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Hotels in Isfahan are touristic destinations themselves. Isfahan city is called “half of the world”, because of its amazing historical places and unique architecture. You may be wondering how to find a suitable place for yourself in the art and history city. If you want to travel to Iran consider planning 2 to 3 nights staying in Isfahan. It will be an unforgettable experience of visiting Islamic architecture, bridges, parks, tree-lane streets and many other wonders. Here are some of the best hotels in Isfahan which you should visit even if you are not staying at.

How to book hotels in Isfahan?

In Isfahan, you can stay in a good place and not spend too much! Yes, you read that right. In the city of Isfahan, from medium-sized hotels to luxury hotels, all of them are well designed and decorated, and surely all of these hotels can satisfy you very much in terms of your accommodation, and this Satisfaction does not depend only on price and cost, and you can choose the best cheap hotels in Isfahan for accommodation.

Today we want to introduce you the best cheap hotels in Isfahan. From the services and reviews of the rooms of these hotels to the entertainment facilities and their distance from the important attractions of Isfahan, we will describe everything for you. At the end, there will be the most famous and touristic hotels in Isfahan as well to give you a brighter loo at Isfahan hotels.

After all, anyone who travels on a budget wants to manage their pockets and stay in the best hotel available. If you are going to Isfahan and you are looking for a good but cheap hotel in this city, then join us on a tour.

Saadi Hotel, 1 star | saadi hotel

Saadi’s small portable hotel in Isfahan was built and opened in 1323 SH in this city, but once in 1385 it was reconstructed and renovated in some places. This residence, which is completely from the category of economic hotels and has a total of 13 rooms, is one of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan. You can ask our team to reserve this hotel for your stay in Isfahan.

In terms of the distance of this hotel from the attractions of Isfahan, it can be said that its location is suitable. For example, the distance from Saadi Hotel in Isfahan to Bazaar is 10 minutes, Hasht Behesht Palace is 7 minutes, Naghsh-e Jahan Square is 15 minutes and Isfahan Shopping Center is between 23 and 25 minutes.

In Saadi Hotel in Isfahan, you can easily use the Internet to meet your friends in the lobby of the hotel. All rooms at the hotel have a TV, a bathroom with toiletries and a bed, and a clean and tidy bed.

Other facilities of this hotel include the following:
  • cab
  • Restaurant with a capacity of 65 people
  • Room service
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Newspaper 
Address: No. 54, Chahar Bagh St. and Shams Abadi St., Abbas Abad St., Isfahan


Kaveh Hotel, 2 stars | Kaveh Hotel

One of the other best cheap hotels in Isfahan, which is also 2-star, is Kaveh Hotel, which, like Hammam Hotel, is located in the terminal of Isfahan, but this time in the northern part of the city.

This hotel was opened in 1983 and in 1392, a major renovation was carried out on it. This hotel has 3 floors and the number of rooms is 27. In addition! You can also take a look at the introduction of the best traditional accommodations in Isfahan to stay in this city and examine it as well.

The facilities of this hotel in general can be:

  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • lobby
  • Taxi service 24 hours a day
  • Breakfast lounge
  • Internet in all parts of the hotel
  • Awakening services
  • Laundry, dry cleaning and laundry services

Address: Isfahan, Kaveh St., inside the North Terminal (Kaveh)


Isfahan Jolfa Hotel, 3 stars | Jolfa Hotel

In this part of the list of the best cheap hotels in Isfahan, we reach one of the very old hotels in this city, namely Jolfa Hotel. This hotel, which is located very close to Vanak Church in Isfahan, was opened in 1975 and was renovated in 2017. The biggest advantage of this hotel is its proximity to the famous and historical attractions of the city.

Jolfa Hotel has 3 private floors and a total of 64 rooms, the capacity of which starts from 1 bed and leads to 4-bed rooms.

Other facilities available to travelers at this hotel include:


  • Refrigerator
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Prayer room
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • lobby
  • Shop and booth

Address: Isfahan, Hakim Nezami St., Khaghani Crossroads, Jolfa Alley

booking hotels in Isfahan

For booking hotels in Isfahan, Chiyakotravel group is always here to help you, as our head office location is in Isfahan, it is really easy for us to negotiate with the best hotels all over the city to offer the most reasonable price for your stay. It is also possible for us to provide Isfahan tours during your trip to Isfahan. As an experienced team, everything is for your benefit. You do not need to be worried about booking your place, or thinking of tours to choose.

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel

Isfahan Ali Qapu Hotel

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Isfahan Aseman Hotel

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Isfahan Safavi Hotel

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Isfahan Setareh Hotel

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Isfahan Zohreh Hotel

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Isfahan Piroozy Hotel

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Isfahan Kowsar Hotel

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Isfahan Khaju Hotel

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