Halim bademjan | eggplant Haleem


“Halim Badamjan” should be stretched when served, and one of the signs of good cooking of this food is its stretching which is the result of using neck meat.

How to prepare Halim Badamjan with a unique and incredible taste

Halim Badamjan is one of the delicious Iranian dishes that is very strong with the nutrients used in its preparation and is mostly used in most parts of the country including Isfahan and Kashan.

Ingredients for a delicious and Halim Badamjan


How to prepare Halim Badamjan

To make eggplant tender, it is better to first put the peeled and sliced ​​eggplants in water and salt for a few hours before start, so that it consumes less oil when frying, and if the eggplants are bitter, the bitterness will be removed.

Then cook the lentils with some water and prepare them. It is better to add a little cinnamon to it to cool the lentils and make the food warm. Then fry the onions in honey.

Boil the pasteurized curd and add a little saffron to it to make saffron curd.

Halim Badamjan with a special taste

Roast the dried mint with a little oil for 2 minutes, making sure that the mint does not burn and retains its green color. We also fry the meat with a little black pepper and fried onion and raw garlic and turmeric and let it cook completely with a little water.
Saute the meat and eggplant for the last stage of the eggplant. After we have prepared all the ingredients, we have to saute the fried eggplants and shred the cooked meats, and we Saute the lentils, meat and eggplant with an electric or manual meat grinder to mix them, but there is no need to Saute them much. Pour the prepared mixture into a bowl and garnish with walnut powder, hot mint, garlic and saffron curd.

Halim Bademjan
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