hear anything from Fin Garden or its rose garden. Kashan, the jewel of Isfahan province, has been located between the central desert and the Karks mountain for 7000 years. A city that should be considered the embodiment of history.

Staying in Kashan hotels is a different experience

Kashan is a touristic city and for this reason it has many hotels. Hotels and accommodations that have not the least of the sights of this city. In Kashan, you will find both luxury and modern hotels, as well as reasonably priced and relatively cheaper hotels. However, each of these hotels in Kashan has its own unique charms and features.

The best traditional and modern hotels in Kashan

In Kashan, some old houses that are several hundred years old have changed their use and have been turned into luxurious hotels with up-to-date facilities while preserving the old texture and beauties of the Iranian architectural style. Kashan Ameri Hotel, Manouchehri Traditional Hotel, Ariana Spa Hotel, Kashan Darb Bagh Hotel, Kashan Mahinestan Hotel are among the hotels. It is interesting to know that Mahinestan Monastery Hotel in Kashan is known as the most luxurious historical residence in Iran. Also, Ariana Hotel is the only historical hotel equipped with a spa in Iran. In addition, all have facilities such as restaurant, coffee shop. Apart from Ameriha House and Ariana Hotel, other traditional luxury hotels are equipped with parking. Manouchehri Hotel has special facilities such as rental car (Rental car) for its guests. In fact, in these hotels you can experience tradition and modernity together.

If you want to stay in a historic city in a luxury and newly built hotel, then Negarestan Hotel and Rose House Hotel will be a good choice for you. Negarestan Hotel has 8 floors and 56 double and triple rooms. Guests at the hotel can enjoy amenities such as a restaurant, coffee shop, parking and free Internet. One of the most important attractions of Negarestan Hotel is that the view of all its rooms is the Fin Garden. A unique advantage that will multiply the pleasure of your trip. Rose House Hotel is also a beautiful entertainment and accommodation complex whose Persian garden will captivate every traveler. The number of rooms and parking capacity in this hotel is limited and it has facilities such as restaurant, coffee shop, internet and reception hall.

Reasonably priced hotels

If you are looking for beautiful and reasonably priced hotels in Kashan, it is good to know that you will find many hotels. Although these hotels are less expensive, we can safely say that nothing has diminished their beauty. Historical and centuries-old hotels such as Ehsan Historical Hotel, Adib House, Khorshid Ardehal Hotel in Kashan, Malek Kashan Traditional Residence, Khademi Traditional Hotel, are original and attractive accommodations that offer various amenities. Ehsan Hotel has no parking but has facilities such as restaurant, Internet, cycling, museum, gallery, movie theater and pottery workshop. Adib House also has a tour of Kashan. Kashan Malek House and Khademi Hotel have less facilities but all of them provide equipped rooms for their guests.
Amirkabir, Kowsar, Shirin Apartment Hotel and Golestan Ghamsar Hotel in Kashan are also renovated hotels that offer suitable amenities for their price. Amirkabir Hotel and Golestan Ghamsar have amenities such as restaurant, parking and Internet. Shirin Apartment Hotel has free Internet, coffee shop and offers services such as tour and housekeeping services to travelers.

Cheap hotels in Kashan

There are many cheap hotels in Kashan. Beautiful and traditional hotels that are full of pleasant historical attractions and welcome guests and travelers to this city at very good prices. The hotels of Kashan mini House, Fanoos Viona, Khaneh Doost, Mirza Traditional House and the eco-lodges of Kamal-ol-Molk House and Agha Mohammad Palace are in this category. Special and pleasant places that narrate history. These residences are like a house and have suitable facilities such as parking (with limited capacity), coffee shop, Internet, etc. Some also offer special services; For example, in addition to an Iranian restaurant, Fanoos Viona Hotel also has an Indian restaurant.

Sayah Hotel and Maryam Apartment Hotel are also one-star hotels that are relatively new and offer good facilities to travelers at a cheap price.

What souvenirs should we take from Kashan?

We all know Kashan as the city of roses and liqueurs, but its food and handicrafts can not be overlooked. Haji Badumi sweets made from powdered sugar and almond powder is one of the sweets of Kashan that you should not miss. The delicious baklava of Kashan with walnut kernels, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts can not be missed as well. Kashan cookies with cardamom, saffron and pistachio kernels have a pleasant sweetness. The interesting thing is that people of Kashan suggest that you make sure to eat cookies and pashmak together, because its deliciousness is multiplied. So if you travel to Kashan, be sure to visit the traditional market of Kashan and buy and taste these delicious foods.
You must have heard a lot about Kashan handicrafts. It is impossible for a city with such a long history of handicrafts not to have a special and general reputation. Which handicraft should we talk about now? Tell us about Kashan carpets and kilims with their unique Iranian designs or about tile making, textile, weaving, coppersmithing and zilobafi? The arts, each of which is a world of art and originality. You will surely see each of these handicrafts and you will be tempted to take a sample of each with you.

Although this city has a desert climate, but in spring its airy weather is intoxicating, the best time to visit is in May, which also coincides with the rose-picking ceremony. The pleasant weather, the beauty of this ceremony and the historical grandeur of this city engrave the joy of travel in your mind forever. In short, there is not much to say about the city of flowers and sunshine. Undoubtedly, what is spectacular cannot be described in words. Traveling to Kashan is one of the pure experiences that everyone should experience.

The best way to book hotels in Kashan

Chiaykotravel group consisting of expert tour guides and tour managers is always here to offer you the best Kashan tours and reserve the best hotels in Kashan for those who like history and culture f Iran. For further questions you can keep in touch with us in your convenience. There are many options for you based on your desire and budget that we organize for you. Do not hesitate to ask us book the best hotels in Kashan.


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