Backpacking in Iran

Backpacking in Iran makes you be more in contact with people.First of all you should know that one of the first questions people here always ask you is, “What did you think of Iran before you came here?” so prepare yourself to answer.

You won’t feel alone from the moment you land in Iran. Here is some general information which you need to know about backpacking in Iran.

Hitchhiking in Iran

Once you manage to get somewhere by hitchhiking, choose Iran. See the real Iran behind closed doors, underneath the hijabs and getting right into the heart of the culture. Inside their own cars and houses, the Iranian people are the ones who decide how they behave and what they do. This is the part of Iran that you should not miss it. In Iran, people will stop automatically out of curiosity and hospitality to see what you are doing and if they can help you.

Using the word hitchhiking has no effect at all, as local people do not know what you are talking about. I mean, it is not a well-known concept. So, try to show local people in Farsi that you are traveling on a low budget. The closest word to explain hitchhiking is ‚”salavaati”, which means doing something for good prayers or something free. You can use this word to explain what you wanted to do.

Hitchhiking around Iran is easy, safe and fun. Make sure you have a map that works offline; Write your destination in Farsi and know a few Farsi phrases, words and numbers. Many people will assume you want a taxi so be clear that you do not want to pay.

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Accommodation of Backpacking in Iran

You can stay in most places and people will guide you to the nearest hotel, hostel or guesthouse if they do not invite you to stay at their house first.

Hotel:In every major city, you can find at least two hotels, which are well prepared for backpackers. You can Book or reserve in advance many good and reliable hotels online through the hotel’s website or via phone.

Hostel:You can stay in traditional hostels or guesthouses, which can be mostly affordable. There are few hostels in different cities of Iran. The prices of hostels start from 10-15 $. Some hostels include Persian Hostel in Tehran, Amirkabir Hostel in Isfahan, kaj Hostel in Sanandaj, Green house Hostel and Sana historical Hostel in Kashan, Yazd best up Hostel.

Coach surfing in Iran

Coach surfing is a great way for backpackers to see more of the real Iran. Therefore, we thoroughly recommend you spend at least some of your trip staying with locals in their houses. Iranians are welcoming hosts and incredibly warm and hospitable people that nothing but kindness is expected in return.

In fact, if you want to experience Iran like a local, Find accommodation with local hosts, meet cool locals, discover nearby events, peek in to a new culture, experience the best things to do and eat delicious Persian foods.

Although coach surfing is highly popular and massive in Iran and there are many couch surfers here, it is officially prohibited and illegal.

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Food (Persian cuisine)

Eating out for backpackers in Iran is affordable and one can find lots of cheap kebab, fast food like pizza ,burgers and falafel palaces in the streets of all cities of Iran where you can get a meal for around 2$.

To find good local restaurants you can ask some people if they know a place. In cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, the local restaurants have signs and English menus.

Do not worry, if you are a vegetarian. Because there are some vegetarian foods targeted for tourists and many people in Iran are vegetarians, too. There are usually a few dishes to choose from. If not, it is common to ask them when ordering. If possible They will make a dish without meat.

Safety of Backpacking in Iran

Although there are so many false prejudices and overstated from many sides about Iran, there is no war in Iran, no woman has to wear a burka, Iranians are no terrorists, not everyone has nuclear weapons, and Iranians do not hate America (Maybe the government a little but definitely not the Americans)

This amazing country is generally safe with living standards. The architecture, the landscapes are gorgeous. People are very kind and hospitable .They are incredibly kind and friendly, and always eager to meet foreigners with an open door and a cup of tea.

Backpacking Iran can be quite a different experience, no matter if you are man or a woman. Iranian people are extremely hospitable, and always ready to help a woman or man in need.

Female travelers backpacking in Iran should know that Iran is officially an Islamic Republic and women or men indeed in Iran must adopt specific rules. Women should cover up their hair with a headscarf as well as the rest of their body with loose clothing.

In Iran people stops for you without any problem and understand that you travel by hitchhiking. As soon as he/she takes you and you become her/his host. It often means that they feel responsible for you and they will not leave you in a dangerous situation.

To make it short: IRAN IS SAFE !

Without a doubt, Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, booming destination, the hospitable people, delicious foods and historical sites. It is one of the most fascinating and friendly countries that you will ever visit. How could you not add backpacking in Iran to your travel itinerary? For more information about backpacking in Iran please contact us.

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