A remarkable journey around Shiraz

Natural attractions around Shiraz

Take a tour around Shiraz and visit natural attractions

When it comes to traveling to Fars province, the first thing that comes to the minds of most of us are the historical and ancient monuments that are spread in the corners of this land. For many of us, Persia with its ancient and magnificent Persepolis, the palaces of Pasargadae and the tomb of Cyrus, Naghsh-e Rostam and Naghsh-e Rajab, the old and beautiful Sassanid palaces and buildings, Quran Gate, Vakil bazaar , Nasir al-Molk Mosque, tombs of Hafez and Saadi are remembered; But Fars province, in addition to all its historical attractions and rich and glorious past, also has an amazing natural heritage that distinguishes this land from any other place in Iran. Whether you are interested in nature and sightseeing, or you travel for the love of discovering secrets and historical mysteries, or you even like to explore the culture and art of the people of a region, Fars province offers you the best of each.

Today, however, with Chiyakotravel, we want to go to the nature and take the path of one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Shiraz. We want to start with one of the most and fun villages around Shiraz and take the path of Margon waterfall in Ardakan (Sepidan) and enjoy the beauties of nature, Then we will visit a lake which capture your eyes for years. Join us on this journey.

Qalat nature

1- Qalat village

A little distance from Shiraz and move to the northwest, you will reach one of the most interesting villages in the south of Iran, Qalat village!


Qalat village

As long as you are on your way to the village, you do not think that such a pleasant place and greenery awaits you at the end of a dry road, but Qalat is nearby. This village has become an important destination for tourists due to its different geographical features, good and cool weather in hot seasons, and therefore has good facilities such as traditional restaurants, local residences, etc. to host visitors. In the nature of Qalat, there are several small and large waterfalls, most of which are located in the old texture of the village, an old texture that is full of half-ruined mud thatched houses.


Along with all these natural beauties, there is a very old church in Qalat which tells of the village being several thousand years old; Unfortunately, this church has been destroyed after the years. Other attractions of the village include water mills, village cemetery, anthropological museum, old and paved bazaar, Ghezel Arsalan castle, etc. In general, it should be said that this small village is so spectacular that you must spend more than 1 day to see it.

Qalat church

2- Introduction to Margon Falls | The Paradise of Waterfalls

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature and the constant falling of water from the heights of the rocks is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. A landscape that amazes you with its majesty and the sound of a powerful collision of water with the earth, takes you to another world. Today we travel to one of these magnificent and beautiful waterfalls. Margon waterfall, which falls to the ground in the western valleys of Ardakan (Sepidan) city from the height of the rocks and puts the unique effect of Iranian nature in front of your eyes. Waterfall with 70 meters height and 100 meters width, which is one of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls in Iran and charms tourists with its spectacular appearance. Margon waterfall is also one of the most magnificent waterfalls in our country and competes with Dezful Shevi waterfall in terms of beauty, size and volume of outlet water. The special charm and feature of this waterfall, however, is in something else. At the top of the mountain from which Margon Falls descends, there are many springs and water flows out of them with intensity. These springs together form a waterfall and complete its wonders. Margon Falls is said to be one of the tallest spring waterfalls in the world. Most of the water of Margon flows down from the waist and the middle wall of the mountain and downstream, it forms a river that extends near the city of Ardakan. At the end of this river, water joins the Komehr River as a large river.


To reach the waterfall, you have to walk 800 meters along a paved path that passes through rocks and trees that have risen through the rocks. The way you go and go a little further, you will see a wide view of a tall and wide waterfall. The size and beauty of Margon Falls nails you at first sight and its spectacular view refreshes your soul. The intensity of water falling from the waterfall in different parts causes the formation of small rainbows and multiplies the beauty of the waterfall. The majestic sound of the water hitting the ground is very captivating and at the same time pleasant, and it makes your being alive and fresh with its constant sound.

waterfall of Margon

Cave in Margoon falls

The beauties of the Margon region are not limited to the waterfall and the surrounding nature; In the heart of cliffs where the Margon Falls descends from the top, there is a large cave that completes the natural attractions of this place. A blue cave that is not the job of every tourist and requires equipment, an expert guide as well as swimming skills. The water that flows in this cave is supplied from the flowing water that flows from the Komehr region, from the west of Margon waterfall, it flows into the cave in the form of a waterfall and finally joins the water of Margon waterfall.

Margoon cave

The main entrance of the cave is under the veins of the waterfall and since water flows out of it with pressure, it is not possible to access the cave from this side. For this reason, to reach the cave, you have to go around the mountain. The path to the cave is relatively difficult and in some parts of it you have to swim in the river water or climb a mountain cliff. Therefore, you need guidance that knows this area well and can guide you. The interesting thing about the route is that it remains pristine and untouched because many people are not able to reach the waterfall and cave this way. At the end of the road you will reach a cave. the water level rises to your chest when it is full of water.

Margoon waterfall

3- Maharloo lake

Maharloo is the name of a lake in Sarvestan city of Fars province which is also known by other names such as Mahloo, Mahluyeh, and with older titles such as Jankal or Salt Lake.
The lake has an area of ​​25,000 hectares and has very salty water from which a significant amount of salt is extracted every year. Maharloo water is supplied by two seasonal rivers, Soltanabad and Khoshk rivers, and some parts of it are fed by several underground springs.

Lake of Maharlou

Maharloo Lake is a safe heaven for small and large birds, the most important of which are flamingos, and tadpoles, green ducks, ducks, waterfowl, chuka and anchovies are other birds in the lake.

Margoon Lake attraction

Why is Maharloo Lake red?

The evaporation rate of this lake is very high. The intense evaporation of water of Maharloo Lake has caused its salinity to increase sharply and a red seaweed called “Red Tide” has multiplied in it. Excessive growth and reproduction of this algae in this lake has caused all its water to turn red and no living thing except a type of aquatic creature called Artima can survive in it.


The best travel season

Maharloo is a seasonal lake and most of it dries up in summer. With the onset of rainfall in autumn and winter, the lake’s water level rises again. From autumn to mid-May is the best season to visit this lake.

Maharlou Lake

Maharloo Environment

As mentioned, the excessive salinity of the lake water has prevented aquatic organisms, especially fish, from living in the lake. But in the corners of Maharloo Pink Lake, you can see reptiles such as lizards, snakes and turtles. In addition, this beautiful and red lake is the residence and summer house of some birds. Some birds are permanent residents of the lake and others are migratory and come to the lake during the summer. Herons, storks, pelicans, cormorants, egrets, flamingos, ducks, vultures, and… are some of the birds that can be seen in this lake.


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